What can online learning do for your business? In our latest ProfileTree video interview we spoke to Gavin Woods, Client Services Director of Aurion Learning, about online learning and business strategy.

Aurion Learning offer e-learning services, working with a number of public and private organisations to bring their content online with a range of techniques including online tools, support and specialist technology.

Gavin explained how Aurion Learning’s specialism involves taking a fresh look at what learning can mean for an organisation.

“I have worked for around 15 years in software sales, mostly with an educational focus. Its mostly working with organisations both public and private sector. My role is based around managing sales and marketing teams plus engaging with clients.

“Aurion Learning is a learning company. We work with organisations and typically take their content and give them advice, support, tools and technologies. We try to transform that content into online learning programs that could be delivered to their staff and customers. It is very particular to the organisation we work with and we talk about learning that works. We help organisations to expand their knowledge and their perception of what learning is.

“We talk about learning that works…what problem are they trying to solve? So we like to think we’re also problem solvers. So that may be working with a national charity who want to protect children. We’ll create materials that could be used in a classroom for teachers or the pupils.

“We could be working with a leading corporate who want to roll out very specialist knowledge about a product to their sales team and we’ll help with that. We could be working with a government who wants to solve homelessness, which is a big project we’re working on at the moment.”

Gavin outlined the changes he had seen in recent years, particularly around blended learning.

“For blended learning, I always use the analogy of ‘if learning is a pizza, then the blend is the toppings’. There is any number of different types of content, different approaches, different training delivery models and its going to be whatever works best for different organisations, for how your learners want to learn.

“For example, if you’re a haulage company, with a fleet of drivers out on the road, having classroom training for them isn’t the most efficient way of learning. But if you have something that is maybe video based learning, they can look at on their own device while in the cab, that may be a better way to learn for them.”

For more information about Gavin, Aurion, online learning and business strategy watch our full Business Leaders series video interview.

Aurion Learning – http://www.aurionlearning.com/

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Summary: Online Learning, Online Learning Strategy and Business Strategy With Gavin Woods #BlendedLearning

Watch our full video interview to explore insights into online learning, staff training solutions, online learning platforms, blended learning and the importance of strategic management.

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