How to Create Your First Digital Course in 10 Minutes and Make $8,000+ Per Month

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When people first heard about the idea of starting their own online digital course, it seemed like an overwhelming prospect. It doesn't have to be hard or overpriced. Why? Marble software is now on the deal.

Digital Course

What is Marble software?

Create an online academy (course) with unlimited users—no coding necessary

An Online Academy is a platform to create, learn, and share online courses and training programs on the web or mobile app.

Why do you need to use Marble software?

Marble has everything you need to build your online course.

1. Build your branded course in a minute

2. Choose a theme

3. Add questions, documents, and videos

4. Book a meeting with your students

5. Check Analytics!

6. They offer a huge offer only for 10 days

Are you interested in Marble software?

Try it for 60 days.


How to Make $8,000+ Per Month with an online course?

It’s possible to make a pretty decent side income with online courses. Some people have been able to make more than $8,000 per month from online courses.

It's a proven fact that people are willing to pay more for something that is perceived to be better. This is why you can see companies such as Microsoft, Apple, or even your own favorite ecommerce store offering free trials for their products. The idea behind these is to get people hooked on the product and eventually convert them into paying customers. Once that happens, you have a repeat customer. It's the same to the online course. Let's visit the Udemy online course site. They have a free video to hook the users. Once your first course is successful, your second and other videos will be also being sold and watched. But, using Udemy is limited as a teacher and users. You must follow what these none your own platform's policy.

Here are some steps you can consider before creating your course:

1. Get to Know Your Audience

2. Learn the Most Profitable Niche

3. Discover The Most Efficient Way to Market

4. Design an Out-of-This-World Product

5. Create a Great Sales Funnel

6. Use Powerful Copywriting Tools

7. Build a Winning List and Follow Up

8. Make Your Courses Stand Out

9. Master Your Marketing and Promotion

10. Optimize Your Site for Conversion

In order to earn a lot of money online, you'll need to be able to determine which area possibly bring in the most traffic, which marketing methods are most effective.

Make sure to create your social media accounts, not only 1 but all different accounts as many as possible. Social Media will bring the best rank on Google. Of course, you must keep posting something interesting and informative contents often. Using the social media is the easiest and free way to bring the traffic. Of course, you can run the ads to bring traffics to your course site. Moreover, you can try to create a short and relative your niche videos posting them to YouTube.

We will keep posting the newest effective marketing methods to your blog frequently. Make sure to visit our blog often.

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