What Will Be The Best Tool For Email Marketing In 2020

The Best Tool For Email Marketing

Is email marketing a priority for your business in 2020? Are you looking for the best email marketing software? Choosing the right email marketing service can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. (

You want to grow your business and need email marketing software that's easy to use, affordable, and will turn your leads into customers right? It sounds simple enough, but with an overwhelming 450+ email marketing tools to choose from, in a rapidly-changing market, and with every email marketing company's website saying the same thing, it's anything but. (

During this pandemic, many offline business owners forced their life into online to survive. They created their landing pages and Social Media accounts set up, but which email service is the right fit for their business.

Email marketing tools can help you manage your email list, connect with your customers, and manage your email campaigns. You don't want to use the phone number to send text messages or call them automatic systems because it bothers their lives. They will simply put your number into the block list(Blacklist).

Or, if you use the mail will not easy to reach out to the right customers. And it's very costly.

Email marketing tool is the cheapest, you can collect their email addresses easily, send out emails weekly or monthly when the new product launches or a coupon code is available. They will recognize your business name and open your email-Highly targeted marketing.

So, is your email marketing tool good for you?

Yes, if you sell products (digital or physical) and want to create complex marketing sequences without pulling your hair out.

Best email marketing platforms

The Best Tool For Email Marketing
The Best Tool For Email Marketing-Photographer: Markus Winkler | Source: Unsplash

Choosing the right email marketing service can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign.

But to have a successful email marketing strategy, you need to find the best email marketing service. That helps you manage your subscribers, content, and campaigns. (

You can find tons of expansive email marketing tools easily, but if you don't have enough budget, you will end up spending money, not earning.

Did you know that all these expansive email marketing software can remove your account without notice if you make mistakes or have low open rates, a high bounce rate, and so many reasons? So, we tried to find a good solution to save money, secure our email subscribers, and high deliverability.

We tried LetsMail

We tried LetsMail
We tried LetsMail

It's a software to upload it to your server or hosting provider; after a simple setup, you will add Amazon SES SMTP or any email provider SMTP.

This seems a little complex, "upload file to my server or hosting provider?"

"The biggest difference [web-based paid version email marketing provider and LetsMail] is that since it is on YOUR hosting and you are the ONLY one using it, some spammer can't screw up your deliverability." -Brett, LetsMail developer

Brett built the other two email service provider software named MyMailIt (Web-based) and MailIt (WordPress plugin).

He had enough experience with multi spammers that caused bad deliverability. He ended up building new LetsMail software to make it better to secure email subscribers and deliverability.

We have tested a few emails sending to our subscribers, and it sent in a few seconds, faster and stable.

User Interface

Getting started shouldn't be daunting. Generally, you'll know right away whether you like a user interface (UI) or not. (

LetsMail interface built-in super easy user-friendly. You will find only a few buttons, "Home, Lists, Subscribers, Emails, Sequences, Tools, Tutorials, and News."

– To add your subscribers, click "Subscribers."

– To send out emails, click "Emails."

– If you want to create a form to collect emails, it's in the "Tools."

Text Editor + HTML Editor

Text Editor + HTML Editor
Text Editor + HTML Editor

You can use HTML format to design your campaign. If you are not familiar with HTML can use Text Editor to highlight, add links, images, and more.

More Features, Tools

More Features, Tools
More Features, Tools

You will enjoy these features to check data of your subscriber's activity, what email addresses you are sending to, and find any issues with campaigns.

How many subscribers can we add?

You can upload as many you want.

You will be the only person to use LetsMail.

What's the price now?

LetsMail launched to the public on Aug. 15th, 2020. They offer a one-time cost at a huge discount price right now. You can click the link below to check the different plans and prices.





But, before purchase, you need to know a few things

– If you want a fancy design campaign will not fit your need.
– If you use Gmail to send out emails to thousands of email subscribers will take days to complete your campaign.
– You much have a server or hosting provider to install the software.
– If you choose Amazon SES for the SMTP setup, you must contact the Amazon support to remove feature blocks

Choosing the right software is the hardest. We have tested and used so many premium versions and lifetime software, but it was not suitable for our business needs. LetsMail is not perfect software, but it can save money, high deliverability, no worries for being deleted my email subscribers because they want to, super easy to use, and very active support. It was more than sufficient for us to choose LetsMail.


How Do You Create A Coming Soon Page For WordPress While I Build My Site

Coming Soon Page For WordPress
Coming Soon Page For WordPress

Coming Soon Page for WordPress

Some site owners may want to display a maintenance mode page instead of a coming soon page. A maintenance mode page is helpful if your site is undergoing maintenance, and you want to let your users know that you will be back soon. (

The best way to set up a coming soon page for WordPress is to use our coming soon page plugin, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin Lifetime Deal. You can literally have a great looking coming soon page with the ability to collect emails and hide your WordPress site in minutes.

It's really a no-brainer considering all the benefits it provides.


  • Choose from 170+ professional themes to publish your Coming Soon page in minutes
  • Alternative to: SeedProd, UnderConstructionPage
  • Collect emails, show your progress, and connect social media to grab leads, plus remotely manage site status
  • Best for: Webmasters and marketing agencies who manage and maintain several WordPress sites looking to preview their progress

If that list of benefits sounds appealing, you're in luck. Creating a coming soon page or maintenance for your site isn't a difficult task.

Choose template
Choose template

Here are a few steps on how you can use Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin.

  1. First, you need to install and activate the plugin.
  2. Choose any Coming soon or Maintenance template; once you're satisfied with the design of your page and the copy, it's time to make it live.
  3. Free millions of free images from Unsplash or integrate with Depositphotos to customize images (optional)
  4. Easy Drag and Drop interface to customize design (optional)
Free images
Free images

It's not the end. You will be using Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin to view to track your website visitors on the dashboard.

Track Data
Track Data

THE Built-in SEO, Search Engine Optimization feature will help to catch up with the ranks.

Coming soon pages are not just a placeholder for your website. They can be an effective lead generation tool for your business even before you launch the site. (

Collect emails easier than ever with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin.

Customize Landing Page
Customize Landing Page

You can use Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin as a responsive design landing page or adding Call to Action to collect emails (Email Marketing). Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin will integrate with third party email marketing software for your automation emails.

Many more options
Many more options

With this premium version offer, you will get a White label version to hide and rebrand it easily. If you believe this plugin is the real deal to you, grab it this one-time offer before it's sold out.

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The Best Ways To Utilize Write Content Faster

Write Content Faster
Write Content Faster-Photographer: Nick Morrison | Source: Unsplash

4 min read One friend of mine publishes multiple novels per year. He is incredibly prolific in a way that sickens those of us who struggle to get our words out. For the longest time, I thought he was doing it wrong. Turns out, I was the one who was wrong. (

Writing quickly with enriched information could be painful for content writers. So, we would like to introduce how other people write their articles and books constantly today.

The schedule gods have given you a break, and you have a rare hour to actually sit down and write. You could produce an entire blog post! An article! Maybe even a short book chapter! Your Google research is all done, so all you need to do now is write. (

Yes, Google will be your best friend, but hours of research make us tired and can't be done quickly.

We found one great deal called Frase.

Frase lets you choose the keyword, and it will bring all articles and questions that others mostly asked for. You can easily add links, enriched information, and news that it endlessly write your content easily and faster.

We have tested the software and loved it. We could find anything related to our topics and easily wrote more than 300 words in a few minutes.

If you use the social media account, Frase can help you find the trendy topics for you.

  • Identify the exact questions your target audience is asking online
  • Alternative to: MarketMuse and Clearscope
  • Generate well-researched content briefs in under 12 seconds, plus use AI optimization to boost your search rankings
  • Best for: SEO teams and in-house content marketers who want to quickly create detailed content targeted to their customers

We can do with Frase:

Shorten writing process:

Frase will find the best topics and articles to bring information. You will not need to do research.

Content Creation and Mind Map:

The most important topic will be 'what people are interested in and asked for.' While you are writing, Frase will show the options to create your new content. Just write down somewhere which you are writing another topic, and you can comeback to it when you are ready to write another content.

Time Management:

If you have many things to do, you don't want to waste your time for writing from the blank. Frase will help you to limit your writing time. It doesn't have to be hours to complete your writing.

Content Marketing and Google Search:

You must consider the marketing in a correct way. If not, you will not have visitors to your blog page. Frase has a score that you can follow their suggestions to make your content rank better and higher.

Active Learning:

To write the new topics, you will need to research enough to learn. Frase will pull out all your needs to learn and write with different aspects.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media space is for doing the interaction person to person. If you don't know the hottest trends, people may not be interested in your topics. Frase will also bring from the Social media posts to find the best matches with your writings.

Research Paper:

You don't need to visit the library to read a bunch of books anymore. You will need internet and correct information to write your research paper.

Email Marketing:

Users check a short title and decide to read or not in a second. If your topic is not interested, they will never open your email. You can find something powerful articles or questions that many people keep asking. Based on your research on Frase write your email title effectively.

Keyword Research:

Frase will show you commonly used topics in others articles. You can add these keywords in your content so that any of your keyword can be ranked.

Link Building:

For the SEO, you will need to use the Link Building techniques to make Google recognize your site is popular. And to add internal and external links are important. Frase will give you an option to add links that related to your topics.

Decision Making:

You can research information for your writings, and make a decision which topic will be the most effective to users. People are keep asking the new questions or the same. You can choose what others are mostly wanted to get their answer.

Frase is now offering a one time cost to use their service. Frase will be your next best friend at all times to limit your time. Do the research with Frase and write correctly based on SEO score.


Linguix honest review-Linguix vs. Grammarly

Linguix honest review- Linguix vs. Grammarly

Linguix honest review
Linguix honest review

Linguix discount code: CLICK HERE

Linguix honest review

Linguix is a grammar checker as well as a convenient way to write your emails faster.

If you are a copywriter or college student to write a bunch of your essays, you may feel limited to using only Microsoft Word to check your grammar and punctuation.

Without paying monthly to other software such as Grammarly, Linguix offers a one time fee to keep their software.

Please watch this short video above to learn more about Linguix and comparing with Grammarly.

Linguix discount code: CLICK HERE