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Digital Marketing Presentation ~ My Strategy & Goals ~ Part 2

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I did edit a few clips of this interview out. The parts I edited out where specific ways I use social media. I did so because I have learned the hard way about …


43 replies on “Digital Marketing Presentation ~ My Strategy & Goals ~ Part 2”

why didn't these videos come up on my feed earlier!?!? this was an amazing presentation, Chris! 09:00, wow, I never thought of that, totally explains the negativity on my wife's channel.
How does one (myself) become more positive? I have become disabled, and need to get something that I can do outside of the office. I was given a Class C, and it's almost fixed and ready, hope to have a video series up eventually.
thanks for posting these videos.

Man if I can't get my daily "fix" of Chris & G I get depressed. Great to be following positive people. Keep it up….

I have camped with my kids grand kids and soon great grand kids. I'm a blue collar worker who owns his own home. 300000 grand in retirement accounts .and we have a good SS check every month. you can't do these things while living in a van chasing a dream all over the place. sorry to be a wet blanket but you can't all be youtubers

Chris, at 13:20 you hit the nail on the head. I am one of those people that do not understand social media. My business is doing well, but that doesn't mean we don't want more business

Good Job! I don't really think that people realize how difficult it is to do an adlib presentation  and stand up in front of people. I have done lots of this in many of my jobs and its a real talent and you've done a great job at it. I've noticed that the best videos ever are narrated ones and include both video and good audio. Thanks for your  channel!

This is a bit startling. Chris the adventurer living in a van, then an rv with his friend , G morphs into Chris and G, uber marketeers.

However, these two are great, sincere ethical people and deserve everything good that happens to them.

Good job Chris, you and G have breathed some fresh air into a very toxic RV community at the moment.

I enjoyed those videos. Nice to know you as you presented yourself in front of the class. I work from home and could do the same you are doing, but with my current job only within the US. Trouble is I don't find the US all that interesting. Same chain stores throughout all 50 states so it makes all 50 states basically the same other than weather. Driving from MD to TX is completely different than driving from Germany to Spain or Greece. I'd be so much more out of my comfort zone outside of the US which would be so much more exciting and challenging. So I have Europe and Asia on my to-do list.

Great job Chris! I hated the sheeple lifestyle too but we need sheeple to do jobs that provide us these luxuries we enjoy like vans and RVs. lol Without sheeple we couldn't enjoy this lifestyle. My advice to you is to get out of the debt lifestyle and stay out of the debt lifestyle for good. You are not truly free until you are 100% debt-free! -CycleCruza

Dude, if you are positive, negative comments won't bother you. You have to be mentally strong and don't let words mess with success!
Boo Ya!

Hi Chris and G!! I'm happy to see you back after your little vacation. Your lecture to the college students was very good. I hope it put a spark in some of them to get out there and see the world. And your 100% correct. they are indeed in a very great situation to do that at this moment in time with there major. To really be able to actually make a living on the road. it's a game changer for sure. I'm sure your speach was very motivating to the class. Take care. Hawk

Very good. You are on your way Chris and Gee. It's going to really be interesting to see where you are next year and in five years.

That was great! I did what you what I wanted to do when I was younger…I built a cabin when I was 25 and Im glad I did it then because I wouldn't be able to do it now! Im glad that i still have that cabin 20 yrs later and still enjoy it and that I owe nothing on it!
Could be a free camp site for you in central Wisconsin!?

Brilliant lecture Chris! I would definitely join your classes! Laughing. You and G take care! It is really good to see another video. I missed you both! Xxx

Loved it man. Also i have often wondered about people having multiple accounts to create drama in their channel and it made me smile when you didn't mention names because i think i know who you're talking about. Anyway keep up the good work guys!

Hey dude, you are an excellent public speaker. Very concise, direct and captivating! I bet those students went home and checked craigslist for used vans/rv's. Ha ha

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