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How To Build A Fanbase In 3 Months! | $5 Music Marketing Strategy

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38 replies on “How To Build A Fanbase In 3 Months! | $5 Music Marketing Strategy”

Very helpful, i think the first step you just need more streams , so to reach more audience., Here's a choice to get as many as streams as you like. 我认为第一步,你只需要更多的流量,所以要达到更多的观众。

Pretty good tips here, will be trying out! Using DistroKid myself and I think they're great. They approve artwork and send the track off to stores like within an HOUR. Have uploaded 2 tracks this far and will continue using them as far as I can forsee in the future.

VibraVid site:



What is VibraVid:
A decentralized blockchain Music and Video Application aka dApp that rewards both users and creators in an ecosystem that uses BeatzCoin as its native utility token.

Creators can upload, store, market and sell their content and on users while bypassing intermediaries. Other added benefits include crowdfunding, sell merchandise, event tickets directly to their subscribers and fans.

– Set your own content price
– Earn 95% of revenue generated
– Bounty programs allow followers to receive, earn crypto revenue by listening and viewing content.
– Control Ad revenue model

Through use of SMART contracts, a built-in digital terms/agreement protocol, VibraVid delivers services between untrusted parities, allowing transparency, avoiding double-dipping or tampering with content records.

In the case of Blockchain, a transaction is distributed across millions of nodes and placed in a public ledger, where the data becomes immutable ( can’t be erased or tampered).. there are manny use cases for blockchain technology, such as music copyright to music distribution. is a decentralized application that operates on the TRON BTFS aka BitTorrent file system and was created to fix the problem with unauthorized downloads, demonetized content, as well as flawed and unfair ad revenue models; via blockchain and smart contracts..

Simply put, Blockchain is the people’s network… The Internet was never intended to be platform centric or a single point of authority, where powerful platforms benefit from your hard sweat-equity.

I nver axed you nutn. Dropping a new song every Monday is gonna water down your content and quality of fans and force you to repeat yourself and topics making the music average. Infact any mass-production of anything has that "averaging-out" phenomenon. Shure you become ninja at repititive tasks… but can you really boost the value this way?

Now if thousands of muso's drop average tracks every week its gonna bring down the price and earnings from music. Working a "spotify" strategy as your career path, damages the industry and sends the message that music is cheap. Truth is YOUR MUSIC IS cheap. Your fans also enjoy cheap music. To your whole audience "cheap is good". So you end up paying the price.

BRANDMAN SEAN IS THE MANNNN!!! I’ve taken all his advice, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target for a growing channel. I’ve even started making my own videos to educate and track progress. Ever since mr Sean inspired me, I’ve been dropping my own videos based on my own knowledge and would love some support/ feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace ✌🏼

I like the £5 a day idea for long term brand building. However based on the current Spotify royalty rate, 250 streams = $1. So you need 12,500 daily streams to break even.

Showing respect for the information in the videos as well as the arrangement fabulous. Love from the UK

How does work with remixes because you’re writing your own lyric. So technically you’re just using the music

These brand marketing channels use so much clickbait lol but aye clickbait is marketing and that’s what they teach so you can’t blame them

It's been nice, only 20 a year for a basic plan and if you want to start a label or have multiple projects going theres options for that as well. The only thing about the basic plan is you cant really pick a specific date for release

Thank you for this post. My question about posting covers was answered!!! There so many covers I never posted because of copywrite issues. now i understand i can monopolize these creations without fear of lawsuits…. I had no idea. Will start posting immediately! Thank you for this knowledge, power and freedom!

I have a serious question my mate! So when it comes to my sound as a artist should I find one or two producers and just stick to them and their beats or does it matter cause I don’t want my sound all over the place I need to build a solid foundation first before go in a bunch of different directions

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