How to design apparel/ t shirts for your online business!
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In this how to series, I’ve shown you how to start a custom t shirt business online. I’ve also shown you how to design a logo for it. Now I’m showing you how to design your apparel/t shirts. Now american apparel is powerful when it is backed up by messaging and story telling. As a matter of fact, I theorize that the fashion industry make money by designing based off of messages. The best part about this is if you aren’t trying to be a full out ecommerce business and you rather just sell merch, you can still incorporate this in your thinking. This tutorial is also not only for beginners, if you are looking to move your business in a new direction, then you will definitely have an experience here. So I hope I shown you how to make money by showing you how to design a t shirt. This is the best way to come up with ideas for art and design.


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