Pirate Ship finally added UPS! Pirate Ship VS. Shipstation

Christmas is coming, and many sellers are preparing their stocks and delaying shipping duration. Last year was a disaster to deliver the product. We used USPS 3 days shipping. However, it was delivered after two weeks. UPS was not the perfect solution yet, but it was not worse. After our shipping team figured out that all our products were delayed arrival time, we decided to use the UPS or FedEx even though it was a much higher rate. If you are a new seller and do not have a sale many sales a day, we highly recommend using the Pirate Ship website to purchase a shipping label.

Pirate Ship


Purchase label, there is no wait

The best part of purchasing labels not inside of the USPS office, you can save time and money.

Pirate Ship Website (Service) is free

It's free to register and ready to use right away.

Huge discounted shipping label price

If you purchase labels straight from the Amazon or eBay platform, the price will be about the same or lesser. If you sell products that the platform doesn't offer a label discount, you can try Pirate Ship.

Recently added UPS shipping option

During the Christmas season, you will be suffered and be stressed by complaints from customers because of delaying arrival time. It really happened to sellers who use only USPS. So, adding UPS to the Pirate Ship gives a huge plus to the sellers.

Comparison between ShipStation and Pirate Ship

We used the Pirate Ship a few years ago when we didn't have sufficient orders a day. Our team was working on adding customers' shipping information manually to purchase USPS shipping labels. But, we had to switch to the Shipstation since we expanded more platforms to sell and received orders a lot more. We were no longer had the time to input information manually.

Shipstation integrates with so many other platforms. When we get orders, we get notifications. We choose the shipping option and one-click to print the labels. Everything works automatically.

But, we recommend Pirate Ship?

Yes, a certain time only. If you receive a lot more sales a day, you will be tired and make some mistakes. Instead of spending too much of your time printing labels, we recommend using software such as Shipstation that does all the hard work for you thoroughly.

If you are a beginner seller, of course, Pirate Ship will be your best friend.

Why not use the ShipStation from the beginning?

Of course, you can use the Shipstation. But save your money even a little for you; we recommend the Pirate Ship. Shipstation needs to register and pay monthly for their service; Pirate ship is free.

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