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Rootpal offers you an unmatched managed web hosting experience. With Rootpal, you can manage, grow, and secure your servers, websites, data, and more. Learn more about Rootpal in this piece.

Today, it could be said that the traditional ways of doing business, for one, the brick-and-mortar stores, are already passé, and the trend now to succeed more in your business is by managing a website.

Businesses need websites to increase the credibility of the organization, showcase your brand, and get leads. Websites are also important because they provide the business with organic traffic, save you time when providing customer service, and since they are a place for updates and announcements. Furthermore, websites are also ways toward digital marketing.

However, with so many websites around, not all of them are managed with the right solutions. There are several hurdles that several people encounter when they are managing websites.

These roadblocks include managing the pace of change, the challenges of social media marketing and mobile marketing, and targeting multiple platforms. Web managers may also encounter the difficulties of getting the most out of data and analytics, and governance. These are the reasons why you need to have the right tools.

Before Taking A Look At Rootpal, Let Us Paint The Picture

What if there is a solution that will let you have your website presented in the best way through the right web hosting? And not just any web hosting, but hosting on cloud.

Cloud hosting enables applications and websites to be accessible with the use of cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, cloud hosting solutions are never deployed on a single server. Rather, there is a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosting the application or website. Thus, it is able to ensure greater flexibility and scalability.

This is generally what Rootpal offers. In this software review, we will take a look at what Rootpal is, its features and what Rootpal can do for your websites, its pricing, and so much more. We are just as thrilled as you are to learn about Rootpal.


Rootpal In A Nutshell

Rootpal pertains to a WordPress hosting software that offers its users with the best tools and resources particularly built to help them get the most of their WordPress website.

The software features dedicated IPS’s, full backups, advanced security, DDoS protection, SSD drives, and managed support. The features of Rootpal also include website monitoring, CMS auto-installer, unlimited access, and root access.

Furthermore, Rootpal also has a control panel built and ready for WordPress solutions. It has no hidden fees and no add-ons as everything is already included in the subscription.

Rootpal And Nextcloud

One of the most amazing capabilities of Rootpal is offering cloud hosting. It does this via Nextcloud.

Nextcloud offers the industry-leading and on-premises content collaboration platform. Its technology merges the convenience and ease of use of consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive together with the security, privacy, and control business needs.

With Nextcloud on Rootpal, you can share and sync your files so you can collaborate with your team. You can also talk, chat, and share your screen with video conferencing from your Nextcloud. Plus, users can sync their mail calendar and contacts directly into the Nextcloud server. Isn’t that great?

The Many Incredible Features Of Rootpal

After learning the overview of what Rootpal is, let us take a look at the features of this platform.

Rootpal features a powerful hardware that will help you obtain the necessary resources from their dedicated server instances.

It also offers a fully managed hosting that goes to show Rootpal is more than just servers. They are bound to keep every aspect of web hosting secure, updated, and running.

The data centers of Rootpal are worldwide. All that you have to do is to select your region and then begin using their top-notch networks.

When you have Rootpal, you get senior systems support. This platform is supported by Windows, Linux, and other senior systems administrators.

Rootpal also has a lifetime deal, which you will learn a little later on. With this offer, you can host up to two WordPress sites with the use of this platform.

You will also be able to enjoy unlimited traffic and visitors to your hosted websites since everything operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Moreover, its hosting also has the free anti-DDos unlimited protection which you will need to protect your websites from outside attacks that may shut your applications down.

Rootpal is also equipped with a WordPress toolkit and auto-update features that will help when hosting your apps or sites more efficiently.

It also provides dedicated servers that are customizable.

Plus, you get over 400 one-lick auto-install scripts to help your apps and websites perform better.

Finally, with Rootpal, there are 30 days of backups for your data so they are taken care of and properly maintained.

Why You Need Hosting For Your Websites

Hosting is one element that you will need to ensure you have when you are managing websites. A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that hosts websites for the clients, that is, offering the facilities required for them to create and maintain the website, making it accessible over the Internet. Companies that offer web hosting services are often referred to as web hosts. Here are the reasons why you need hosting for your websites.

Web hosting providers are responsible for maintaining and keeping their servers running 24/7, making sure they perform well for the websites they host. For online entrepreneurs, having a website with outstanding uptime will help maximize sales and improve the experience of the users.

Additionally, employing a web hosting service will enhance the website’s search engine optimization. The web host you choose will work on the speed of your website, which is among the critical factors when search engines like Google rank web pages.

Availing of a web hosting plan is also considered more efficient than having an in-house dedicated server. With that being said, website owners will never need to spend time maintaining physical hardware or spend money to hire a developer.

Many web hosting companies also offer a control panel that is intuitive. This tool allows website owners to easily control their site and hosting service, manage domain names, install applications, and upload website files.

Cloud Hosting

There are several types of web hosting. These include shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. Rootpal offers cloud hosting as one of its most promising features. Let us learn more about cloud hosting this time.

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses various web servers to ensure maximum performance and uptime.

Compared with other types of web hosting, this service is known to offer exceptional availability as it has the capability to distribute web files across many virtual servers. Cloud web hosting also manages traffic surges much better by utilizing the other web servers for untapped resources.

Several cloud web hosting services include simple server management, letting users to quickly scale and keep track of the hosting metrics such as data transfer, disk usage activity, and CPU utilization.

There are so many advantages that cloud hosting can offer. One of these is getting the safety from physical server issues. When using a dedicated server, your website can go down immediately if there is a sudden increase in traffic or hardware failure, among many other occurrences. With cloud hosting, if one physical server halts working, another server will automatically start hosting your website, so it remains working.

Cloud hosting also provides backup and disaster recovery. With this type of web hosting, web files are automatically backed up, reducing data loss risk.

Preferring this option is also scalable. Cloud hosting can grow your resources to fit your needs without being constricted by physical hardware.

These are only among the many benefits of cloud hosting. As you do more research, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of this type of web hosting. Let us now take a look at the Rootpal pricing.

Pricing At Rootpal

Rootpal offers a lifetime deal at $129 when you purchase via AppSumo. They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter what the reason is. And, you can always try the software for free. You only need to visit their official website and ask their representatives how.

This price already includes 3 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD storage, and unlimited email accounts included. It also includes unlimited users, unlimited bandwidth, and free lifetime SSL. Plus, you get full support and seven days of backups, and many more.

Is Rootpal A Good Choice?

Taking your business and your individual ventures to the next level involves you making the right choices when it comes to the platforms to use. Learning about the features of Rootpal and what it can do for your web hosting needs, you can conclude that this software will definitely bring new perspectives when running your businesses online. Having the right web hosting platform is great, but choosing to have your web hosting on cloud is even greater – more than what you can possibly imagine. Try Rootpal today.

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