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Digital Marketing Salary in India ? || Digital John

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Salaries for Digital Marketers in India. Watch this video and read the articles from this description to understand the salary and salary growth for digital marketers …


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Bro nenu digital marketing nerchukovale anukuntunna starting salary entha vasthadhe 3 years tharuvatha entha vasthadhe

Hi bro
I done my degree in
I'm going to Canada this month on work permit , I'm interested to learn digital marketing but don't have any knowledge about dig mar, is there demand for dig mark in Canada, is it useful there in canada, is it good to learn on online

Present ippudu boom Ela unndhi digital marketing Neenu join avudammm anukutunaa Mee suggestion cheppandi Neenu btech chesanuu present private job chestanuuu

Sir, Apart from the core topics like smm, seo, ppc etc.. can you suggest a list of some addition skills (like graphic designing, writing skills, WordPress etc) which would help a fresher get a good job in digital marketing with a better package ?

I did 100 Dbc course from digital deepak, shall I use that knowledge to put fake experience to get high paying job to survival company

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