Rootpal: Cloud Solutions For You And Your Business

Rootpal web hosting

Rootpal offers you an unmatched managed web hosting experience. With Rootpal, you can manage, grow, and secure your servers, websites, data, and more. Learn more about Rootpal in this piece.

Today, it could be said that the traditional ways of doing business, for one, the brick-and-mortar stores, are already passé, and the trend now to succeed more in your business is by managing a website.

Businesses need websites to increase the credibility of the organization, showcase your brand, and get leads. Websites are also important because they provide the business with organic traffic, save you time when providing customer service, and since they are a place for updates and announcements. Furthermore, websites are also ways toward digital marketing.

However, with so many websites around, not all of them are managed with the right solutions. There are several hurdles that several people encounter when they are managing websites.

These roadblocks include managing the pace of change, the challenges of social media marketing and mobile marketing, and targeting multiple platforms. Web managers may also encounter the difficulties of getting the most out of data and analytics, and governance. These are the reasons why you need to have the right tools.

Before Taking A Look At Rootpal, Let Us Paint The Picture

What if there is a solution that will let you have your website presented in the best way through the right web hosting? And not just any web hosting, but hosting on cloud.

Cloud hosting enables applications and websites to be accessible with the use of cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, cloud hosting solutions are never deployed on a single server. Rather, there is a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosting the application or website. Thus, it is able to ensure greater flexibility and scalability.

This is generally what Rootpal offers. In this software review, we will take a look at what Rootpal is, its features and what Rootpal can do for your websites, its pricing, and so much more. We are just as thrilled as you are to learn about Rootpal.


Rootpal In A Nutshell

Rootpal pertains to a WordPress hosting software that offers its users with the best tools and resources particularly built to help them get the most of their WordPress website.

The software features dedicated IPS’s, full backups, advanced security, DDoS protection, SSD drives, and managed support. The features of Rootpal also include website monitoring, CMS auto-installer, unlimited access, and root access.

Furthermore, Rootpal also has a control panel built and ready for WordPress solutions. It has no hidden fees and no add-ons as everything is already included in the subscription.

Rootpal And Nextcloud

One of the most amazing capabilities of Rootpal is offering cloud hosting. It does this via Nextcloud.

Nextcloud offers the industry-leading and on-premises content collaboration platform. Its technology merges the convenience and ease of use of consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive together with the security, privacy, and control business needs.

With Nextcloud on Rootpal, you can share and sync your files so you can collaborate with your team. You can also talk, chat, and share your screen with video conferencing from your Nextcloud. Plus, users can sync their mail calendar and contacts directly into the Nextcloud server. Isn’t that great?

The Many Incredible Features Of Rootpal

After learning the overview of what Rootpal is, let us take a look at the features of this platform.

Rootpal features a powerful hardware that will help you obtain the necessary resources from their dedicated server instances.

It also offers a fully managed hosting that goes to show Rootpal is more than just servers. They are bound to keep every aspect of web hosting secure, updated, and running.

The data centers of Rootpal are worldwide. All that you have to do is to select your region and then begin using their top-notch networks.

When you have Rootpal, you get senior systems support. This platform is supported by Windows, Linux, and other senior systems administrators.

Rootpal also has a lifetime deal, which you will learn a little later on. With this offer, you can host up to two WordPress sites with the use of this platform.

You will also be able to enjoy unlimited traffic and visitors to your hosted websites since everything operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Moreover, its hosting also has the free anti-DDos unlimited protection which you will need to protect your websites from outside attacks that may shut your applications down.

Rootpal is also equipped with a WordPress toolkit and auto-update features that will help when hosting your apps or sites more efficiently.

It also provides dedicated servers that are customizable.

Plus, you get over 400 one-lick auto-install scripts to help your apps and websites perform better.

Finally, with Rootpal, there are 30 days of backups for your data so they are taken care of and properly maintained.

Why You Need Hosting For Your Websites

Hosting is one element that you will need to ensure you have when you are managing websites. A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that hosts websites for the clients, that is, offering the facilities required for them to create and maintain the website, making it accessible over the Internet. Companies that offer web hosting services are often referred to as web hosts. Here are the reasons why you need hosting for your websites.

Web hosting providers are responsible for maintaining and keeping their servers running 24/7, making sure they perform well for the websites they host. For online entrepreneurs, having a website with outstanding uptime will help maximize sales and improve the experience of the users.

Additionally, employing a web hosting service will enhance the website’s search engine optimization. The web host you choose will work on the speed of your website, which is among the critical factors when search engines like Google rank web pages.

Availing of a web hosting plan is also considered more efficient than having an in-house dedicated server. With that being said, website owners will never need to spend time maintaining physical hardware or spend money to hire a developer.

Many web hosting companies also offer a control panel that is intuitive. This tool allows website owners to easily control their site and hosting service, manage domain names, install applications, and upload website files.

Cloud Hosting

There are several types of web hosting. These include shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. Rootpal offers cloud hosting as one of its most promising features. Let us learn more about cloud hosting this time.

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses various web servers to ensure maximum performance and uptime.

Compared with other types of web hosting, this service is known to offer exceptional availability as it has the capability to distribute web files across many virtual servers. Cloud web hosting also manages traffic surges much better by utilizing the other web servers for untapped resources.

Several cloud web hosting services include simple server management, letting users to quickly scale and keep track of the hosting metrics such as data transfer, disk usage activity, and CPU utilization.

There are so many advantages that cloud hosting can offer. One of these is getting the safety from physical server issues. When using a dedicated server, your website can go down immediately if there is a sudden increase in traffic or hardware failure, among many other occurrences. With cloud hosting, if one physical server halts working, another server will automatically start hosting your website, so it remains working.

Cloud hosting also provides backup and disaster recovery. With this type of web hosting, web files are automatically backed up, reducing data loss risk.

Preferring this option is also scalable. Cloud hosting can grow your resources to fit your needs without being constricted by physical hardware.

These are only among the many benefits of cloud hosting. As you do more research, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of this type of web hosting. Let us now take a look at the Rootpal pricing.

Pricing At Rootpal

Rootpal offers a lifetime deal at $129 when you purchase via AppSumo. They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter what the reason is. And, you can always try the software for free. You only need to visit their official website and ask their representatives how.

This price already includes 3 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD storage, and unlimited email accounts included. It also includes unlimited users, unlimited bandwidth, and free lifetime SSL. Plus, you get full support and seven days of backups, and many more.

Is Rootpal A Good Choice?

Taking your business and your individual ventures to the next level involves you making the right choices when it comes to the platforms to use. Learning about the features of Rootpal and what it can do for your web hosting needs, you can conclude that this software will definitely bring new perspectives when running your businesses online. Having the right web hosting platform is great, but choosing to have your web hosting on cloud is even greater – more than what you can possibly imagine. Try Rootpal today.

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ShipStation: Features, Pricing, And So Much More To Learn

ShipStation for your online business
Online business

ShipStation is a must-have platform and tool for everybody who is looking at starting their online business. In this piece, you will get to know about this tool. But for now, let us head over to a discussion that will benefit every aspiring online entrepreneur.

In this day and age, it seems that the brick-and-mortar stores are being overshadowed and overtaken by online stores. Truly, online business is unprecedentedly booming nowadays. Aside from being convenient for the customers since they can shop almost anytime and anywhere they are, even when they are at home, online selling is also beneficial for the entrepreneur. Gone are the days when the business owner needs to think about the operations in brick-and-mortar stores. Technology has paved the way for selling their products and services much easier, much faster, and much better.

In this article, you will get to know the many reasons why entrepreneurs should venture into online selling. Plus, there will be a discussion on ShipStation, a software that you should have as you run your online business. Let us get to it.

Prior To Learning About ShipStation, Let’s Tackle The Reasons Why You Should Start Your Online Selling Business

If you have a store in a shopping mall, let’s say, or you have been running a store that offers products to customers for several years, but you are not yet online, this is a time you must ponder on your actions, because the Internet is where the great opportunities are. What is online selling and why should you start your online selling business? We know you may be thrilled and looking forward to learning about ShipStation and what a great software it is. But prior to the discussion on ShipStation, let us take a look at the reasons why you must have your online selling business.

What is online selling? Online selling pertains to the act or process of selling goods, products, or services via the Internet or mobile application. It also refers to the selling of these products via auction sites, online classified advertisements, online shops, social networking, social media, or webshops.

There are also several concepts that revolve around online selling. These include dropshipping, wholesale, and selling on platforms. One of the things that business owners into online selling must prioritize is updating the right tracking information to the customers. Without considering this, customers may lose track of the items they order. Here are the best reasons why you should start your online selling business.

1. Online Selling Offers Incredible Scalability

Online Selling

Not every online business can transform into a huge hit with rapid exponential growth. Many entrepreneurs start online businesses thinking customers will find them that easily, and sales will just pour in because of their presence on the Internet.

Well, this is not the case, and scaling a business is never easy, even online businesses. However, having an online business has a clear advantage. For one, starting a business online will never limit your store when it comes to the audience it can reach, unlike brick-and-mortar stores. Scaling is easier compared to the traditional way of doing business.

2. Provides Limitless Freedom

limitless freedom

Many business owners are attracted to the online business because of the freedom this can offer. There are many tools available for online entrepreneurs so they can operate from any location. They include laptops, tablets, business apps, and Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP communication systems. To paint a better picture, you can find an online entrepreneur running their business while sipping coffee in a coffee shop.

Not being tied to a particular place or desk eight hours a day, excluding lunch breaks and snack breaks, can be empowering. Many online business owners use this opportunity as their motivation to work even harder. In this way, they can also spend more time with their families and invest time in doing the things they are passionate about.

3. Provides Lower Overhead And Higher Margins

higher margins

With an online business, you can eliminate the huge costs that offline businesses usually incur. Aside from eliminating costs like paying for the office rental space and more, you can also take advantage of dropshipping when managing your online business. This reduces your financial risks, and will let you maintain more consistent margins with less upfront costs.

4. Gain Access To A Worldwide Market

worldwide market

A great thing about running an online business is the opportunity to run it 24/7 without the limits. There are no geographical boundaries and no specific hours to operate. The articles you read about are right when they say the online business can produce revenue around the clock, even while you are sleeping.

However, these do not tell you that all you have to do is to sit back and relax. You have to work hard for the success of your online business. Strategies like a well thought-out social media plan, search engine optimization, and paid media will make your online business thrive. Plus, there is this luxury of being able to reach out to specific states, regions, and countries.

With these in mind, you are one step closer to the success of your online business, even if you are just conceptualizing it right now. You will get there. There is a tool that will better catapult your online business to success. Get to know ShipStation.

ShipStation: The eCommerce Platform You Can Trust

Now that you have learned about why you should start your online business, if you haven’t, and why you should keep going if you already have one, we move forward to discussing a software that will take your online business to greater heights.

ShipStation: Shipping Software For eCommerce Fulfillment

Regarded as a multi-carrier and multi-channel shipping solution for the online business, ShipStation has been designed to facilitate the shipping and fulfillment processes for online retailers.

It is a very popular website where you can purchase shipping labels at discounted prices as you automatically update the tracking information to your partner platforms.

Whether you are selling on Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify, or more, you can easily integrate with ShipStation. This is perfect for those selling more than five orders per day, wanting to quickly purchase labels, and wanting to update the tracking information.

ShipStation powers thousands of stores and processes millions of shipping labels every month. With this being said, it is able to save merchants time and money by maximizing their shipping efficiencies.

In order to accomplish this, ShipStation automatically retrieves and consolidates order information from more than 40 sales channels, implements a pre-configured set shipping preferences to each order based on what the user has specified, processes and prints customized shipping labels and packing slips, and automatically updates each store with shipping status and tracking information.

Once the label is made, ShipStation automatically facilitates all customer communication, and offers consolidated reporting for immediate viewing. All of these, take note, happen automatically, seamlessly, and in real-time.

Plus, for those looking to outsource some or their entire shipping operations, including picking, packing, shipping, and customer service, ShipStation is also integrated with Fulfillment by Amazon. Isn’t that wonderful?


Notable Features Of ShipStation

When using ShipStation, there are literally tons of features you can enjoy. Here are the most notable of them.

Order Management

ShipStation is directly integrated with more than 70 of the best-selling channels. Thus, it makes it easier for the online business order to manage their orders by using only one platform, that is, ShipStation.

They gain complete control and insight into the orders at every phase of the shipping process, from all your various selling channels. Save time by automatically applying actions to orders based on a predetermined criteria. Sync as many orders you would like, and across as many sources you utilize by connecting a selling channel. You may also manually create orders, upload a CSV, or input via API, plus so much more.


ShipStation does magic for your online business when it comes to shipping. ShipStation is present to help simplify your shipping workflow.

This platform helps the user quickly generate discounted shipping labels for all of your online orders. With ShipStation, you can search for the best rate, print a label, or batch orders for rapid multi-label creation. In just a few clicks, you can spend more time selling and less time shipping. Let ShipStation do the heavy lifting for you. This is your ultimate one-stop solution for your online business.


Would you believe that ShipStation also partakes in your business’ branding? The software provides an exceptional post-purchase experience with its branded shipping feature.

Branded shipping gives everybody the opportunity to create a more personalized and memorable delivery experience for your customers, at no additional cost. ShipStation powers branded shipping via a wide array of services like customized shipping labels, returns portal, and tracking page.

Inventory Management

Your online business needs to effectively manage its inventory, whether this comes from the warehouse or from remote locations.

With ShipStation, you can view stock levels, set inventory alerts, or allocate stock all while selecting, packing, and fulfilling orders more efficiently. The inventory management solution at ShipStation likewise provides you with custom reports so you never run out of stock again.

Integrations And Partners

ShipStation also lets you import orders wherever you sell and create shipping labels for however you intend to ship.

ShipStation makes it easier for everybody to integrate with your marketplaces, shopping carts, order management systems, and more. Bid goodbye to the tedious copy and paste when you still do not have ShipStation.

Avail ShipStation Today: Get To Know The Pricing

Perfect for every online business, ShipStation is totally web-based and offers a 30-day free trial, and includes a free USPS Postage account. Their priority is toward maximizing the experience of the customers. Whether it is about its user-friendly interface, rich and robust features, time-saving tools, or exceptional seller support, ShipStation is here to deliver the highest quality shipping product and service available in today’s market.

There are several pricing options you can choose from. These are the Starter at $9 per month, Bronze at $29 per month, Silver at $49 per month, Gold at $69 per month, Platinum at $99 per month, and Enterprise at $159 per month. The most popular is the Gold pricing tier. For more details about the pricing and the features included in each, visit this page.

When you manage your online selling business, that is not to say there are no stresses involved. Among the things that might stress you out is finding a way to update your customers with their tracking information. Not many eCommerce platforms can offer this help to you. Fortunately, there are software like ShipStation that has a wide range of features, including this, updating your buyers with the tracking information of their purchase, so they will remain loyal to your business.

We hope this discussion taught you about the benefits of delving into the complex yet fulfilling world of online selling. We hope this learning inspired you to improve the way you do business with the several platforms available around. What are you waiting for? Get started using ShipStation today.


A Website For Your Business And Its Many Advantages

Website building, over the years, has become as crucial as the business having their own store. Since more and more people across the globe are online, businesses without a website are undoubtedly losing a lot when it comes to garnering sales from their customers. In this article, we will take a look at the top reasons why your business needs a website, what happens when you do not have a website, and why you must avail of website design services from us at iARTidea.

iARTidea website design

More People Are On The Internet

According to statistics from website Oberlo, there are 4.66 billion active Internet users as of 2021. This marks a 316 million year-over-year increase compared to the figures in 2020. Considering the global population at 7.83 billion, this figure equates to an Internet penetration rate of approximately 59.5 percent, or almost 60 percent. That means over half of the people worldwide are Internet users.

Having said these, your business will succeed more in terms of gaining the attention of customers, particularly online consumers, when it has a website. Several people around the world visit various websites everyday. However, there still is a lot of work to do when it comes to encouraging businesses to launch their online presence via a website.

Recent data from website Fit Small Business indicate that 71 percent of small businesses already have a website. This information is up from 2018, where only 50 percent of small businesses had their website. This still does not include medium-sized businesses and large businesses like corporations. However, this will help us picture out how the business industry fares when it comes to having their own website.

If you are among the 28 percent that do not have a web presence yet, through a website, it is time that you work on having your own website. Here are the reasons why your business must have a website.

Reasons Businesses Should Build Their Website

No matter what industry your business is in, investing in your online presence offers massive impacts upon your success. In today’s generation, unfortunately, there are still businesses that do not realize many of their customers will see if they have a website. This is to inform them of what you offer. They take a look at your website before making their purchase.

Through a website, you can be able to establish your online presence. Thus, this is a make or break when it comes to garnering more revenue. At the same time, the quality of your website says a lot about your business results. Thus, we tell you the reasons why you must have a website. And, here is the good news. There is a solution that will work best for your business needs.

1. Launch Your Online Presence 24/7

With a website, you can expect your customers to always be able to find you, not just at particular times within the day, but literally anytime and anywhere. Even beyond the business hours, the website will take charge in finding and securing you with new customers.

A website offers your customers convenience since they can access the information that the business provides them in the comfort of their own residences. Of course, this, without the added pressure for them to buy what you sell.

If you choose to still stay offline, there are chances you will be losing customers to your competitors. This is since many companies today have their own website.

2. Facilitate Exchange Of Information

Aside from giving you online presence anytime and anywhere, a website also provides a quicker and easier way to communicate information between buyers and sellers. On your website, you can indicate your opening hours and contact details. You can also include images of your products or location. The website may also have your contact forms to facilitate inquiries from potential customers, and feedback from your existing customers.

A website may also house promotional videos to further exchange your customers. This also sells your business in a very effective and cost-efficient way. Links to your website may also be promoted via social media. In this way, you will be able to build a stronger community with your customers.

3. Showcase Credibility

In today’s modern society, there is an expectation for any reputable business to have its online presence. Since the emergence of the Internet and websites, many businesses have chosen to track of launching of their own website. Because of this, there is this mindset from customers distrusting a business that does not have a website, similar to how they look at businesses without a telephone number, physical address, or email address.

The website is a useful tool to share valuable information about the business with your customers. It also answers the questions they may have. Having a website makes your customers feel more comfortable availing of your services, as they will assume they can get the same incredible experience in all areas of your business.

4. Save Money

A website, as much as it can provide information, also can sell goods and services directly to customers. In many cases, it even removes the need to process transactions in brick-and-mortar stores which usually involve large operating costs.

With a website, you can eliminate these overhead expenditures. This allows you to lower your prices. Thus, it provides businesses with the real competitive edge.

Moreover, a website may also be used internally in the company. This is beneficial when you need to share information with colleagues or give the management access to important news.

5. Expand Your Market

Since your website is accessible to anyone anywhere in the world, it has become even easier to break geographical barriers. Practically anyone from any country can find your company, thus increasing your market reach. With a website, you can gain customers from around the world.


6. Acquire Consumer Insights

By having a website, you change the way you track the success of your business. A website can provide a diverse range of data so you can better understand your online presence. You can even highlight opportunities to change certain aspects of your business, including your store hours, promotions, product catalogs, and so much more.

7. Advertise

A website can offer the business access with a different type of advertising. This form of advertising has more accuracy and reliability than the traditional offline advertising approaches.

For one, search engine optimization or SEO and online advertising are great ways to build brand awareness. Your business can be the first that the customer sees when they search for a product or service you offer.

Your website may also have eCommerce features to make buying products or finding a retail outlet easier than ever before.

8. Gain An Edge In The Business Competition

Without your website, you are missing a lot, especially when it comes to gaining new customers. Having a website provides you with a competitive edge in the industry.

9. Connect With Your Customers Better

Managing the customer support aspect of your business can be daunting. With a website, you can handle this customer service easier.

Your website may feature a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ section to reduce customer service costs, and save you time and money. Likewise, you also provide more information to your customers.

The website may also include a live chat feature so customers can get answers to their inquiries instantly. With these, you encourage positive customer relations in the long run, since you are able to produce happier customers.

10. Get Growth Opportunities

Generally speaking, websites are fantastic ways to provide a place where potential investors can connect with your business. A website shows what your company is about, its achievements, and what else it can achieve in the future.

Now that you have learned the many reasons why your business should build their website, including the advantages that a website can provide for the business, we will take a look at what will happen if your business chooses not to have its own website. Read on.

What Happens When You Do Not Have A Website?

1. Lack Of Competitiveness

The first effect of not having a website upon your business is experiencing lack of competitiveness. Your competitors that have a website are gaining exposure that you do not have. You are also missing out on connecting with customers who are online and on the Internet. Do not let your potential customers choose your competitor only because you do not have this online presence.

2. Damage In Your Reputation

In today’s world where many people are online, a website truly matters. Your potential customers may be there looking for you online, but you cannot provide them with your online presence. In turn, this will lead to reputation damage.

Without a website, you fall behind the competition. You also turn these potential customers into frustrated customers since they may be looking for you online, but you are not there.

3. Miss Out On Social Media Opportunities

Social media, especially when your website is on your social media accounts, provide a lot of opportunities for business success. For one, you can engage differently with your customers when you have this online presence. Second, there are more chances of spreading the word about your business a whole lot better since customers can share about your business on social.

4. Inaccurate And Outdated Information

With a website, your business is more likely to be able to update information from time to time. With details that are updated, you will be able to attract more customers who are always on the lookout for fresh and new information.

Why Avail Of Website Design Services From iARTidea

When you are ready to build your own website, you are lucky since there are several companies in today’s industry that offer website building and design. Just by simply searching over the Internet, you can find tons of providers that offer these services. One of the companies that offer website design services and more is iARTidea.

Why choose iARTidea to build your website? There are several reasons why.


Inevitably, there are costs when you need to build and design a website. You can get access to the most affordable pricing in the industry when you need website design that also does not compromise on the quality.

Creative Design

iARTidea has a team of talented professionals who are willing and more than glad to invest their time, skills, and resources to create a website that suits your business preferences.

Free Consultation

Should you need to consult with our team, whether it is about evaluating your current website or seeking help when launching your new website, we offer this consultation for free. Simply coordinate with our team anytime you require a consultation.

Fast And Responsive

Our team here at iARTidea values your time well. Therefore, we can provide quick responses to your concerns, inquiries, and other things you may need. Ask us anytime.

Optional Maintenance Service

We will never pressure you from getting services you do not want. At the same time, we also offer this optional maintenance service that will result in enhancing the way your website performs.

Free SSL

SSL pertains to Secure Sockets Layer, a computing protocol that ensures the security of data sent via the Internet by using encryption. iARTidea also provides this for free.

No Hidden Charges

Lastly, there are no hidden charges when you avail of our website design. Launch the online presence for the best of your interests starting today.

Since 2011, the iARTidea community has been gathering the most dedicated and talented developers, marketers, and designers to provide the most in-demand online services to a wide range of local business owners.

Today, iARTidea is continuously expanding worldwide, introducing innovative and powerful solutions.

Website design


Apps That Are Right For Your Business With Andromo

Apps for you and your business

Apps for your business, nowadays, are just as vital as having your own websites or putting up a store. The traditional brick-and-mortar store can be the foundation of your business. It is since there will still be a lot of people who prefer to purchase products from stores beyond the Internet, despite the popularity of online entrepreneurship. Then, your websites are important when reaching out to more customers.

Not every business as of the present time is introduced to apps, or are utilizing apps when selling their products and services. According to recent statistics, only a total of 42 percent of small businesses as of 2018 had a mobile app. Many businesses have realized how apps can turn individuals into buying customers, and therefore can bring more success to the business. However, not yet a lot of businesses have transformed the way they work with apps. There is a need for continuous campaigns in order to encourage entrepreneurs to build their own apps for the business.

Create unlimited apps

Apps Are Very Crucial To The Success Of Your Business

What are apps? Apps, which is a short term for “applications,” are software that can be installed and run on computers, tablets, smartphones, and many other electronic devices. Apps usually refer to mobile applications or pieces of software installed and utilized on a computer. Many apps have specific and narrow functions.

Among the most popular apps today are social networking apps TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram; instant messaging apps WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram; virtual conferencing platforms Zoom and Google Meet; and streaming platform Netflix.

In order for your business to run on apps, the business owner has to find a way to create them. There are various ways to build apps. For one, apps are created through coding. However, not every business out there will be knowledgeable about coding. So, they turn to coding experts to build the apps for them. Yet, outsourcing this work can be expensive. Entrepreneurs may also participate in coding classes and camps, but not every entrepreneur may have the time to do so.

What is there is a software that lets you create apps for your business and individual needs without having to code or implement any technical know-how?

Meet Andromo.

create apps with andromo
Creating apps with Andromo

Apps With Andromo

What is Andromo? Well, Andromo provides businesses with a tool to create native and web Android apps without requiring that the person creating the app implement coding skills. Users of Andromo will be able to preview the apps they create via the intuitive user interface of this software.

This app builder offers various features that are incorporated in the app, including a wide range of dashboard options, menus, background themes,and layout options. These also include videos, images, sound effects, RSS feeds, and content sites. Other features include application rating requests and push notifications. The software also provides chat and in-app support.

Moreover, subscribed users at Andromo can likewise utilize the monetization option to run advertisements from leading ad networks in the apps they create. They include ads from Google’s AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, and StartApp. This platform can also operate as your ad network with various advertisers who purchase advertising space from the owners of Andromo.

Now that you have learned the overview of Andromo, let us move over to its remarkable features.

How You Can Build Apps With Andromo: The Features

Andromo is truly the place-to-be when you need to create apps for your business or your individual needs without having to code. Here are its stunning features.

Quickly Develop Apps In Three Easy Steps

There are three easy steps when it comes to developing the apps via Andromo. First, sign up to create the Andromo App Project. Sign up with Andromo to get started creating your mobile apps. There is no need to implement any coding know-how, as the software can work perfectly well with your ideas. Enter a few details and you will be ready to start creating your apps.

Second, add the features and styles you want in your app. There are various types of content to choose from (which you will learn more about in a while), and these include videos, audio, maps, and money-generating features. These monetization features may constitute polls and ads.

Third, complete the project. Once complete, you can share your app to your customers. With a click of a button, your app will be ready. You will get a copy of the app you created via your email, all set to be uploaded on the Google Play Store.

There are more than 30 native mobile app features to choose from so you translate your ideas to reality. Here are the most important features at Andromo that you need to know.


Include various content in the app you are building, so you can enhance the experience of your users. Among the types of content you may build with the app are photo galleries, audio players, YouTube players, PDFs, WordPress feeds, RSS feeds, eBooks, and content from Pixabay Photo Stock.


Aside from content, you will also be able to add links Into the overall layout of your app with Andromo. These links include web links, location links, and call links. Make your apps even more interesting with e-mail links, action links, and dashboard links.


If you need to add maps or QR code scanners, these are also possible with Andromo. They offer extensions from where you can choose from. These include WhatsApp stickers, custom HTML pages, WebView, and web archives. The rest of the extensions are QR code creator, QR code scanner, contact details, and maps.


You can also choose what the layout of your app would be. There are several options to choose from. Layout options at Andromo are multiple dashboards, list items, carousel items, spacers, and dashboard card. The dashboard card option lets you customize the design and layout of your app.

Monetization And Ads

Looking at earning profits from your app? There are various monetization features at Andromo. You have the static banner, and the interstitial ads or ads shown as a transition in between activities in the app. There are also native and paid access with the latter allowing you to sell exclusive content in your app.


Andromo is also known for the Firebase features. These include the photo gallery database, audio player database, and PDF database. Other options are the eBook database, and the Firebase authentication module for your app.

Get Started Building Apps With Andromo Today: Know The Pricing

Now we have come to learn about the pricing. How much do you have to pay to be able to utilize Andromo? What is great about this software is that you can get started creating your app with the free trial.

However, to continue using the platform and take advantage of many other features, there are various pricing tiers available.

There is the Hobbyist pricing tier at $8 per month. However, this option does not include the monetization features. If you want to enjoy the monetization features, you will have to choose the Pro pricing tier at $21 per month. If you want to take everything further with advanced monetization, the Ultra pricing tier is perfect for you. It is at $36 per month.

But, for today, we discovered a one-time cost to keep the app maker software with a huge discount. You can find out more information here.

Benefits Of Having Apps For Your Business

As a bonus content in our discussion, you will also get to know the advantages of having apps for your business. Trust us when we say that you will be able to increase your profits and revenue when customers are able to access your offers via your app.

1. Communicate And Engage With Your Customers Directly

One reason why your business should be present in an app is to improve direct communication with the customers of the business. Mobile apps have opened opportunities for businesses to enhance their communication and engagement with their customers.

2. Enhance Engagement With Your Clients

Aside from introducing direct communication with your customers and clients, apps are making it possible for the business owner to engage better with their clients. Whether these are about answering their questions or discussing your products, the app will do its job well.

3. Improve Brand Awareness Among Your Customers

Mobile apps are also regarded as extensions of your brand. When your business has an app, you are provided with more opportunities to reach new audiences. Thus, you increase brand awareness along the way.

4. Create A Useful Marketing Channel

An app also lets information be shared with customers instantly. If your customers find these details useful and relevant to what they are looking for, — for one, information on discounts — you can acquire loyal customers who are using your apps.

5. Form An Effective Loyalty Program

Many apps today are known to host loyalty programs where customers can register to. With a loyalty program that rewards customers whenever they purchase, they are more likely to come back and do business with you again.

Create Apps Without The Hassle With Andromo

Not every time that you will have the technical skill, that is, coding, in order to create apps for your business. However, it is also true that you are missing out on a lot when your business still does not run on apps. Whether these are apps to let customers purchase your products or apps to offer them a way to interact, there are platforms such as Andromo that will let you create apps in the easiest ways possible. Get ahead of your competition. Discover Andromo now at one time cost today.

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StoryChief Review: What It Is, The Notable Features, And Benefits

StoryChief is one of the most widely preferred software in today’s market when it comes to producing not just the best, but the most effective copies for your business, attracting people and urging them to purchase your products and services. Here is the software review about StoryChief.

StoryChief official website

Importance Of Effective Copy For Your Business

Effective copy does not happen overnight. This refers to writing that is able to convert new customers into buying customers, should you be utilizing your copy for business purposes. Sure, you can produce the copy within a few hours. But, the process by which it can attract people and urge them to take action, such as purchasing your products, services and offers, usually takes time.

Manually, you will be required to look for leads and where to send or post the copy after writing it. You may commit your time to emailing individuals and businesses who might be willing to publish the copy or the article. There are times when you need to edit and revise the copy for several hours or even several days only to make sure it is not only written well, but also can convert new customers into buying customers. In other words, everything about this aspect is stressful.

However, ensuring you have the greatest and the most effective articles for your business is a must. The copy is like an ingredient you should not miss in your recipe, because you will not be able to get to the final product without it.

Advantages Of Great Copy

Copywriting or good copy is important because this can drive profitability. With good copy, your business earns a favorable Return on investment or ROI. It is able to help achieve your business’ goals through convincing your target customer that your products will provide solutions to what they need, as well as offer them with great value.

Among the advantages of getting your business with a good copy are ensuring it is based on your niche, reinforcing your branding, providing you with value-driven content, and keeping the audience in mind. In these ways, you will be able to reach out to more customers with good copy.

From Point A To Point B: Utilizing Software

Yet, you need to get from point A to point B. It takes time and resources to produce the perfect copy. But that does not mean you have to spend so much time giving your business the best copy it deserves.

Did you know there are platforms that will help you produce good and effective copies? These software will also enable you to save time and money looking for other platforms where you can spread the word out, because you can do it automatically. One of these platforms is StoryChief. In this detailed software review, you will get to know what StoryChief is, its noteworthy features, and why it is the best tool out there for copywriters. Are you excited to know about StoryChief?

StoryChief: Overview

StoryChief is regarded as a complete content marketing solution for your business. It is specifically built for business-to-business or B2B marketing teams and content agencies. StoryChief has the capability to let you focus on expanding your business with the help of content marketing.

Not only these, this platform will also centralize and distribute your articles and social media content. When these happen, you can grow your audience and generate more leads.

StoryChief will usher your business to getting 10 times more leads by working with its multi-channel approach in the most efficient way possible. Through this, you can save an estimated six hours of time on collaboration, approvals, and distribution of your content. Think about hiring a big media company for your content marketing. This is what generally StoryChief does. With these, you can reach 80 percent more engagement and internal motivation for creating high-quality content.

Before we head over to the discussion of the features of StoryChief, let us take a look at the pros and cons of the software. These details should help you decide whether StoryChief is right for your needs.


  • StoryChief is a great platform; Recommended for those looking to create and distribute content online
  • Offers a clean and simple-to-use interface
  • Allows individuals to make their posts search engine optimization- or SEO-friendly
  • Lets users integrate media elements into the post
  • Provides ease of sharing on social media


  • The UX/UI or User Experience Design and User Interface Design is not very easy to deal with
  • Adding links is a little bit confusing

StoryChief Features

Multi-Channel Marketing

One of the most stunning features of StoryChief is multi-channel marketing. With this, you can distribute your content across all channels. Plus, you can make sure your audience engages with your content regardless of where they are. Using this feature, you can save time distributing your content to the appropriate channels. End the necessity of manually preparing your content for publication across various channels. With StoryChief, you can simply select which features you would like your content to get published.

Content Collaboration

You will never want to miss out on hearing the opinion of your team members when producing your content, right? With this StoryChief feature, you can work together on content in one place. Let several people work together in creating the best content for your organization. Access the content collaboration workspace anytime.

Content Calendar

Aside from the multi-channel marketing and content collaboration features, StoryChief also has a content calendar to let you keep track of everything you do. From idea generation to publication, you can get a vivid overview not just of your content, but your social media as well. With this, you can plan your content and social media content well, improve your content workflow, and analyze the success of your campaigns.

SEO Copywriting

With StoryChief, you never have to use another software only to ensure you follow the best practices in search engine optimization for your content. With this feature, StoryChief claims it can increase your Google ranking by 300 percent. Sounds great? The software has a real-time SEO assistant, offers distraction-free writing, and tools that will let you measure and improve your content’s performance.

Analytics And Reporting

Several software offers analytics and reporting features which you will need to keep track of your work. How do they do it at StoryChief? With this feature, you can get actionable insights from your content. With this analytics feature, you can grow your reach, engagement, and sales. What are the other features at StoryChief? Keep on reading!

Social Media Management

StoryChief is beyond merely offering a platform for content creation and SEO. It is also the perfect tool for social media management. Be able to publish your content to all social media channels with just a few clicks. You can also schedule your posts and updates, and analyze the success of your campaigns.

Employee Advocacy

What is this StoryChief feature all about? Well, this feature allows you to share your content with your employees and their network without having a hard time. With this, you can give your employees a simple way to amplify your brand’s reach by sharing curated content across their social networks. You can take your engagement to a whole new level, and align your brand messaging appropriately.

Content Data Management

The days of spending so much time searching for content you remember from the past are over. With the content data management system of StoryChief, you can find the content you are looking for in no time. With this feature, you can also know the impact of your content, keep up with team deadlines, and so much more.


Now this is a very interesting one. Create a beautiful home for your brand that grows demand and interest in your products and services. This feature is also customizable without needing IT support.


Benefits Of Using StoryChief

Here are the benefits of using StoryChief.

1. Be Able To Produce SEO Content

StoryChief is a content creation platform and SEO tool rolled into one. Optimize your posts right from when you start writing. It offers suggestions on the length of text, positioning of keywords, links, images, and more. You can turn off this feature if you prefer to.

2. Manage Your Social Media

To be an effective digital marketer, you should have these tools: SEO, email, and social media. StoryChief allows you to create your post, and choose the channel where you want to publish your post. With emails connected to StoryChief, you can send notifications for your posts to your customers, plus more.

3. Manage Your Content

StoryChief provides you with an organized library of your content. It is easier to search for previous content and edit them. Plus, the software also allows you to track your leads, making your tasks a whole lot easier.

4. Publish Content

With StoryChief, you do not have to use multiple platforms only to publish your content across various channels. Save time. You may also post your content across your personal websites, and so much more.

5. Create Campaigns Successfully

Never have to spend so much time creating successful campaigns. StoryChief offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to begin and manage campaigns. You can also set up your campaign calendar.

6. Bonus: A Free Blogging Platform

Here is a bonus benefit from StoryChief. Get a free blogging platform that offers a wide range of features, including insights about keywords, featured searches, shout-out to authors, blog enhancements, real-time SEO scores, and connecting with leads.

Providing great copy for your business for the benefit of your customers takes a lot of time and resources. However, this does not mean you have to go through this lengthy process only to produce good articles for your business. Let StoryChief take over. StoryChief is your ultimate solution not only for helping you produce quality and effective content. It also is the way for you to save so much time looking for platforms where you can publish your content. Truly, StoryChief is your complete marketing solution.

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Sociamonials Vs. Social Web Suite: The Power Of Social Media

Social media is changing the way businesses introduce and promote their products and services to consumers, taking this to the next level. Before, businesses had to commit to word-of-mouth marketing, and the traditional methods of promotions. These include print, newspapers, radio, and television. They are more challenging when you want to successfully reach out to consumers. Now, there is social media to promote products, services, and offers in a much faster way. Several people are on social media.

According to statistics from Backlinko, there are almost five billion people using social media worldwide in 2021. This is an increase of 13.13 percent year-on-year from 3.69 billion in 2020. In 2015, they said there were only around two billion users. From that year until this year,in six years, the increase is at an estimated and whopping 115 percent.

Before we head over to the software review, let us take a look at the importance of social media marketing.

The Power Of Social Media

The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Considering the insights you learned above, it is extremely important for a business to have a robust way of utilizing social media. This is known as social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing pertains to using social media platforms, as well as websites, in order for you to promote a product or service. This may also be referred to as e-marketing or digital marketing, but the term social media marketing is more popular among practitioners and those who study about this.

What is the importance of social media marketing? Social media allows marketers and entrepreneurs to connect and engage with potential customers where they are at. Among the most popular platforms today are LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Coupled with a social media strategy and the capability to create content that is engaging, marketers can be able to engage their audience. If they want them to buy their products, they will be able to do so with social media.

Social Media
Social Media

Why Businesses Need Various Social Media Accounts

Moreover, individuals and businesses will get better results when they have multi-channels on social media, or different social media accounts. It simply follows the concept of having more for the better. Moreover, Google loves to push the rank that has healthy backlinks continuously updates the new content so that your business websites and social media accounts could be exposed to organic traffics.

Specifically, having multiple social media websites will offer the opportunity for you to keep track of what people say about you. Plus, customers will also get the opportunity to send you direct messages. Yes! Customer service makes a huge difference in your sales volume.

How Does Content Impact The Business And What Are The Best Types Of Content You Can Share On Social Media?

Take note that it is not enough to just post a lot on social media. You need to ensure what your postings are good content.

The content you create has the capability to create the message you are communicating. Thus, the content can educate and emotionally approach your readers, listeners, viewers or audience, and persuade them to take action by purchasing your products and services over your competitors. As a matter of fact, providing content that is of high quality is among the most important things you can do to attract clients and let them generate interest in your business.

Here are the best contents you can share on social media:

  • Written posts, blogs, articles, and guides
  • eBooks
  • Images
  • Videos, video stories, and live videos
  • Infographics
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Announcements
  • Contests
  • Holidays
  • And limitless

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

It is important for businesses to ensure they do the best social media marketing practices, since these are beneficial for the business’ success.

With social media marketing, your business can increase brand awareness among its team and its customers, get more inbound traffic, improve your rankings on search engines like Google, and get higher conversion rates. The advantages also include being able to achieve better customer satisfaction, enhance loyalty to your brand, garner more brand authority, and gain marketplace insights. You also get thought leadership with social media marketing, and it is more cost-effective.

Posting on social media without the right tools is far different from posting on these platforms when you have the right tools. Are you tired of continuously and daily posting your content on social media without getting results or conversations? Fortunately, there are tools to help you out.

In this article, we will take a look at two of the most widely preferred platforms that will make you ace your social media management. This is whether for your individual use or for your business. Meet Socialmonials and Social Web Suite. Read on.

Sociamonials website
Sociamonials website

What Is Sociamonials?

Socialmonials considers themselves as the most complete social media marketing platform around. Users can schedule posts, and run referral and engagement campaigns with this tool. They can post on various platforms, like Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The software also lets you auto-repost.

Plus, you can launch mobile-optimized campaigns like photo and video contests, as well as viral referral sweepstakes are proven to build your email list and engage your followers. It provides you with a dashboard to track every step of your campaign and social media post-performance.

Now that you have learned the overview of what the first software is, let us take a look at the second in this software review.

Social Web Suite website
Social Web Suite website

What Is Social Web Suite?

Meanwhile, Social Web Suite has the capability for the user to integrate everything in a social media platform, as easy as using WordPress. It allows individuals and businesses to auto-post on various social media platforms, plus, offers a shared messaging feature designed to look great on the social media accounts.

Perfect for business owners, content creators, and social media managers, Social Web Suite can promote your products well. It is also easy to configure as you will only need to connect the store with Social Web Suite through the WordPress plugin.

What are the other things you can do with this software? It also allows users to set schedules, post on various social media platforms, and in turn, also post the content on WordPress without any hassle.

Having said these, what are the features of Socialmonials and Social Web Suite?

Social Web Suite
Social Web Suite

Features For Social Media Management And Marketing

Sociamonials: Features

Sociamonials is a built-in customer relationship management that offers full activity profiles of each member, including their social connections, advocacy ranking, purchases, and so much more.

This platform also enables users to design white label viral sweepstakes, video contests, photo contests, essay contests, video testimonials, and more without any knowledge on coding.

Its streamlined moderation features let users approve user-generated content or UGC via their mobile phones to protect their brand and thus, avoid any embarrassments.

Users of Sociamonials also have the option to approve user posts prior to publishing, even while they are away from their browsers, via their mobile devices.

It also lets users create custom submission forms with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature, allowing them to capture any necessary or desired information, including thank you and approval emails.

Now that you have gotten the overview of the features of Sociamonials, let us compare it with the features of Social Web Suite.


Social Web Suite: Features

Social Web Suite allows you to streamline social media management and social media marketing by letting you manage your social content from one platform, similar to Sociamonials.

Manage the social media content of your clients with various workspaces and calendars for each client and individual team members assigned to the unique workspaces.

It also populates your calendar with optimal times to post according to the best practices in the industry. In this way, you can launch your social media campaign within five minutes.

Use Social Web Suite to post on various social media platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn.

During the onboarding, the user has the option to create intelligent content categories or import content from your WordPress website. You may also assign each post to a content category, as the platform automatically shares your content from these categories based on what you have set.

Plus, you may likewise add content to categories from various sources, like WordPress website posts, posts from YouTube, and more.

Social Web Suite allows you to connect your WordPress site, so it is easier for you to share your content from WordPress on the connected social channels.

You can schedule the posts, and let Social Web Suite post your content based on this schedule.

The WordPress plugin also lets you sync posts, pages, categories, and tags, as well as manipulate categories and tags.

Team Collaboration

If you want to collaborate with your team to share ideas on how to further improve processes, Social Web Suite also lets you do so.

Other impressive features include automatically shortening URLs and allowing you to check your Google Analytics so you can better measure the success of your campaigns.

Think you are ready to choose one of them, or use both? Not until you know about their pricing. This shall influence your decision a lot.

Social Web Suite


Sociamonials: Pricing + Lifetime Deal

Sociamonials is available with a lifetime deal or a one-time purchase. Via AppSumo, you can choose among the Single price tier at $69 from $1,788; the Double price tier at $138 from $3,576; and the Multiple price tier at $207 from $5,364. Sounds like a great deal? They are. What about Social Web Suite?

Social Web Suite: Pricing + Lifetime Deal

Similarly, Social Web Suite is offered with a lifetime deal. There is the first tier at $49 from $390, the second tier at $99 from $1,290, and the third tier at $199 from $2,890. All these are accessible from the AppSumo website.

Final Thoughts

Time and time again, at least in recent years, social media have proven themselves to be a helpful tool for businesses to succeed. Gone were the days when businesses had to promote their products and services in the most difficult ways. Through social media, it is easier and much faster to reach out to loyal customers, new customers, and potential customers.

Especially with the use of social media for promoting and selling products and services, there are a lot of wonderful opportunities. Be sure to take a look at Sociamonials and Social Web Suite to further improve the way you market on social media. We wish you the best of luck in your business endeavors.


WordHero Vs. Rytr: Better Copywriting For Your Business is important to propel your business to success. It is very crucial for any business to have a great copy. Without the copy or the written material, the business is more likely to fail. This is because the copy, which is done via copywriting, often is responsible for introducing the products or the services that the business offers to the customers.


The copy usually entertains the readers, resonates with them, and also encourages them to take action. As what has been discussed earlier, a good copy provides the opportunity for the business to promote their products in a very effective manner to the audience who are ready to listen to what you have to say.

Among the reasons why good copy is a powerful tool for the business include being able to sell to your customers, create a lasting relationship with the audience, transform the business’ products into must-haves, distinguish the business from its competitors, provide measurable results, make the business unique, and give your business the opportunity to embrace your trademark.

There are several benefits of copywriting for the business. These advantages include building the image of the business, forming an emotional bond with the audience through brand story, and bringing out the personality of the brand. It also offers other benefits including edging out the competitors, helping the business rank higher on Google, and presenting information in a highly persuasive manner. Aside from these, other advantages of copywriting are urging the readers to take action, maximizing the Return on investment, and protecting the business from the consequences of bad copywriting.

AI copywritign

The Emergence Of Copywriting Platforms Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, great copy is not just done manually by the writers. There are several businesses that are now invested in software run by artificial intelligence or AI when creating copy for their products and services.

Writing software are software tools that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in order to speed up and support the process of high-quality content. These platforms play a significant role in the industry that is, content marketing.

With the use of AI writing software, a business can create blog articles faster, write better emails, and polish the text better to capture the attention of the readers. AI-based copywriting tools help the business with almost everything, from grammar and synonyms to context, sentence style and structure.

Among the most popular AI writing software in the industry today are Jarvis, Grammarly, Wordtune, ProWritingAid, Sapling, AI Writer, Articoolo, Text Blaze, WordHero, and Rytr, among many others.

In this article, you will get to know two of the most promising AI writing software that are used by several businesses worldwide, WordHero and Ryter.


In this section, you will get to know the overview of what the two copywriting software can do.


WordHero: Overview

WordHero pertains to the simulation of the human intelligence process via a programmed machine, particularly computers. This writing software provides unlimited ideas. The writer or the business does not have to worry about running out of words.

This software also has powerful tools for branding and labeling, offering a clever guide for crafting your lines. Plus, it offers a complete suite of over 40 writing tools with new tools added each week to help the business create top-notch blogs, social media captions, emails, advertisements, sales copies, product summers, and a whole lot more.

WordHero is simple and intelligent to use. You can get a new draft filled with information and ideas to write about. You can also specify the topic you want to write about. It gives you content-rich research and an information-dense report.


Rytr: Overview

On the other hand, Rytr, also an AI copywriting tool, can generate content for marketing-based networking sites, content creations, blog posts, and so much more. Created to provide highly engaging, relevant, and great quality content in a matter of a few seconds, Rytr offers a free-to-use option.

Using Rytr, businesses can get high-quality content in just a few seconds, while they provide the topics and suggestions. With the guidelines that the user provides, the software will do the work that usually takes hours to complete.

Rytr also has built-in layouts and outlines for the desired content, so the business can choose for all the variants according to your liking, and select one based on your preferences.


Now that you have learned about the overview of WordHero and Rytr, we will proceed to the discussion of its features. What can the software do? This section also includes an enumeration of the pros and cons of WordHero and Rytr.

WordHero: Pros And Cons


  • Has an easy-to-use working space
  • The software updates its features every now and then
  • Speed up time for the writing for your content marketing
  • Generates articles rapidly at any scale
  • Be able to generate an unlimited amount of content each month


  • There are users who noticed content quality needs to improve in particular areas
  • Lacking particular functions
  • Too premature to take over human copywriting

WordHero: Features

The first of the many features of WordHero is for the business’ blog content. In just a few clicks, you can generate blog ideas, outlines, introductions, and so much more for your blog content.

The software also provides unlimited suggestions for marketing ideas, social media captions, headlines, Facebook ad descriptions, Google ads, and email.

If you are eyeing creating sales copies, WordHero will generate offer ideas for your funnels and product descriptions. Plus, it has amazing features that will let you turn ideas into sales copies.

Aside from writing for you, this AI software also produces unlimited suggestions for your business, marketing, offers, brand names, and so much more.

If you are a creative writer or music composer, WordHero also helps in writing unlimited poetry, song lyrics, fictional story ideas, book titles, and a wide range of descriptions. Plus, the software updates and adds more features every now and then.

Rytr: Pros And Cons


  • Has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Available as a Chrome extension
  • Provides over 18 tones and more than 30 languages
  • GPT-3 + fine-tuned model
  • Available for a free trial
  • Features a team management system
  • Application Programming Interface is present
  • Soon launching image generation and SEO features


  • Users noticed limitations caused by the API

Rytr: Features

One of the amazing features of Rytr is its clean user interface and UI that is also easy to navigate. Their UI is also responsive, wherein, users can easily curate their content while on their devices. A pop-up and full-screen mode are available as options to let you customize the way you want to use the software.

Because of this user interface, it is easy to use, and any person can get started with the software. There is no need to have technical skills and know-how to be able to generate content from Rytr.

Moreover, there are several languages and tones the user can toggle while they are generating content. With this feature, they can create the content in the language they want the content to be, and at any available tone of writing.

With the software, users can also select how many variants they want for the text. However, this feature requires the user to avail of credits if they are using the free plan. This is why it is recommended for them to upgrade to the premium plan to make the best out of the platform. You will get to know more of these a little later on.

Many users are looking for features in the software that will let them collaborate with their teams. This AI copywriting software has this. It features a way wherein, the team can add their inputs and collaborate on the content you create.

Rytr also features a history where all the content you create is saved. Users never have to worry about the possibility that their content may have been lost. Fetch your content from the history feature. There is also the option to remove a specific item from the history.


Pricing is a very important consideration when you are ready to purchase a product, such as this software. What should be your budget when purchasing writing software like WordHero and Rytr? Here are the details.

WordHero: Pricing

On the official website of WordHero, you can choose whether to pay annually or pay monthly. If you want to pay annually, the price is $29 per month billed annually. This is known as the Pro Unlimited pricing tier.

If you want to pay monthly, the price of this Pro Unlimited monthly payment option is $49 per month. Both options will give you unlimited copy, access to all the writing tools, 24/7 priority support, and more. You can cancel anytime.

NEW UPDATE: SPECIAL DEAL PRICE, LIFETIME. If you don’t find the lifetime deal, it’s expired.

Rytr: Pricing

For Rytr, they either have the option of paying $29 per month or $290 per year. When you choose to pay using the second option, you can get your two months for free.

NEW UPDATE: SPECIAL DEAL PRICE, LIFETIME. If you don’t find the lifetime deal, it’s expired.

Both options already provide you with the capability to generate unlimited characters, access over 30 use cases, write in over 30 languages, and access over 20 tones. This also provides you with a dedicated account manager, priority email and chat support, and access to the premium community.

Copywriting is indeed, very important for the business. Without great copy, your business is missing a lot compared to what its competitors have. Today, there are several innovations in technology that will help the business create high-quality copy while saving up on time and resources. Consider having these two impressive software in your business.


‘How To Use SEO Data To Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy’: A Must-Read Ebook To Win In Your Business

Search engine optimization or SEO is a highly important ingredient in catapulting your business so it earns big success in the industry. Do you own a business or an online business that sells food products? Perhaps you manage a business that offers health and wellness products? Does your business offer services? No matter what your business is, SEO is one thing that you should not forget or include in the checklist of the tools and strategies you should have because of its contributions to offering success for your business.

In review, SEO pertains to the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website with the use of organic search engine results. Most of the people who are now adept with SEO did not learn about this in the classroom or while they are in college. As a matter of fact, many people encounter SEO only once they work with companies that utilize them. However, SEO does a lot of great things for businesses. Many of them are more than what you can imagine.

Among the benefits of SEO include bringing in more customers via organic search, creating a trustworthy web experience for your customers, encouraging the user to focus on user experience, improving brand awareness, and keeping you informed, among others. SEO is likewise one of the most affordable techniques to adopt, and is also trackable, as well as provides benefits for other marketing initiatives.

How To Use SEO Data

There are several sources where you can get information on how to utilize SEO for the success of your business. You can watch YouTube videos that talk about SEO and effective ways to use this. You may attend webinars that discuss optimizing your content for search engines, usually with a question-and-answer round that these webinars conduct between the participants and the organizer. Then, you got ebooks that also discuss about SEO and the great things it can do for your businesses.

Ebooks are very effective when used with your content marketing strategy. Among the ways to use ebooks for your business’ content marketing strategy include using the ebooks to strengthen your brand, using ebooks as the heart of your marketing campaign, and using ebooks to build your email marketing list. You will get to know more about these a little later.

In this edition of our post, we take a look at the ebook titled “How To Use SEO Data To Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy,” its pointers, and why you should obtain this ebook for your business. Read on for a comprehensive glimpse at this highly effective ebook.

About The ‘How To Use SEO Data To Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy’ Ebook

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the middle of deciding what content to share to your customers and readers? Perhaps you have not yet been into this phase, you may have the right tools and platforms that offer you ways to look for great content, but for certain, you will come across with the predicament of seeking for the best content idea. Did you know one of the best ways to find the topics that your audiences are interested in is via SEO data?

With the ebook “How To Use SEO Data To Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy,” you will learn about a concrete strategy when looking for the best content, and end those days of finding content via guessing games. Get this ebook now.

How To Use SEO Data To Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy” is an ebook that every entrepreneur must have as it will help them leverage SEO data so they can identify the most successful content topics and feature them in a search-friendly way.

Available on AppSumo, this ebook consists of four parts, plus the summary. They are Searching for content ideas, deciding on the content type, Deciding on the content type, Writing search-friendly copy, and Distributing the content, plus the summary.

Here is one of the pages in the ebook that talks about keyword research:

Ebooks are the perfect way to go when you wish to learn about things like SEO at your own pace. Not that videos will not be a great way, but in the case of webinars that usually happen live, people need to allot their time, usually lasting for a few hours to attend the webinar. You may learn with videos at your own pace, pausing and playing the video according to what is convenient for you, but with live video tutorials, you will need to attend it at the time specified. Otherwise, you can rely on the replay. With ebooks, you can access this at the time that is most convenient for you, and you can learn from the ebook even without the sometimes disturbing audio, for one, when you are on the commute. Ebooks are very effective resources to learn from since you can read them anytime and anywhere you want, perhaps just not while in the office, as your superiors may see you doing something else.

At the beginning of the course, you will start learning how to search for content ideas. Equipping yourself with the best skills in SEO is one way to succeed in the business, of course, pair the SEO strategies up with other business strategies for success. You will learn researching keywords by collecting keywords, filtering keywords, and determining if the keywords are trending. Readers of the ebook will also get to know how to borrow ideas from your top competitors. Furthermore, you will also learn how to find old content that is worth updating.

Now that you have come to know the tenets of keyword research in the first part, you will move along on deciding on the content type. In SEO, the decision comes after researching what keywords to use. The concepts in this part of the ebook include search intent, informational intent, listicles, purchase intent, leads, and so much more.

After delving into the processes when deciding for the content type, you will get to know how to write SEO-friendly copies from this ebook. It will tackle benchmark length, keyword saturation, how to provide a readable structure, and optimizing for key HTML tags. What is great about this ebook is that you are offered a one-stop resource, without having to research across multiple sources that usually take time.

Distributing content is a challenge that many digital entrepreneurs encounter. They might have the optimized content and articles that really have the potential to trend, but they stumble upon the block that is, how to distribute content. Let this ebook help you in learning the best ways to distribute content, usually in platforms that include Reddit, Quora, Facebook groups, your own social accounts, and to email subscribers. Lastly, you will get a summary of all the things you have learned in the ebook.

The ebook promotes the use of SEO data for acing your content marketing strategy, But what is SEO data? Read on for further discussion.

Get To Know More About SEO Data

So it talks about using SEO data to fuel the content marketing strategy? You got that right. Here is the overview of what SEO data is, to give you a better perspective of what the ebook is all about.

There are various types of SEO data. They include organic traffic or visitors that come to the website from search engine results rather than paid ads; organic impressions or when your digital content appears on the screen of the user rather than paid ads; keyword monthly search volume or the number of searches a keyword has turned to in the course of a month; the number of backlinks from backlinks or links to another site; the number of referring domains or websites that do the backlinking; and page speed or the amount of time it takes for a web page to load.

SEO data will provide information on search volume so the business owner can determine the best names and branding for their products. The data will also let you know the keywords based on interest level, therefore, helping you organize your keyword strategy.

Moreover, they will help you use data to create a strategy that caters to the customer. With SEO data, you get access to organic rankings so you find and understand how your products or content compare to your competitors. The data also provides backlink data that will enable you to identify opportunities for networking.

Ebooks are, with no question, effective in learning more about SEO and how this can fuel your content marketing strategy. Why source information of this kind from ebooks? You will not expect the magic it can provide for your business. Ebooks are one of the best ways to use in order to strengthen your brand. Compared with other resources like tutorial videos, webinars, infographics, or articles, ebooks also have the capability to enhance your marketing campaigns, let you build your email marketing list and more.

If there is one ebook that you must save on your Kindle, Nook, or any other e-reader platform, it has to be “How To Use SEO Data To Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy.” It makes your business from zero to hero, as it discusses the most important things to remember when using SEO data for fueling your content marketing strategy, from the search for content ideas to distributing the content. This is your recipe for success.

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