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How to Use Instagram for Your Online Business | The Journey

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Learn how to use Instagram for your online business. Check out more The Journey content at There’s …


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11 replies on “How to Use Instagram for Your Online Business | The Journey”

The title of this video is "How to Use Instagram for your Online Business."…. then in the first 30 seconds they start off talking about an Instagram profile for a Coffe Shop. It should have been entitled "How to Use Instagram to Enhance Your "Brick and Mortar" Business" It's different.

GoDaddy, Thank for great videos there. I have a question, everybody talks about so many things you need to do right on Social Media in particular. but how many businesses there actually who does all these, and what are my chances to succeed to some degree even if i dont do them all right, yet? very often i feel overwhelmed when i think how much needs to be done. thanks.

Thanks so much Godaddy for turning me on to this info. Before I found this stuff so mystifying, now I feel like can have a big positive effect on helping my employers grow their business. Signed, Future Social Media Guru

Really helpful. I am new on social media having been successful with face to face customer service. I really appreciate this topic and others.
Kindly send me referrals or where to go to get paid expert service on getting my business to the next level via social media .

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