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Online sales pro is still a great company, but they have a different vision than I do when it comes to building the business.

I did not own this company,

I owned a royalty in this company.

…a percentage of every sale.

Why don’t I promote them anymore?

Their vision is about the software, and my vision is about YOU, the people.

Meaning, I’m more worried about having ONE PLACE for you to learn everything,

ONE PLACE for you to build a great income,

ONE place to have everything you need to win online.

So while Online Sales Pro is great, it’s really for people who have another business, it’s for people who need some simple landing pages for another business they are doing already.

With what I do now, it’s everything, plus real products.

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To win online.

You need email marketing, an autoresponder to build your email list.

We have it,

You need done for you, WORKING capture pages and sales pages.

We have it,

You need real products, because people can relate to buying on Amazon.

We have them,

You need a compensation plan that pays you infinty levels.

We have it.

…and pays 90% commissions.

Crazy amazing.

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It’s literally everything I was hoping for Online Sales Pro to become, but the business partners and I just didn’t see eye to eye, when I wanted to build, what I know you need to have it all in one place.