How to stream your video content to one platform

The amount of video content being created and shared increases exponentially every day. In an effort to keep up with the latest trends, watch time, and create a more cohesive watch experience for all audiences, digital media companies are exploring technologies to streamline their video distribution across multiple platforms.

Video streaming service providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video offer a curated selection of content available on a variety of devices.

And, now you can create your own custom video streaming site with Bamboo Cloud.

video content
video content

Here are some features:

Host and share high-quality video content on your own custom video streaming site

High-quality video streaming is now easier than ever by creating an account on Bamboo Cloud. With Bamboo Cloud, you can easily host and share your video content on your own custom video streaming site. Bamboo Cloud takes care of everything from encoding to hosting and streaming videos, giving you the flexibility to use your time more wisely. Stream live or schedule a future broadcast that will show up in advance for an event.

Alternative to: Vimeo, Dacast, and Kaltura

Which video platform should you use to stream, schedule, and showcase all of your video content in one place? Well, there are many choices out there. Vimeo may be your best bet if you're looking for a private community with good security guarantees. Dacast or Kaltura may be better for you if you want more marketing tools than just the ability to stream and share videos. But, to use their service is expansive. Bamboo Cloud does the same, but very affordable compare to other platforms.

Sell online courses, post entertaining content, and stream your own live video channels with a flexible, intuitive platform

If you're an entrepreneur, it's likely that you've created a product or service that has some online content associated with it. So, why not maximize your reach and use more than just one platform to share your content? Bamboo Cloud is a place where you can: sell online courses, post entertaining content, and stream your own live video channels all in one place! Bamboo Cloud makes it so easy to create and stream videos by combining various formats into one platform.

Best for: Content producers and media publishers who want to host and stream branded videos without all the noise

To find out more about the Bamboo Cloud, please check the site to learn more about it.

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