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Digital Marketing Tips for Magic the Gathering Stores

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6 replies on “Digital Marketing Tips for Magic the Gathering Stores”

Just a couple of points from an avid consumer of YouTube videos:
*Read the script out loud a few times before filming the video. Our minds will pronounce words by the letter instead of the whole on a cold-read – much like how our minds will type by the character instead of the whole. Reading the script will warm your mind up to the words beforehand.
*Take some time after the video has been uploaded to select a thumbnail. Don't blindly trust YouTube to select a suitable thumbnail from the video. If the only effort you put in is choosing a frame from the video, then at least take the time to choose a more flattering frame. Optics.
These videos appear to have all been filmed on the same day. It's a lot for a newbie. I mean no disrespect.

Sorry Lion. This is just impenetrable marketing guff, delivered with less authentic passion than computer text-to-speak.

I'd be keen to watch videos with the same orator, but her reading from a script that sounds like a fresh-faced business student's final thesis just isn't doing it for me.

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