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Dropshipping has dramatically changed the world of eCommerce forever. If you are looking for profitable strategies for your business and are not into dropshipping yet, it is time that you should, and discover the advantages that dropshipping can provide.

Why should you start implementing dropshipping for your business? Well, dropshipping has the power to open up more product opportunities. Retailers can offer a much more extensive range of products. Meaning to say, a small business that otherwise cannot offer so many options without storage can sell a broader selection. Dropshipping brings flexibilities to many aspects of a retail business in ways more than what you can imagine.

However, dropshipping will be very difficult if you do not have the right tools. For one, it can be tiring to look for the right products to sell from literally millions of products from platforms like AliExpress or Shopify, and added to this, the pressure of finding products that customers will really buy.

Not when you use the tool called helps you find trending products on a daily basis, and not just winning products, but those with the highest dropshipping potential. This tool will resolve your biggest doubts about dropping, and answer your questions about it, such as, “Is dropshipping worth it?” Let us get to know a little bit better. Overview

What is Well, this is an online platform particularly designed to guide anybody who wants to start dropshipping, or even those who are pro dropshippers already. It is an all-in-one resource center that provides step-by-step guidance, as well as all the vital resources you need to start your dropshipping business, even from scratch.

And there are more to it than just this. With, you can access thousands of dropshipping lessons, various apps, and all the tools you need for dropshipping. It also provides step-by-step mentorship, and a community of business-minded individuals supporting you to learn, launch, and expand your dropshipping business, believe it or not, in less than a week.

So, typically, within a week, you learn how to select a niche, find suppliers, set up your store, and get customers. There are comprehensive lessons and extensive directories in each step.

For instance, offers a section filled with handpicked niches and industry trends so you can choose the most promising niche for your dropshipping business.

Likewise, it has large directories of dropshipping suppliers, eCommerce tools, products, and more resources to support you in your journey.

Aside from these lessons, many dropshippers also love its post-store launch branding and marketing lessons. Through’s simplified learning modules and resourceful aura, it has successfully launched more than a thousand online stores, surpassing the million-dollar mark in profits. Features

Now that you have learned what is in a nutshell, let us take a look at the features it offers. We begin with the first one, allowing you to browse dropshipping suppliers with fast shipping.

Search For Dropshipping Suppliers With Fast Shipping has a dropshipping supplier director that encompasses the top distributors, wholesalers, and suppliers from the leading dropship niches offering exclusive brands, large product catalogs, and high-demand products. With 75 percent of its dropship suppliers based in the United States, Australia, or Europe, shipping is fast, reliable, and effortless.

Find The Perfect Dropshipping Products All In One Place

Search and find the best dropshipping products that you can sell to your customers online with’s product directory. Access the biggest discounts on products from the largest worldwide suppliers. The discounts range from 30 to 40 percent on all products. With this, you can inspire your next winning dropshipping store.

Build And Optimize Your Store With Over 1,200 eCommerce Apps And Tools

With less the effort from you and with the guidance from’s Ecom Apps Director, you can get your very own dropshipping store up and running in just a matter of days, so you can right away start making money and scale. Whether you are a beginner in this industry or have been offering products online for several years, has got the right apps for you categorized step-by-step. What more could you ask for?

Aside from those, there are many other features to enjoy at Read on.

  • Get product recommendations daily – Experts at will recommend Shopify products on a daily basis.
  • Your all-in-one solution – Learn everything you need about any product.
  • Predictive AI technology – Using, you can find detailed information on what products are selling now with the help of artificial intelligence technology.
  • Product performance – Predict trends and see when you can profit by running ads to them.
  • Advanced filters – will help you find those hidden products that have not yet made it to the bestselling lists.
  • Browse in over 20 niches – This tool analyzes and lists products in the most popular niches.
  • Save products for later – also allows you to save your favorite products for viewing later by simply clicking the “heart” on the product page.
  • Save money and time – The platform offers budget-friendly pricing and an interface that is easy to use, especially among beginners. Pricing offers two pricing options: Monthly and Yearly, the latter being the most popular. The Monthly option is $9.99 per month, with a free trial for three days. Meanwhile, the Yearly option is $87.97 per year, with a free trial for seven days. You can visit their official website to see the features you will get in each of the pricing tiers.

The Most Searched Quora Questions On Dropshipping Answered!

We’ve consulted Quora to find the most searched questions on dropshipping. We are going to answer them right now.

1. What Is Shopify? How Does Its Dropshipping Work?

Let us answer your questions bit by bit. First, let us begin with what Shopify is.

Well, Shopify is a subscription-based software that lets anybody set up an online store and sell their products. Store owners using Shopify can likewise sell in physical locations using Shopify POS, its point-of-sale app, and accompanying hardware. If you are a Shopify merchant with both an Internet and physical presence, your inventory and stock get synced so you can go ahead and manage your stores from just one account, on any device.

How does dropshipping Shopify work? To understand how Shopify dropshipping works, you must know the steps involved in the dropshipping process. The steps include, first, placing an order on your Shopify store. Then, you contacting your supplier. This is followed by you getting billed and paying for the services of your supplier. Finally, the supplier packages and ships the products directly to your customer.

In other words, Shopify’s dropshipping works by having you select the products you wish to sell on your dropshipping Shopify store and have the supplier take care of the rest.

2. What Dropshipping Suppliers Are In The US?

Some of the best dropshipping suppliers in the United States are Sellvia, Wholesale2B, Spocket, Modalyst, and Salehoo. The list also includes Dropified, DropCommerce, Sunrise Wholesale, Worldwidebrands, Inventory Source, and Brybelly. If you are dropshipping around the United States, you should try any of these. They certainly will not fail you.

Dropshipping is a profitable business, and since it is mostly based on technology and the Internet, you can easily say you can jump right to it and succeed overnight. However, it does not work this way. There are several challenges that people involved in dropshipping must conquer, and one of these is finding good dropshipping products.

Why is this a challenge? Well, among the reasons why is because of high levels of competition. The ease with which a retailer can take full advantage of dropshipping means you are likely to come across substantial competition. Unless your business has an exclusive agreement with a supplier to dropship particular products, there is nothing stopping competitors from selling the same products you offer. helps you combat this challenge. can narrow down your net profits by calculating all the costs, let you find out how the product is performing on social, let you get well-structured ad copies for your brand, analyze and display the five most important products about the product, let you target with the best-paid ads as supported by media buying experts, and let you gain access a unique product video for your first campaign.

Whether you are a beginner in the dropshipping industry or already a pro, will guide you every step of the way, so you can win in this business day by day.


Sell The Trend: The Ultimate Dropshipping Platform

Undeniably, the Internet is consistently proving itself to be a formidable way when you want to earn more income. Whether yours is a side hustle or you want to make it your main way to earn money, all it takes is Internet connectivity, and we are serious here. Some of the biggest ways you can take so you can start earning online include doing freelance work, taking paid surveys, blogging, advertising from your YouTube channel, becoming an influencer, and playing the casino.

However, from the perspective of entrepreneurs, there is this business strategy that is taking great strides, making waves in the industry, and taking the whole world by storm. Have you ever heard of dropshipping? Dropshipping, or to dropship, refers to that form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders without keeping stock on hand. You may have perhaps heard about this being the topic of discussion in your business communities, or you may have been offered by a colleague to try out this one. Will running a dropshipping business really usher you to success?

Yes, it will. But, you cannot just enter into dropshipping and then, rake in all that money after a few moments or the next day. There are challenges that the eCommerce business owner, online seller, and dropshipper face day by day. These challenges include:

  • High level of competition
  • Reliance on third-party suppliers
  • Tight profit margins
  • Difficult customer support
  • Finding your niche and planning for growth
  • Creating your dropshipping site
  • Managing finances
  • Working with suppliers and fulfilling orders

And so much more. To be fair, we tell you that you cannot succeed in this promising venture without facing and conquering those challenges. Luckily, we tell you right now that there are solutions to these dilemmas. So breathe. Among these solutions is actually using a platform or software that will handle the hard work for you. Is this even possible? Yes, and we are going to introduce you to Sell The Trend. But before learning about this platform, let us first take a review and find out what is drop shipping and how does dropshipping work. Read on.

What Is Drop Shipping?

To answer the question, dropshipping pertains to that type of retail fulfillment approach applicable for online stores, wherein, instead of warehousing inventory or keeping items in stock, business owners buy products from third-party suppliers customers make orders. The products are then directly shipped to the consumer without requiring the seller to handle the product directly.

From the retail store manager’s perspective, dropshipping is mostly a hands-off process. The merchant does not have to stock the products, order inventory in bulk, or physically fulfill orders in a way. Instead, there is a third-party supplier that will ship products on the merchant’s behalf. Sounds impressive? Wait, there’s more.

Dropshipping is recommended for entrepreneurs because it makes running store not to be in-demand with operational capital compared to the traditiona retail model. With dropshipping, you do not need to open a brick-and-mortar store, hire workers, keep the lights on, pay overhead, stock products, and the like. Instead, you open a storefront over the Internet, and buy wholesale from suppliers who already have products and warehouse space.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Basically speaking, dropshipping is a supply chain management method. To review, a supply chain for a retail business or online store refers to a network of suppliers, materials, manufacturers, and retailers involved in product creation and distribution, from production to customer delivery.

There are generally three parties involved in dropshipping, hence its connotation with a third-party entity. The first comprise of manufacturers who create the products. These manufacturers do not sell to the public. Instead, they sell in bulk to wholesalers and retailers. The second are the wholesalers who buy products from manufacturers. Then, these wholesalers mark them up before selling them to retailers. Wholesalers usually stock products from different manufacturers. Then, finally, the retailers or the party that sells products directly to the public, at a markup.

Here is how dropshipping works. First, the customer places an order with your business, the retailer. Then, you alert your dropshipping partner – either the manufacturer or the wholesale – who then packages and ships the product to the customer. The dropshipping partner charges you, the retailer, for the service, and you, in turn, charge the customer.

To speak from a bird’s eye view, the shorter the supply chain, the greater your profits will be because there are fewer parties taking the cut. A short supply chain is one where you directly deal with the manufacturer.

The benefits of dropshipping include:

  • Requiring less capital
  • Being easy to get started with
  • Requiring low overhead
  • Providing a flexible location
  • Offering a wide selection of products to sell
  • Being easier to test
  • Being easier to scale

Up next, we are going to introduce you to an indispensable tool you can use to succeed in dropshipping.

Introducing Sell The Trend: See The Magic Of Dropshipping

Sell The Trend is a platform created for eCommerce business owners as their complete dropshipping solution. With it being the complete solution, they really mean it. It offers millions of trending products the entrepreneur can choose from as they complete store automation, including order fulfillment.

You can enjoy several benefits when you choose to use this platform today. You can save your advertising budget by only promoting real winning and trending products.

Users will also save time by allowing its innovative product import feature to create a highly converting product page.

Plus, you keep your customers happy and updated with Sell The Trend’s fast one-click order fulfillment. There are so many features that Sell The Trend provides.

Features To Look Forward To When You Got Sell The Trend

But perhaps its biggest feature is how it helps the users discover high-quality and trending products based on what are selling in other stores.

Basically, it puts an end to the guesswork about which products are selling, through the data you will be provided so you can quickly find products that effectively work. Sell The Trend offers various search options and you will also get tons of filter options to look for products that fit your niche.

Moreover, for each product, you will be able to open a detailed interface to see trends, pricing, popularity, and more.

What is even unique with Sell The Trend is its global NEXUS product search that looks through four different marketplaces, namely Amazon, AliExpress, Shopify products, and Shopify stores.

You can also customize and drill-down into specific marketplaces. For example, you could choose to only look around trending products on AlilExpress that offer shipping within the United States.

Sell Trending Products Now

We have not yet gone to the exciting part. Once you find some products you like, you can then automatically sync them to your Shopify or WooCommerce store in just a single click. Plus, you can also choose various fulfillment sources and even quickly swap out fulfillment sources in the future without needing to create a new product. Amazing, isn’t it?

Specifically, if you are selling products from AliExpress, Sell The Trend will include an AliExpress API integration that provides one-click order fulfillment from your Sell The Trend dashboard. In turn, your WooCommerce or Shopify store will sync new orders to Sell The Trend automatically, and then you can fulfill those orders with a single click.

Sell The Trend can also be connected to Facebook, so you can discover Facebook audiences to create targeted advertisements for your products. Not only that, you can also create videos based on a product’s images, and research competitor stores to find out what they are doing. It is really complete with Sell The Trend.

Finally, buckle up, one more thing that distinguishes this platform from the rest in the industry is that it includes lots of useful onboarding, documentation, and training videos to help its users learn how to use Sell The Trend and create a successful dropshipping store.

More Impressive Features

According to its official website, Sell The Trends offers the following features:

  • The NEXUS – A dropshipping AI algorithm that lets you see the hottest and trending products right now worldwide
  • Dropship Product Explorer – Easily navigate an enormous product database of products being sold around high traffic drop shipping stores
  • Shopify Store Explorer – Find out which products popular dropshipping stores are selling right now
  • Facebook Ad Explorer – Find winning ads and products in seconds
  • AliExpress Trend Explorer – See the hottest products on AliExpress
  • Amazon Trend Explorer – See the trendiest products on Amazon
  • Video Creator – Create high converting videos for your Facebook campaigns and stores
  • Instagram And Twitter Engagement Calculator – See whether an influencer is worth spending on
  • Facebook Audience Builder – Create a laser-targeted audience for you
  • One-Click Add To Store – Push trending products to your store with a single push of a button

These, you can do within Sell The Trend.

Furthermore, another great thing about Sell The Trend is that it does not offer its services with a fee right along as you begin. You can get started using the platform and its features right now with its seven-day free trial.

So, after learning all those things, is Sell The Trend a good software to use? Before we head over to the verdict, let us first take a look at the most frequently asked questions about dropshipping and everything about it.


Popular Questions Answered!

We consulted the most searched pages on Quora to find out the top questions being asked by people worldwide. We got them right here, so keep on reading.

1. What Are The Best Dropshipping Websites Or Suppliers?

When you talk about what the best dropshipping websites or suppliers around are, there are many different marketplaces that will help you find great suppliers to align with your business and its goals with.

You got the big ones such as Amazon and AliExpress. Then, you may also try out at SaleHoo, Worldwide Brands, Megagoods, Doba, Wholesale Central, Wholesale2B, Sunrise Wholesale, Inventory Source, and National Dropshippers.

2. What Are The Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Good-Quality Or Trendy Clothing?

When it comes to shopping online, among the most popular products that people are looking for are clothing pieces. If you are an online seller or dropshipper, you should keep at pace with this demand by having with you the best dropshipping suppliers for these good-quality and trendy clothing. What are the best dropshipping suppliers for high-quality fashion? Do not be surprised when we list down the same suppliers like what has been enumerated earlier.

The first is Amazon. Amazon is renowned in the fashion industry and it offers a wide range of clothing items, such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, custom clothing, and fashion accessories.

Then, you got AliExpress. This popular supplier of clothing provides a wide range of product categories to choose from.

You might also want to take a look at CJ Dropshipping, another trusted name if you are searching for the best clothing suppliers for your dropshipping store.

Other popular dropshipping suppliers for trendy clothing that will provide the best for your needs are LightInTheBox,, and Banggood.

3. How Do I Make Money By Drop Shipping?

Another popular question being asked around, and practical at that – how do you actually make money by dropshipping?

You earn money from dropshipping by adding a profit margin to your product. The dropshipper or the merchant will give you their total price. You simply add whatever you like to that as your profit earnings. But the figures still have to be just, so people will buy your products.

4. How Do I Start A Dropshipping Business?

Starting a dropshipping business may sound challenging at first, but it actually is not especially if you know the ways. Following these crucial steps outlined below, you will be able to start a successful dropshipping business.

First, you need to commit to the business. You will never succeed in dropshipping if you are not ready to put your time and effort to it.

Second, you must choose a dropshipping business idea. You know what will work the best? It is when you choose what you are passionate about. You can be as general as selling clothing or home goods, and you can be as specific as selling dog bow ties for dog lovers if you are a pet lover yourself. You may also narrow down your catalog by selling iPhone cases for iPhone owners, camping gear for campers, and exercise equipment for fitness folks.

Third, you must do competitor research. This will give you a perspective of what the industry is like at the moment, so you know the business landscape very well.

Fourth, you will have to choose your dropshipping supplier. There are several great dropshipping suppliers around that can provide for what you really need.

Fifth is all about building your eCommerce store,

Sixth, you decide on a business structure. Do you want sole proprietorship? Maybe a limited liability company? Perhaps a C corporation?

Seventh, you must get your finances in order. Following this, you will avoid hassles in the future as you go along with the business.

Eighth, you will have to market your dropshipping store. It may involve you running paid ads, committing to influencer marketing, or implementing content marketing.

Ninth and finally, you will have to analyze and improve your offering in terms of sales, shopper behavior, and profit margins.

5. Is Dropshipping Legal?

You want to be sure that every venture you jump into is within legal boundaries. To ask whether dropshipping is legal is a valid question. So, is it?

Yes, dropshipping is completely legal. Dropshipping on its own is a perfectly legitimate method of order fulfillment. However, you may need to always protect yourself with contracts.

6. Is Drop Shipping Worth The Time And Effort? Is It Really Profitable?

The answer here is also an unequivocal yes. Dropshipping is worth your time and effort, and it is really profitable, especially in the long run. You can do your homework and research to find many success stories on dropshipping.

7. What Is The AliExpress Dropshipping Center?

The AliExpress dropshipping center refers to the tool that AliExpress created to help dropshippers run their businesses in the most efficient way possible. Entrepreneurs, merchants, and business owners use this tool to find winning products for their stores.


The Verdict: Is Sell The Trend The Right Platform For You?

When it comes to everything about dropshipping, you cannot do it alone, or else, you are going to miss a lot. To maximize your income from your drop shipping business, what you need are the right tools. One of the most powerful tools in this generation, when you want to dropship, is Sell The Trend. You have learned all about it previously, including the features that make this an outstanding tool.

Overall, Sell The Trend is a great and useful platform that will help you reach all your goals if you own a drop shipping business. Try it now. Make more money from your eCommerce store beginning today.