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Dubai Expats: From freelancer to digital marketing agency owner in Dubai.

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32 replies on “Dubai Expats: From freelancer to digital marketing agency owner in Dubai.”

Your guest Alina, is a competent communicator. I enjoyed the clarity of her communication.
The style of interview is well suited to the subject and your guest, so well done both.

Good information
Please do more videos like this
I'm a game developer and planning to start a startup in Dubai.
Please do more videos based on startup in DUBAI

Great video! 👏👏 Please make more interviews with freelancers and freelance writers. Thank you 🙂

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Oksy, I love your videos and I appreciate the pauses for the questions because I´m learning English and I think there are a lot of people around the world in the same situation.
Best regards from Chile!

great. I am in dubai and looking for better opportunity in digital marketing can i join alina agenct i have very few days left

Good stuff Oksy! I just hit my first goal today – 500$ profit in a single day! And i only started with Digital Marketing the right way 1 month ago (i found a good course). I'm so exited and can't believe it's happening at the same time!

wow I love this channel so much please I'm coming to Dubai with employment visa is it good or I can get problem which employment visa which visa is good?

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