Experience the thrill of starting, building and maintaining your own company. Enterprise teaches students how to do business. This multiplayer game offers countless possibilities, opportunities and situations that also occur in the real business world. For example, the entrepreneurs can carry out marketing research, adapt products and prices, hire, train and fire people and start a media campaign.
Participants opt for one of four possible types of enterprise (media, gardening, ICT or beauty parlour) and choose an operational base. They receive a virtual seed capital of € 20,000. After that, the challenge begins: running the business successfully while competing against other players who operate in the same market. Distinctive strategy is required as well as continuously anticipating new events that influence market conditions.
Enterprise teaches students business and entrepreneurial skills through play. The game is especially developed for classroom use with teachers functioning as game masters. Enterprise allows simultaneous play of groups of up to 30 players, entering into mutual competition or working together as colleague entrepreneurs.

Ranj Serious Games
Ranj Serious Games is a worldwide specialist in serious games development, having created over 400 serious games. The goal is to design the most effective, efficient and fun learning experiences for business training, education, health and marketingcommunication. Many of the serious games by Ranj have received international awards, such as the Japan Prize and a number of European Innovative Game Awards. Ranj Serious Games develops management games, leadership games, business games, recruitment games, education games, health games and advergames.

Ranj Serious Games
Ranj Serious Games is een wereldwijde specialist in de ontwikkeling van serious games. Ranj creëerde inmiddels meer dan 400 serious games. Ranj stelt zich ten doel de meest effectieve, efficiënte en leer belevingen te ontwerpen en concentreert zich daarbij op de business training sector, de educatieve sector, de gezondheidszorg en de marketingcommunicatiesector. Veel van de spellen hebben internationale prijzen gewonnen, zoals de Japan Prize en verscheidene European Innovative Game Awards. Ranj ontwikkelt managementgames, leiderschapsgames, recruitment games, educatieve games, health games, marketinggames en advergames.


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