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Music Producer Marketing and Business Strategy That WORKS

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Watch me interview Henny Tha Business part 1) part 2) Part …


25 replies on “Music Producer Marketing and Business Strategy That WORKS”

Hey there am Elton swae…A music producer.. Artist.. Songwriter..from Uganda..Thanks for the video..Mehnnn.. Inspirational

The Partnership thing is so true, I used to have a producer, when I had my first gig (performing as opener for an internationally touring band) homie was sound asleep cause he partied the night before and I couldn't reach him. Hit up some dude who I knew produced who's been roomates since 2 months of a friend and he Instantly moved, work flow with him really great. And he taught me some stuff bout production 2. Now I also can mae beats and also got a feature with an underground southside LA rapper as beatmaker coming up =D

This is great. One of the top marketing tricks is having fellow producers work together by supporting eachothers posts. We do this by creating group chats and sending a message whenever we post so we all can go like and comment. Message @horiizonbeats to get an invite!

just because a producer is successful doesn't mean they are a super producer. there's only a few, yall gotta stop calling regular producers super

Dr.Dre is a super producer. Diddy is a super producer. This guy, as good as he maybe is, is not a super producer.

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