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How Lil Nas X Manipulates media… [ 4 Step Marketing Strategy]

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Being a master in marketing is the most realistic superpower someone can have. With this comes responsibility. Brandman Sean, Co-Founder of Contrabrand …


27 replies on “How Lil Nas X Manipulates media… [ 4 Step Marketing Strategy]”

Theres a book about this. A manager for a particular rock group would setup shows in areas close to the suburbs and then go to the newspapers and phone in anonymously as a "concerned parent" so that the media started spinning up stories about the band, which, led to sold out shows. Appreciate you for this video

you're giving lil sex too much credit. he's not that smart. he's got a whole industry working for him, and strategizing his whole stardom. you said it yourself, reality and the media are not the same thing.

FIRE video, Sean!! Can you do me a favor answering a question, please? Is patriarchy to abstract to go againts and creat controversy? Thanks in advance!

also you forgot…
lil = for the new era kids
nas = for the oldschool 90s folks
x = generation x
3 generations combined like abraham combined 3 religions
that’s masonic style

lil nas x is a industry plant and puppet who will do anything for fame. that video represents masonic fantasies. we the real people give a shit about that masonic bullshit

The people that pull the strings let him blow up, that's kinda obvious… Kinda like the people that pull the strings did with BLM. It's literally that simple.

Everyone getting pissed over lil nas x lap dancing Satan (a male) but whenever another rapper does something like that with a woman, NOBODY SAYS SHIT. The media is corrupt. If other rappers can do the same thing, lil nas x can do the same. (I’m looking at you, DaBaby.)

I remember when Lil Nas X commented on one of your videos and thanked you for your content. Learned from the goat

please go back to making content like this again, the q&a videos and clips from past streams are great but really hard to follow and sit through

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