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The Psychology Behind Apple's Viral Marketing Strategy | Secret Formula Explained 2019

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Okay.. here’s the link to join the secret club: Unlike other members’ clubs, which often focus on wealth and status, we aim to assemble …


46 replies on “The Psychology Behind Apple's Viral Marketing Strategy | Secret Formula Explained 2019”

How are you so smart it boggles my mind. You're only 18 and you have skills that so many adults aspire to have. Thanks for your help❤️

I just wish Apple wasn't so anti-consumer because if they weren't I would actually buy they're products. (Sorry for bad english)

Serious question. How do you have so many business-minded friends? When you mentioned about 20 people asking you about Apple keynotes, it made me wish more of my friends were business-inspired like me.

you should use OBS so you can add bullet points to videos. its a free video software / live video encoder.

Jade you are a star at this… you inspire me girl. Thanks for all the information you give to us. Guys please subscribe to my channel and like my videos too. 🙏

I paid for "Swipe up LA" airfare and hotel from FLorida for 3 days (just under $700) and i havent received any details yet on it? it says i have a spot to swipe up but i am a Teeeny bit worried that i havent received the deets yet? Any news Jade?? ty! Sups excited to come tho 😍🛫

Hi! I found your channel searching “ how to grow a small YouTube channel” and ur advice was really helpful. And I started 4 weeks ago and almost gave 40 subscribes. Slow but steady

Hi Jade! Loved your video! Tho…. you need to reduce the gain of your mic because most of the time it sounds crappy hihih love you xx

You missed the part where Tim Apple cleverly skipped the sales figure part to showcase frog jumping game.. Cuz they've been dropping over the years, which doesn't look good to investors & consumers.

Great video! Packed with great insights. Time stamps for those wanting to re-listening or hopping around to these 3 key parts:
1) Introduction 1:32
2) Easy to understand specs 4:16
3) Suspense and simplicity 6:49

How can I get in touch with you.. I have 3 small business and would like you to help me on social media marketing…

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