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Unit 6 – Digital marketing (content strategy)

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This video comprehensively show the content strategies that you can use on your social media. Follow APK UMS on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter …


24 replies on “Unit 6 – Digital marketing (content strategy)”

BM19110010: Hi madam, thank you for the easy and understandable knowledge about content strategy.

Thank You madam for the explaination😘 Apa yang sy faham content sangat penting untuk menarik perhatian pelanggan. Bagi saya kepada yang baru berniaga adalah sesuai menggunakan marketing dan content secara organic dan dapat jimat banyak duit. copywriting juga sangat memainkan peranan penting. di mana kena pandai main dgn perasaan pelanggan. penggunaan ayat yang sesuai akan dapat mmbantu menarik pelanggan lebih mudah.

BM19110043: Good day madam, thank you so much for the easy to be understood explanations. Who would have guess that for a brand's content to be considered good, it need to have such value as well. Thank you.

BA18110640: Hi madam! I think content strategy is what our group struggled with the most throughout our business.

BA18110835 :
Content Strategy:
1. Organic vs Paid
– Organic is without paid promotion. Low reach. Paid is influenced by advertising ringgit spent. Higher reach.
2. Copywriting
– Sale postings techniques: teaser, soft sell, hard sell, hashtags, Call to Action (CTA)

Thanks madam for the tips a.k.a knowledge 🙂

BA18160992 Section 16: Thank you madam for this video. Now I understand what is the different of sale posting techniques for teaser, soft sell and hard sell.

BA18110515: Thank you Madam for the explanation, now then i learn something new skills, some new experience for me to apply one day for my business. Thank you, and takecare Madam ❤️.

BS18110420: Hi, madam. There are many ways of content strategy. We can use either organic post or paid post, in terms of copywriting, hashtag, CTA, and copywriting in order to boost up our digital marketing. Thanks for the video!

BA18110642 : Thankyou madam for the explanation. Your explanation is good and clear

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