Christmas And New Year Shopping With iARTidea: The Catalog

Christmas and New Year celebrations will never be the same when you have iARTidea with you. This store offers products perfect for gifts this Christmas, or simply if you want to own them this holiday season. There are mini desk calendars, high-end makeup brushes, shark slippers, and self-defense alarm keychain kits. There are also home workout ropes, Korean-style garden hoes, rainbow unicorn birthday cake toppers, and kabuki brushes. Plus, you will get introduced to the brand’s newest product, rechargeable emergency self-defense personal alarm keychains. Let’s get to it.

iARTidea Christmas Sale

The holiday season is upon us once more. Christmas is a time that has been pertained to as the season of giving, a time when old conflicts are set aside and when people celebrate the day together with each other, with family, and with friends. Few days after Christmas comes the New Year. This season is also when people worldwide declare their resolutions or what they want to change in their lives in the coming year.

For many others, Christmas and New Year are also all about shopping, shopping, and more shopping. The Thanksgiving sale known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday has started it, and there are even more stores and brands offering their products at great deals these Christmas and New Year seasons.

Among the stores that are offering their products at amazing discounts is iARTidea. iARTidea is a brand created with products that let you make the most out of your life. The catalog is really stunning. In this article, we will take a look at what are in store for you when you shop this Christmas and New Year at iARTidea.

Christmas And New Year Sale At iARTidea

Are you ready to get to know the products on sale this Christmas and New Year at iARTidea? Be sure not to miss them!

Christmas with iARTidea
Rechargeable emergency self-defense personal alarm keychain

1. New Product! Rechargeable Emergency Self-Defense Personal Alarm Keychain With LED Light

Available on Walmart and Amazon, the iARTidea Rechargeable Emergency Self-Defense Personal Alarm Keychain With LED Light is a new product from the brand.

This Christmas and New Year seasons, you will often find yourself going outside the house, perhaps attending parties in the family or in your group of friends. Whether you are driving your own car or commuting, it is very important that you are protected from unwanted incidents.

This rechargeable self-defense keychain features a 130db personal alarm siren that will definitely draw the attention of people nearby if you need medical attention or help. It is also a waterproof device, making it perfect to use in emergency situations.

Bring this anywhere you go, and even kids can use it! Shop now at iARTidea.

Christmas with iARTidea
High-end makeup brushes

2. New Stocks Available! High-End Makeup Brushes

This holiday season, there are several Christmas and year-end parties you might get invited to. When attending these events, you have to look your best. What better way to reveal your beauty than with the iARTidea High-End Makeup Brushes? New stocks are available just for you.

This makeup set comes with high-quality brushes that ensure an easy and precise application of makeup products like foundations, eyeshadows, powders, or semi-liquid makeup products.

It is made with premium synthetic hair with an ergonomic rose gold handle for more precision and full coverage when applying your makeup. Whether you opt for a more natural look or prefer the more formal evening look, this makeup brush will unveil your beauty like how professional makeup artists do it.

If you are traveling this holiday season, this is also a must-have. It comes with a pink-colored protective sleeve that will organize your makeup brushes.

The set also comes with 10 different brushes, including your foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush, angled brush for contouring, a three-in-one blending sponge with case, and more.

Show how much you love your relatives and friends by giving them gifts this Christmas with the selections at iARTidea.

Christmas with iARTidea
Mini desk calendar 2022

3. Mini Desk Calendar 2022

You’re almost there and while you have enjoyed the previous year, now with the Christmas and New Year celebrations fast approaching, the next year will surely be a challenge for many people yet again. Are you ready to plan out your life in 2022?

Be ever more ready with this iARTidea Mini Desk Calendar 2022. It is a 12-month calendar, with one month per page designed with hand-painted multi-coloring images. Display the calendar whether at home, in the office, in school, and more, so you stay updated on your life’s biggest events.

The backside of this calendar is a white blank space, so you can write your notes throughout the year. This is also perfect as gifts to your family, parents, teachers, co-workers, colleagues, and more. Go Christmas and New Year shopping now at iARTidea.

Home workout ropes

4. Home Workout Ropes

This Christmas, New Year, and winter seasons, though there are several parties and events that will get you eating and drinking, there are people who forgo working out. However, in this winter season, the more that you should be exercising.

If you cannot go out of the house and visit your fitness club because of the cold weather, worry not because there are equipment that will encourage you to stay fit even while at home. Try these iARTidea Home Workout Ropes right now.

This ultimate resisting exerciser system can be used during stretching, lifting, pulls, sit-ups, CrossFit, and so much more. It allows you to develop your muscles, and the knee, hip, thigh, tummy, ab, and foot areas, among many other things.

It is super easy to use and is lightweight to carry around. Say goodbye to carrying heavy machines.

Christmas is the season of giving. Why don’t you choose iARTidea as gifts for your loved ones?

Shark slippers

5. New Stocks Available! Shark Slipper

Are you looking for a unique gift to your loved ones this Christmas and New Year seasons? Stay away from the usual gifts like those mugs and picture frames, and choose a present that will surely surprise your loved ones. Have you ever heard of shark slippers?

This iARTidea shark slipper pair has a design inspired by the shark creature, and when worn, especially indoors, it appears like the shark is biting your feet.

Its design is great, how about its practical uses? Well, slippers of these kinds make your feet warmer. It has been said that these types of slippers also relieve your stress and anxiety.

There are new stocks available! Plus, this Christmas and New Year seasons, this product is available at discounted prices at iARTidea.

Korean-style garden hoe

6. Korean-Style Garden Hoe

Prepare for the planting season as early as Christmas and New Year times because these are when prices are lower than purchasing items right when they are used a lot.

This iARTidea Handmade Ho Mi or Korean-style garden hoe is what you need to garden better and make way for better-looking plants, or if you produce crops, better-quality crops.

Also known as Korean hand plow, the homi is a short-handled traditional farming tool used by Koreans. It is a farming tool that takes away grasses from paddies and fields. It is also used when plowing a rice field, planting seeds, plowing up soil, and digging potatoes in the fields.

The homi is a farming tool inspired by the hoe. Strong yet light, homis are hand-forged from steel with a sturdy tang well-fixed in the handle.

These iARTidea products are well-recommended as Christmas and New Year’s Day gifts to your loved ones.

Rainbow unicorn birthday cake topper

7. Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Cake Topper

If you want to serve cakes during Christmas and New Year parties and dinners, you might want to consider including this nice accessory on top of the cake. The iARTidea rainbow unicorn birthday cake topper is perfect to enhance the whole experience in your events.

This unicorn-themed cake topper is colored in gold, with the “Happy Birthday” in acrylic. This is a must-have for your celebrations. What is even greater about the product is that, it is reusable, so it goes beyond just using it once, saving you money since you do not have to buy another cake topper when you need it.

You can also use the cake topper for decorations on cupcakes or other baked goods.

Spend your Christmas and New Year wisely with these great selections at iARTidea.

Kabuki brush

8. Kabuki Brush

Here is another product that you should always have in your Christmas and New Year shopping list. The iARTidea Kabuki Brush is one that will give you a smooth and compact makeup without spending several hours in front of the mirror.

It is made with superior quality and highly durable materials that include the soft and comfortable synthetic fiber and heavy duty plastic that are all easy to clean. It also features an extra large brush surface with an ergonomic easy grip design that save you time and energy when applying your makeup.

Use this with your foundation, cream, blush powder, pressed powder, BB cream, and so much more. It also has a protective case if you need to bring this tool wherever you go.

Share the love and joy this Christmas and New Year celebrations with iARTidea.

Self-defense alarm keychain kit

9. New Stocks Available! Self-Defense Alarm Keychain Kit

Previously in our Christmas and New Year shopping list, you learned about the new product at iARTidea, the rechargeable emergency self-defense personal alarm keychain. Now, let us increase your protection from unwanted threats outdoors with the iARTidea self-defense alarm keychain kit.

Like the previous product, it also sounds an alarm so you can alert people nearby if you need help. It keeps you safe especially when you are traveling outdoors.

The set includes the keychain whistle with the LED light. It is very easy to operate, and safe to use by virtually any person. It comes with a durable and resilient material, and is portable and easy to carry. This product is ideal for everybody, including women, elders, and kids. Easily attach this tool to any backpack or clothing element. This is a practical and versatile self-defense kit you should have.

Get started with your Christmas and New Year shopping now at iARTidea. Collect them all.

Celebrate The Happiness Of Christmas And New Year

It was a year ago when we had our laughter with family and friends, when we last received gifts and presents from our friends and loved ones, when we last embraced our childhood once more, and when we last attended numerous parties in our neighborhood. In a matter of a few days, the most celebrated festivities at the end of the year are about to happen again. The Christmas and New Year celebrations are fast approaching. Brace yourself for another unforgettable season.

If you are one of those who spend Christmas and New Year shopping for items you want to own in the coming year, or those you want to shower as gifts to your friends, family, and loved ones, you are on the right track. However, there are tips you must take heed of so you won’t miss out on any of the good things that Christmas and New Year shopping can give.

When you are shopping online, make sure the items are delivered before Christmas. Always make sure that the websites where you shop are protected, such as presenting you with their terms and conditions. Save time and money by getting the items you have shopped gift wrapped. And, if you missed someone on your Christmas list, there are digital gift cards that will save the day. But with the convenience of online shopping, buying the items you want to give as gifts to your loved ones has become even easier and more hassle-free.

It is time to reel in the joys, delight, and happiness of Christmas and New Year with iARTidea. Happy shopping! May you have a wonderful holiday season!

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