Idea 1: Selling advertising
Placing ads and earning revenue from them is one of the best online business ideas as this is the fastest and easiest way to monetize a blog, article or youtube video.

Got a piece of content that is great and attracts traffic? With a conversion rate of about 2%, if you can attract 1000 visitors per day, you get 20 clicks in a day. If each click is worth $1, you earn $20 on autopilot! The passive nature of this method makes it one of the best online business ideas that anyone with a content that attracts high traffic to make full use of.

However, though this is one of the best online business ideas, you need a substantial amount of traffic in order to generate enough revenue from your ads. Is there another way to make money online?

Idea 2: Sell your own digital products
Why is selling digital products one of the best online business ideas? This is because digital products are hot. Your buyers get to download and access the digital products right away, and you, as the seller does not need to worry about delivery. Simply sign up for an automated e commerce system such as ejunkie to get the work done. Need marketers? One of the best online business ideas is to create your own affiliate program. No need to spend time marketing your own product. Simply recruit other internet marketers to market, sell and put profits into your pockets for you, without you doing anything.

Using a marketplace like Clickbank gives you access to thousands of marketers willing and ready to sell your products for you. This is indeed one of the best online business ideas that many online entrepreneurs make full use of.

What if you’re not an expert in any niche? Although creating your own products is one of the best online business ideas, it can be difficult for new online entrepreneurs who are not ready to create their own products yet.

For your own products to sell, you need an existing following and brand, and most new online entrepreneurs do not have these.

However, there is another way, my favorite out of the lot of best online business ideas. And that is selling affiliate products. Selling other company or person’s products can help you earn commissions, but many online entrepreneurs are skeptical due to the low commission rates of most affiliate products.

In order for affiliate marketing to qualify as one of the best online business ideas, it must be able to give the seller a nice profit for every sale. It must be high-priced and offer the marketer a high commission.

Selling a high-priced, 100% commission product is one of the best online business ideas, if not the best.

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