CEO Lachlan McKnight takes time out to run through the three legal documents you will need to start your very own Online Business. Find out why these legal documents are important to your website and how they safeguard your Business.

At LegalVision we set up a new online business almost every single day. So we often get asked, ‘What legal documents do I need to set up my online business?’ The answer is that you need three main documents, generally.

The first are your Website Terms and Conditions and they set out the contract between you and your customers. What are you selling to your customers, how are you selling it to them, what terms are you selling your product or service to those customers. The second document is your Website Terms of Use that is the contract between you and the visitors to your Website. So every visitor is not going turn into your customer so you need to explain to anyone who is visiting your website what they are allowed to do on your website and what they are not allowed to do. And thirdly you need a Privacy Policy. So a Privacy Policy will set out and explain the uses of your website, what you’re doing with the personal data that you are collecting on that website. Things like email addresses, names, phone numbers – all that sort of thing.

Those three documents are what you need to set up an online business. Now if you have a more complex business, you might need something like Marketplace Terms and Conditions. You might need something like a Software Service Agreement – that document will be, generally, replacing or merging with your Business Terms and Conditions.

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