5 Online Business Ideas For Couples (That Could Free You)

5 Online Business Ideas For Couples (That Could Free You)


Hey in today’s video we’re gonna be talking with you about five awesome business ideas for couples that you can actually start today coming right up! Welcome to be adventure partners where we help couples escape the box that society has unjustly tried to keep us in where you can take your idea and turn it into an awesome online business that you’re super excited about so you can create the life that you’ve always wanted to together. Let’s jump in! And if you haven’t already go ahead and click SUBSCRIBE and Hit That Bell so that you are notified first when a new video comes out by us that’s gonna help you with your life, with your relationship, and even with your business online it’s a whole lot of fun! Hey there friends I’m Brian Garcia and I’m Erin Nicole Bick and we are BE Adventure Partners! So like we mentioned today we’re gonna talk about 5 Awesome Online Business Ideas that you could do as a couple together.

So Where do you start? When you’re trying to think about what you want to do… You’re brainstorming. You’re in the idea phase? Where do you start? Where do you start? Well you start with your idea! Yeah! I think you just said that one though. Right yeah so what is your idea? Maybe you need some ideas maybe you know that you want to create a super simple business online but you’re like “Oh my gosh! Is this really gonna be that complicated?” Well it could be… But it also could be super simple. We actually like to look at the super simple businesses because we don’t like complicated and most people don’t and so you’re probably part of those most people.

So on today’s top five number one and this is in no particular order this is just you know it has to be in an order of some kind so kind of pick which one that you’re gonna like best or get ideas from it because you’re gonna be able to really create something really cool so on the list what do we have for number uno! Workout Brands! This is a really cool idea because there’s so many things that you can do with a workout brand. Maybe you’re the couple who’s already super fit? You’ve got rock-hard bodies! You’ve done the journey already and you want to share with the world how to get there! How to get that super fit bod, right? Maybe what you could do is refer workout gear that you use. Clothing apparel. Maybe you create really awesome YouTube tutorials to teach people some awesome moves so they can get those rock-hard abs or nice buns, right? Or maybe you’re a couple who doesn’t have the rock-hard abs? Maybe you’ve got the whole “dad bod” thing going on.

I know that some of our friends are just like “Yeah… you know… I’ve got body by queso” sort of thing going on and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s some people who want to create a brand about their journey, where they’re going, they’re not experts, they’re not like Fitness certified, CrossFit enthusiasts, got all the guns in the gun show they could tell you which way the beach is and all that but but they’re just normal humans like you & me.

You have this journey where you want to get fit in your life and you want to document that along the way, that’s another really cool angle to take the fitness brand. And just like Erin was talking about you can refer the gear that you’re using… Maybe supplements… Maybe you partnered with a supplement company? There’s all sorts of different affiliate products and services that you can partner with. And then maybe you start creating your own workout routine and you start posting that. There’s all sorts of really cool things you could do including having your own membership site that you could build. So in today’s examples we’re gonna include the links to all the different things that you can do to hook up some super simple businesses in the Show Notes so stay tuned for that! That is the idea for the workout brand do you have any other ideas with the workout brand? Yeah! I mean if you’re doing a workout brand something else that would be really cool with the type of brand where you’re showcasing a journey or you’re sharing some kind of a story is to do maybe a little bit of a vlogging thing! You can vlog! You could say “Okay I just got up and this is really hard like today I don’t want to work out but I’m here for you!” And it can be kind of like a cool motivational thing so it’s like take the fans with you, right!? Totally cool! So that’s your workout brand! Number 2 Sustainability Brands! Oh my gosh this is actually a pretty cool one and I think at some point we’re gonna start one of these because it’s really really interesting the different things you can get into.

Now all of these different brands that we’re talking about right now the top five that we’re gonna be mentioning mean they all are ones that you can do from your laptop from any Wi-Fi connection from around the world if you stay tuned we’re actually gonna throw in a BONUS one at the end so there’s actually six! You know what? We like to over-deliver in everything we do so we’re actually gonna throw in a BONUS one that I actually just thought about just now completely random! So with sustainability there’s things like organic gardening.

Renewable energy… like solar and wind power and even hydropower That’s just the tidal movements or or going with streams and currents and capturing the energy with that. Yeah! What else do we have for that? Hydroponics! You could be into hydroponics or have a wealth of knowledge actually about any of these things and be producing your own eCourses You could be vlogging about it, blogging about it. You could go out there and be Facebook LIVEing about it! But sharing the information… Maybe you are really into the idea of helping clean up the oceans! Or you’re like an environmentalist of some sort. That would fit into kind of that niche. So there’s so many things that you could offer whether it is affiliate products or whether it is your own systems that you created for hydroponics and maybe you created the first one and then you get somebody else to build them and mail them out while you’re travelling the world doing more research about hydroponics, right? Yeah! But if you think about this like obviously capturing wind energy is very very difficult to do because you need this huge windmill! How are you gonna travel with that? Well knowing how the wind works, knowing how the turbines work you could actually talk about the energy and you can partner with different companies who actually offer those things and they have teams that go out and install them and do all the research to make sure it’s in a geographical desirable, windy area.

Because, heck! You need wind! So that’s just an idea of sustainability of what you could talk about with that brand. Now at the very end we’re actually gonna be talking about the key things that every single business, regardless of the brand, what you need to have in place so stay tuned to the very end! Number 3! T-Shirt Biz! Maybe you love t-shirts or maybe you love hoodies and you’re just like “Oh my gosh! I would love to be able to make people feel comfortable.

I’ve got some great ideas for some designs and I just want to get this launched so that people can have t-shirts.” Yeah! That’s right! It’s a really cool way to express yourself if you’re an artist it’s a really cool way just to get your beautiful artwork out there have people wearing it it’s also a really neat thing for brand awareness you can do so much with Merch. Whether it is giveaways or you know you are just trying to create some kind of a movement and have a really beautiful message on t-shirt. A t-shirt business can actually be really hands off. So, as soon as you create a t-shirt business it can pretty much run itself in the background of your business, right? Now I know what you’re thinking right now “But… Dude… Brian you totally said that this is something I could do online from anywhere. If I start a t-shirt business I’m gonna have to get screen printers and all the machinery and all the inks and stuff…” You could… that is a way to do it you could that is that is a way to do it or you could set it up how we did…

So if you go to Store.BEAdventurePartners.com you can see our t-shirt shop! And at that store we have it set up Dropship style. So what we did is we set up and the Shopify store hooked with a screen printer and so they do what’s called a “print-on-demand” style where we upload our artwork we tell them “Hey, these are the shirts and colors that we want them printed on” (based on their inventory) And so anytime that a shirt is purchased the order automatically gets sent over there they get the order they fulfill the order they dump money in your account you pay just the the printing cost or whatever (which is less than what you’re actually charging that’s how you make a profit in that style of business) and it’s all done away. You don’t have to worry about packaging shirts yourself. They do all the fulfillment, which is super sick if you’re wanting to do this from abroad, right? Yeah, totally it’s actually just a nice extra little component of a business it’s already happening already moving.

You could totally make it a full-time business. BUT… If you wanted to add a t-shirt component to an already existing business and set up some merch it’s a really cool little extra side gig too! Absolutely and we’ll include in the Show Notes below the links to how we have ours set up because we actually have a blog post that walks you step-by-step through it so check that out in the show notes Coming up we’ve got tip Number 4! Online Services! Now this is actually pretty cool because you could already have a job that you’ve been working on where you’d say maybe doing virtual assistants, right? Or maybe you’re a tax professional and you’ve been working at a job your whole life but now you want to get it online you want to do something with the one that you love and you’re both way super mathy or maybe one of you is an accountant and the other one is a lawyer like a business lawyer or something and you want to put your heads together and create an awesome business online where you don’t have a job. this is really neat because you can take your service that you specialize in and you can turn it into an awesome business online where you’re helping people! You may be in graphic design or web design and you want to have an awesome place where people come to you and you do a service for them, right? Absolutely! There’s so many different things that you can do in the online space that is service based. So from the SEO (search engine optimization) to even a voice-over artist… Think about doing something with your skills that you can do.

Maybe you’re a videographer and you go to a lot of really cool places and people are looking for a certain B-Roll… They’re looking for cut-in footage of the ocean, or beaches, or mountains, or rivers and you’ve got your awesome cameras or you’re taking this bad @$$ footage all over the place. Guess what? You could set up a simple business online where people can find what it is that you offer and you can provide that service to them… Digitally! That’s why we included services… online services, specifically, as part of this Top 5 is because you can literally pack your bag and hit the road and make it happen! That’s right! Number 5! Tech Niche! Ohh! Tech niche is a fun one because there is so much technology there’s so many widgets, gidgets, gadgets, gizmos! All of these things that people love to see reviews on. So, one of the hot things that people do in the tech niche, they do reviews. So you’ll see here on YouTube or anywhere that there’s video where they’ve got the item and they’re talk they’re doing unboxings and talking about it, right? Yeah that’s right! So many people are taking advantage of the reviews niche. Something else that’s actually really cool thing that you can do with technology is teach people how to use it, right?! Absolutely! You could create an eCourse on how to use a certain kind of software.

You could do tutorials and show people how things work. Maybe you create a software or something like that and you want to share with the world how awesome it is and how much it can help them in their life or in their business. Right, absolutely and so what’s really cool about the Tech Niche is you normally know a lot about a certain subject and so you know you can go online and go to youtube and go to Google and Google what it is that you’re trying to figure out but a lot of times there’s not a step-by-step approach that shows you how to put the son of a B together, Right? And so what you can do in that case is brand yourself and set yourself up, your own membership portal where you have eCourses that show people from the beginning how to get to a desired destination all in order so they don’t have to go and spend the hours and hours and hours trying to figure it out for themselves online I can tell you whenever I first started creating a business online that’s what I did and it sucks! It drains you.

You don’t know what it is that you’re looking for a lot of times so you don’t know what the words are. But if you’re able to communicate what it is that you offer in human speak. In layman’s term don’t don’t get a little techie-jargony yet because that is saved for your course so you can teach people how it is to do the things that you do for your particular niche. So the Tech Niche is a pretty cool industry. Yes super cool! You could even dive into creating widgets or apps… Basically anything that you create in a business online or, a business in general, is meant to HELP people. It is meant to fulfill a need, a desire, to help somebody get over a problem that they’re having, so that their life can become better.

Yeah! So we were talking at the beginning about a BONUS… We had this great idea that maybe you’re not looking to pull up your roots and be able to travel the world like we do. Maybe you’re just wanting to make some cash from home from something that you can do that you’re already doing? So what are some ideas for let’s say someone has the ability to do something, or whatever… what are some ideas that you know about that people are doing really really well in. But if they break into the online market make a probably 10 X their business? Hmm! This is a good one! Okay! Maybe you’re an artist? Maybe you’re one of those people that says “I’m a starving artist and I I don’t know how to get my artwork out there I don’t know how to get my jewelry company off the ground or this beautiful leather handbag company that I’ve started I don’t know how to get it off the ground.” Most the time when we talk to these people who are having a hard time to get their offline business off the ground is because they haven’t yet put it online. They haven’t yet shared it with the world or open their mind to the possibility of this thing getting bigger than just local.

Yeah… Because you can really you could take a business that is in a local area and really blow it up to the point where you need to hire people to help you make these products that you’re making because you just can’t keep up. Which is actually a really good problem to have! That is a huge huge problem to have & a very very good one! I absolutely love that problem! Let’s give you some Action Steps to be able to start a business starting right now! First you’ve got your idea… You’ve watched all the way this point.

You’ve seen One through Five… You’ve gotten the BONUS tip of a different you know sort of niche that you could potentially do. How do you create a business online, simply? It all starts with your IDEA! As soon as you have an idea then you can start creating a brand. Then you can start figuring out who it is that would actually use your product or service. You set up a website, Simple…

Just simply set up a website and integrate your payment system so that people can pay you online. Whether or not you’re offline. Whether or not you started one of these cool ideas online and a very cool niche this is exactly how you do it. The last thing is you start to market yourself so that you can get in front of more people so that you have thousands of eyeballs finding your content every single day online and so we want to actually help you with that because we used to struggle trying to find different things to do to create a business online.

UNTIL we put all the pieces together… Painfully after a long time of struggling. We don’t want you to struggle like we did. So what do we got for them? We’ve actually set up a Road Map for you to take you step by step from the beginning the beautiful idea phase all the way to growing and scaling your business so you never feel stuck and along with the road map comes the BE Adventure Partners Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs where we can help you out in a community so anytime that you feel like you don’t know what to do, we will be there for you, we will screen share even if you need that in your business to help you move forward. So what we found is that when a lot of people get started with business online they don’t have a place to get their questions answered and that really sucks. And it sucks to see people struggling constantly trying to get their their message out there trying to build a successful business online when they don’t have the support that they need and that’s why we developed the BE Adventure Partners brand is to help bridge that gap! so you never feel stuck! So you know that you’ve got a place that you can get your questions answered and we would love to see you in the Tribe! Jump on one of our weekly live Campfire Q&A is where we do the video conference call! It’s totally a ton of fun! People from all over the world jump in there and we would love to see you in there! Yeah! That’s right! So jump on the trial and if you haven’t yet make sure you click that SUBSCRIBE button and Hit That Bell so you can be notified whenever we come out with new fresh videos that will help you evolve in yourself, your life, your relationships and your biz! Speaking of new fresh video! Check out the video that’s right up here! That just might help you! See you on the next video! See Ya!

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How to Make Money Online – 16 Methods to earn Passive Income and get paid from home


Hey guys I have two main goals with this video the first one is to educate and motivate you to learn how to make money online and the second is to beat improvement pills video on the same topic and hopefully by accomplishing the first goal by educating and motivating you and adding immense value throughout this video it will lead me to my second goal because for some reason I’m really competitive anyways the first time this video will be about active income and active income is basically exchanging your own time for money and the last half of this video will be about passive income online which basically means that it requires a little bit of initial startup time and resources but very very little upkeep once you set it up and at the very end of this video I’m going to give you my 3 recommendations for a beginner what I would have told myself a long time ago if I was starting to try to earn money online so feel free to sit back and learn you can even minimize this video if you’d like anyways here we go so if you’ve never heard of Amazon MTurk before what it stands for is Amazon Mechanical Turk it’s basically a marketplace hosted by Amazon to do things that robots can’t do that they have to have humans to do and they outsource it to you guys they outsource it to people with extra time who want to earn a little extra money there are all kinds of tasks on this website anywhere from searching data to data entry to transcribing which transcribing means watching and listening to a video or audio file and then typing it and you can actually make fifteen to thirty dollars an hour if you know how to do this correctly and if you know more than one language you can actually make money on this website by translating stuff now I’ve personally done this and I earned around forty to fifty dollars and I didn’t put much work into it but my friend he worked a full time job and he actually did this on the side and he did it for a couple months and actually earned more than I think it was like three hundred fifty dollars each month so they are real they do payout you just have to put the time into it another way to make money online is by eBay now you can combine eBay Craigslist you can even go to the dollar store Facebook marketplace and basically what you do is you become an entrepreneur buying low and selling high you know you go to your local dollar store and you find this little trinket oh that looks cool I want to win it cost on eBay you look it up on eBay and you can sell it for 20 more dollars it’s maybe it’s a super soaker water gun you buy it at the dollar store for three dollars you sell it on eBay for twenty three boom twenty dollars right there it probably doesn’t even take you an hour worth of your time anyways there are all kinds of marketplaces out there and if you learn how to leverage them what sells best to where you can make a ton of money flipping stuff number three is surveys now surveys are kind of a pain in the butt especially because I start getting some spam in the mail but you can’t make a ton of money on this there’s places out there like swag bucks which I’ll talk about later inbox dollars my points there’s all kinds of places you sign up to you take daily surveys and you make money that’s not going to be a substantial amount like thousands of dollars a month but if you have a grocery bill or rent or some other type of expense that you need to get taken care of that month and you have some extra time it’s a great way to fill that gap now on to swag bucks swag bucks is pretty cool because you can literally get paid by searching stuff so I did this probably a couple years ago and I’ve been doing it every now and then when my free time and you can earn a lot of extra money doing this basically instead of going to Google you use swag bucks custom search engine which you can set it to Google and you search stuff like how to tie a tie and then every once in a while they’ll give you a reward for using their search engines now there are tons of other ways to earn money on swag bucks you can actually shop if you’re going to shop on Amazon and you shop through them they will actually pay you a percentage of money for doing that you can watch videos that they have basically like watching advertisements other companies you can play games answer surveys there’s all kinds of ways to make money on this and they do pay I have been paid by this company usually they just pay you buy gift cards which isn’t that bad after swag bucks is instagram shoutouts our instagram shoutouts is really cool but it does take a little bit of time to build up because you have to have an initial following that’s really cool because initially if you want to get a whole bunch of followers you can go through follow 100 people and then unfollow that 100 people and you’ll usually have a net gain of like 10 to 50 new followers if you do that over time maybe a thousand times in one month or a couple months eventually you’ll start to gain followers and if you need to you can actually buy them but after you have that initial following you can actually sell shoutouts if you haven’t followed me on instagram yet follow me at practical underscore psych there’s some awesome updates on there that I can’t share on YouTube that I share on my Instagram anyways when I get to around 200,000 maybe even half a million I can start asking people to pay me so that I can shot them out I have a friend who does this he has around 2 million Instagram followers you might think holy moley that’s a lot of followers to get I don’t think I can ever do that well he said the same thing around 2 years ago and now he makes around 5 to 6 thousand dollars a month just by doing shoutouts he’s easily made his money back the next way to make money online is by freelance jobs now one of the best marketplaces for freelance work is up work and this is actually what I use for all kinds of other stuff so if you’re a video editor if you’re a graphic designer even if you just want to like literally play a video game or test a website people will pay you to do this also if you’re ever in need of a virtual assistant up work is a great place to go personally I use of work to hire occasional article writers video editors and even they do some graphic design work that I don’t feel comfortable doing myself but you can sign up to up work as a freelancer which means when someone post a job you can do it boom they’re 60 bucks in your pocket for designing a background or boom there’s $100 in your pocket for editing a six minute video now another usually cheaper marketplace is fiber the fiber is really cool because there’s a lot more people that do it usually because this stuff is cheaper and you can make money by selling your services so you can do SEO work you can do video editing graphic design even website feedback if you’re comfortable doing that well you can sell your own services but there’s another way to make money with Fiverr that not very many people know about if they do know about it they’re usually raking in a ton of cash and that is to buy services from Fiverr for $5 $10 and then sell them to businesses who don’t know how to get the same services that cheap for maybe $100 $200 I’ve literally seen some guy go to a company and say hey I’ll make you a logo for $500 and then he takes that and he goes and pays five or $10 he gets a great logo and he just made like over $400 profit for a weekend’s worth of work it’s crazy once you learn how to do this you can scale it and make all kinds of money now let’s talk a little bit about passive income now if you don’t know anything about passive income I highly encourage you to buy my ebook in the link below it’s called passive income tutorial and it goes through all kinds of mistakes that I’ve made in the past and what I’ve done in the past that has made me successful in fact one month I actually earned $15,000 a couple months later I actually didn’t do any work for a solid month I literally read books all month I didn’t do anything online and I earned $4,000 if you watch all the way through this video there will be a video in the in screen showing that proof and the reason I did that was as a testimonial to say I know how to make passive income online and you can buy this ebook if you want to learn how because there are a ton of people out there who say they can make money online but the only way that they make money online is by selling other people the dream that they can make money online – anyways the first way you can make passive income online is by selling photos so there are all kinds of websites out there that will pay you a percentage of how much money they earn from selling your photo so stuff like SmugMug Pro Shutterstock iStockphoto if you’ve ever tried to buy a photo you’ll realize wow that was a hundred dollars for one photo well that’s because Shutterstock pays a percentage of that money to the person that took that photo and you can do the same you can take one photo and then sell it on shutterstock and who knows someone might buy that every day and you’ll get 50 bucks that’s 50 bucks a day that you don’t have to do any more work and that’s the glory of passive income the second way that I’ve learned to make passive income online is through Clickbank now Clickbank is a marketplace basically of other people’s products and the cool thing about this is is that you get to sell someone else’s product it’s basically affiliate marketing and I’ll talk a little bit about that in the future on Clickbank personally there are only two products that I highly encourage someone to buy because I have bought them before and they’re super easy to sell the first one is K money mastery and the second one is video breakthrough Academy and video breakthrough Academy it was actually created by one of my youtuber friends anyways what you do is you make a whole bunch of content and then you lead people to your affiliate link and then whenever someone clicks on that affiliate link you get a percentage of the sale for example video breakthrough Academy every time I sell one of those I get half of whatever someone pays for the product so if they pay $300 for that I will earn $150 some people make over 60,000 80,000 there are even some people who earn over half a million dollars online through selling other people’s product the third coolest way to make passive income online is through Amazon affiliates now the way that Amazon affiliates work is that you put a link in your description of your YouTube channel or your blog or some other website that you have and what happens is whenever someone clicks on that link boom they get a cookie on their browser which means any product they buy on Amazon for the next 24 hours you get a percentage of and one example of this is that on my youtube channel I sell ebooks I create book reviews and then I sell books in the affiliate link in the description and someone actually clicked onto one of those links and then went and bought a thousand dollar camera now I personally did not sell that thousand dollar camera but what happened was Amazon wanted to reward me for directing the person to Amazon and they actually gave me like 50 bucks for that sale I wasn’t even selling a camera and that was something that is really cool that a lot of people can do and usually the more clicks you can get on your Amazon affiliate links the more money you will earn even if it’s not selling your product now one guy I know who has earned a ton on this and has all kinds of experience his name is Luke Lincoln and he is a website that literally sells just wireless routers and he is documented that he has earned over forty thousand dollars in one month from Amazon affiliate earnings now I mentioned earlier that I actually have an e-book and that’s a whole another way that you can make passive income is by selling Kindle e-books now Kindle e-books are really easy to create and some people think that it’s just really hard to make them so they don’t get into them but I bought and went through the K money mastery course which I’ll link in the description below and it teaches you how to create a Kindle eBook how to market your Kindle eBook how to do little tips and tricks on the Kindle Store so that it does well and selling and I did that before I created my passive income tutorial ebook and it did amazingly well I’ve earned like six or seven hundred dollars in the first couple months the trick with making money on Kindle is not that you have one book that makes you a thousand dollars a month it’s having 100 books that makes you a dollar a day so that adds up and over time your investments start to return on themselves and you have a hundred ebooks maybe making between one and two sales a day earning you one hundred to two hundred dollars a day and that adds up over time so if you’re interested in that I highly recommend going and checking out K money mastery and you can do something that improvement pill recommended which is to buy the product and then go through the course learn everything and then if you need to for some reason you need that money back you can ask for a refund because there is a 30-day refund on that product you can get that money back and then you can start creating your Kindle courses and then when you start earning your money back you know it’s a respect thing it’s a moral thing you should buy the product again so that the guy gets his money the next way to make passive income online is by selling digital files now one of the best sites that I found to do this is self Icom and usually they take a commission of whatever you sell it’s like two to five percent I think but you can create a small little course or you can have website templates or you can have your own WordPress themes and sell it on this website drive traffic to that and then eventually I’ll make money another way to make money by selling stuff is signing up for you to me and teaching a course now I’ve heard by some specific people that udemy kind of sucks because they’ll gyp you out of money because it’ll take your $300 course and then put it on sale for $10 so that they can get more users on their website and that’s kind of blackhat kind of ripping off creators but what I recommend doing is going to teachable calm teachable for me personally I think it’s way better than you to me and it’s actually what I’m going to be making my own personal courses on I’m almost finished with a habbit course and I’m working on some ideas on social skills money management and the psychology of your thought those courses if for some reason you’re interested in this course and you want to coupon on them whenever they come out I guarantee you you will have a coupon you will get a better price than everyone else if you go to practical pi comm and put your little email in that newsletter thing that whenever I launched that course I will launch it with a coupon code so that you’ll get it a cheaper version so onto a membership website and this is essentially what I was going to do with practical Pi I was going to say all right everyone $30 a month you can sign up to my membership site you’ll get all kinds of information that I’ve learned have regurgitated from books everything I’ve learned from business psychology relationships but those kind of membership sites take a lot of upkeep and I didn’t want to do that on my own so I outsource it to teachable and whenever I launch my course that’s what I’m going to use this teachable instead of my own membership website so that I don’t have to deal with the coding and the back-end stuff and the last way that I’m going mentioned how you can make money online is by building a youtube channel now when you build a YouTube channel you can make a lot of money with ad revenue but it takes a ton of views you can actually make way more money if you sell stuff in the description you might get 10,000 views and that might earn you $20 but if you get 10,000 views and 10% of those people buy a $300 course of yours that’s going to earn way more money than the video ever will so when you build a YouTube channel you have got to be passionate and I cannot stress this enough because there are tons of people who get into YouTube and will make a couple videos and then fall out because they’re not passionate about it and they just give up and for me I want to tell you guys personally it took 98 videos for my channel to hit that big golden star and to go boom YouTube likes this channel it’s going to start promoting it one of my videos got into recommended I learned and after creating 98 videos I got really good at how to create titles how to make your thumbnails and how to make sure that the viewer was engaged I learned how to do all of that through 98 videos now for some reason if you want to skip making 97 videos and you want to have all of that experience on your own you can actually go and check out the video breakthrough Academy it’s actually created by one of my friends I’ve went through the course and I was like man I wish I could have learned this stuff back when I was starting my youtube channel so that I didn’t have to learn it all myself actually going through his course I learned even more and it was really helpful so if for some reason you guys want to check that out I’ll put a link to that in the description below it’s called video breakthrough Academy there’s some amazing value and there he goes over how to make more money on YouTube videos he goes over how to do collaborations correctly he goes over how to record a video how to script the video a whole bunch of little tips and tricks for engagement and anyways that is one of the best tools that I would suggest so that you can learn how to make money online quicker so we’ve went over about 8 active income tips which is in Turks eBay surveys swag bucks Instagram shoutouts freelance work freelance work on Fiverr and then actually selling fiber products to hire businesses and then we also went over eight passive income strategies and that is to sell photos online utilize Clickbank and affiliate sales Amazon affiliate sales selling Kindle e-books selling digital files on sulfide using udemy are teachable to create an mine course creating your own membership website and building a YouTube channel so now I’m going to give you my three recommendations for any beginners who want to learn how to make money online the first is to buy the K money mastery program ask for a refund and then buy it again later after you’ve made your money back you can learn as much as you want but premium stuff will always contain value and sometimes just paying that initial cost of buying the K money mastery program will motivate you to work harder and become successful so that you can actually earn your money back it’s a great course that would be my first recommendation for a beginner who wanted to learn to make money online as it’s been said in the past you’ve got to spend money to make money and this course really doesn’t cost that much for how much you’re going to be getting out of it my second recommendation is to sign up for fiber and offer whatever skills you have now there are a ton of tutorials on this and if for some reason you don’t have a skill you can start watching youtube videos learn Photoshop learn After Effects learn how to code a website learn how to create a beautiful user interface whatever you can do to offer the world value and then sell that value on Fiverr and you make most of your money on Fiverr not by selling a 5 dollar product but by the upsells selling more expensive upgrades and my last recommendation for beginners is to buy my ebook in the link below now of course I will be earning money on this but hopefully I’ve added enough value in the e-book that you will earn way more money back the first third of the e-book is actually going through my mistakes and what kind of mistakes you guys can skip in the future so that you can make money online quicker basically it’ll help you jump-start your online income career if that’s what you want to do I hope you guys enjoy this video I hope you got insane value out of it if you did share this video with your friends click the like button and subscribe if you want more

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How to Make a Website in 10 mins – Simple & Easy

How to Make a Website in 10 mins – Simple & Easy


In this video, you can learn how to make a website in a few minutes. Enjoy Simple method to create your stunning website.


Hi guys, we’m Subhang from WebsiteLearners.com and within video clip i’ll show you just how you can quickly make an internet site. (in just 10 mins) Now after viewing this video clip, you’ll manage to make any kind of internet site just like this, using drag & drop. Therefore, cannot miss this video clip out and watch it till the end, to learn just how to do it. Okay! Therefore, we’m Subhang from WebsiteLearners.com and Let’s begin making this internet site! Okay! Therefore before we begin, you need to very first, Click the link, below this video clip. So i’ll click this link.

And, It’ll simply take You to this web page. Now we will do this in just 5 actions! Ok! So the 1st action should select a name for your internet site. Now, we have chosen a name which is “quicktechy.com” So i’ll search for it… Then click “check always availability”. Okay, so you can see that the name is available. When you have the name, you can visit another action, which should Get web hosting & domain. Hosting & domain are both things we need for launching our internet site. Hosting is the place where your internet site’s files is stored Domain is the name of your internet site So for web hosting & domain, let’s scroll down… and click get web hosting… This takes you to godadddy.com, where we will purchase the web hosting. Therefore let’s, click ‘get started’. Now enter the same name which you selected early in the day. So i’ll enter quicktechy.com… Then click search.

Now click select & continue. Okay! Therefore, this is our cart. Now you can see here that we’re getting the domain for 959 rupees Now, if we change the period from 2 years… to 1 year….. You’ll see that, we’re getting the domain for free. Therefore, now let’s proceed to checkout. Now Godaddy will ask you login. Therefore let’s click create account. and fill in these details. Now enter any 4-digit number for the pin And click “Create Account”. and then continue filling these details. Now, select your payment option, and click continue..

Okay! So man’s this will cost us around 99 rupees per month, and, the plan is legitimate for 1 year. Therefore let’s put the purchase. making the payment. So i’ll quickly finish the payment! Okay! Therefore now we’ve completed the payment & we have got our Domain & Hosting. Now let’s visit STEP 3, which should Install WordPress. Now wewill utilize wordpress because it makes it extremely easy to build a website without once you understand any development or coding. Therefore let’s install wordpress, Wewill scroll straight down & then click managed wordpress. Okay! Therefore we’ll click, and then click get started. Now simply choose your domain. and.. click next. then again click next Now you need to enter a username & password for wordpress. You’ll need this to login into wordpress So i’ll enter my name and password and click install. Okay! Therefore wordpress is installed! Now, let’s click ‘get started’. and then click no many thanks… and fine. Okay, therefore this is our WordPress Dashboard! Now from here you’ll manage to get a grip on your internet site. Now if you want to access the (wordpress) dashboard any time once again, you simply visit your internet site target and kind \login Okay.

So, as soon as you reach your wordpress dashboard, This means your internet site is LIVE. Therefore to check always that let’s visit our internet site target And press enter Now as you can see… our internet site is LIVE! So! This is just how, the standard site, looks like. Therefore next, In order to effortlessly edit our internet site, we will install a new theme. So the brand new theme is called “Astra” So to install the theme, let’s get here… and click themes. now click ‘add brand new’ and search for… Astra. So we will install this theme. Simply click install. and click activate. Okay! So the theme is activated. Next, we will install a plugin which includes this theme. Therefore by installing the plugin we’ll manage to effortlessly customise our theme. Therefore to install that plugin, let’s visit plugins. Then click ‘add brand new’. Now search for a Plugin called ‘Astra’, and install this plugin.. Therefore click install.

And then click activate. So the Astra websites plugin is now installed! Now, This plugin has some Designs for your internet site, which you can select and then apply it towards site. Therefore to see those designs let’s click see collection. So they’re the designs. Now, before you choose a design, simply click elementor. this makes it easier for you to edit the design So click elementor now you can select any design you like….. So, i’ll select this design… And you can see how the site look like! If you want to apply this design towards site… simply click install plugins. and then click import this site. Now the design and the demo content is brought in into your site Once its done! We can now see the site So let’s click “view site”.

Okay! So as you can see, the demo is brought in into our internet site. which is just how it looks. And you can additionally see these other pages which additionally has the demo content…. So, Once you’ve got the design into your site You can now visit the last action which should modify the content. Therefore, To edit any web page of your site. You simply have go into the web page and click Edit with Elementor. Therefore let’s say you want to edit the homepage, You simply click house… Then click “edit with elementor”. Now you’ll go into this editing section. Therefore let’s say you want to alter the text here. you simply choose the text, and begin typing such a thing you want So i’ll kind (Hi! Welcome to my internet site) And now if you want to alter the text on this button.

You simply click… And alter text on this button here So the same means, you can edit any text you want on this web page simply choose the text. Then begin typing. Therefore this works throughout the internet site. Now if you want to alter this image, You simply click it. Select the image here. And drag & drop your image. Therefore as soon as you’re done with the modifications, you can merely save the web page, by clicking “save”. And your modifications is saved. Now you can view the web page by clicking here and then click view web page.

So, you can see that our modifications are here… Okay, therefore now you know just how you can edit any web page of your site! Next we will see how you can alter the Header… and/or footer area of your internet site. Now using elementor you’ll able to alter this component of your we site. But if you want to alter this area, which is the header. you can do it by starting the personalize option.

So let’s visit customize. Now you can see that there are some “Blue icons”. Now if you want to alter this logo design, simply click this “Blue Icon” therefore can alter the logo design here. Now the same means you can alter the menu section by clicking these icons. So everything can be modified using these blue icons. which is same in footer area additionally. Therefore let’s say if you want to alter the text.

You simply click this blue icon and begin typing such a thing you want. When you’re done with the modifications, simply click “publish” and they will be posted on site. Now allows’ close this and return to our site. Okay! Therefore we saw just how to edit the header & footer area. Now, what if you want to add a new web page? It’s simple. All you need to do is, you need to go into this brand new, And click web page. Now let’s say you want to create a service web page for your internet site you need to very first enter a title. now to begin creating a page simply click edit with “Elementor”. Therefore now, it will simply take you to the blank section now you have two options to create your web page.

First you can either utilize these elements which are over here. and then drag and drop them into this area. Therefore for example; if you want to add a heading you can drag and drop this element here. and then enter your text. And to add an image you can drag & drop this element. So drag & drop here and begin creating your web page! Now others means to create a page… is using templates. Now templates are ready-made pages which you can import into your site. Therefore let’s click “add template” therefore will find countless designs here. Now if you want to utilize any designs, merely click it.

See just how its look like. Assuming you like it, simply click insert for it into your web page. Now you can see that we’ve got the design into our web page. Now once again like we did before you can alter such a thing on this web page, simply by selecting it and typing such a thing you want. This is just how it works. When you’re done with the modifications, click save and view web page. That’s it guys! This just how you can add brand new pages towards site. Therefore now you know, just how you can introduce your site, By getting domain & web hosting. Import the demo content.

and then edit it to make your internet site So if you’re ready to begin making you very own internet site… simply click. It’ll simply take you to the web page which we say inside very first action which was selecting your domain. Therefore simply select a domain and build your internet site. I will see you in the next video clip. Babye 🙂 So, If you want to additionally produce a Business email for your internet site. You’ll view this video clip, We show you, just how you can do it for free! .

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Learn How To Create An Automated Online Business

Learn How To Create An Automated Online Business


We wanted to share with you about the Online Business.


I’m John kisame and I’d always invite you to mrs. Bevan on on uh need you very own internet company from scraps like I did the point in which it’s completely automated in making $2,000 profit every single day now if you cannot understand about my story I said showcased on easily and communication – box – yes and news mag which is phourb entreprenuer and inc mag and i’ve a neat story which is I’ve been able to stop my nine-to-five business work and travel the world and became an internet millionaire inside fog now four years ago I never thought it is feasible for me personally to in fact exist on my very own terms meaning to kind of freedom of being able to determine my very own time and determine in which i’m in the world my very own location because all I did had been I work every single day in a little gorgeous jail cell and I’m so fortunate that I discovered a mentor that it revealed me personally another path of how I could exist on my very own terms and determine my very own schedule I regularly wake up every single day the buzzing of the alarm clock are you occur an hour a day reach work in which I worked in a little cubicle for an employer I hated and I couldn’t stand another freaking second of it now I created my internet company as a way to help my life a way to help in which I want to get in life and within exclusive webinar that you’re going to sign up for I’m going to show you that by action how I’ve been able to produce my system so that it’s completely automated and yields me personally about $1,000 every single day it’s an internet company that I’m proud of and I’m happy to give other people and my assistants were doing so it perhaps not only impacted me personally but they’ve changed the everyday lives of hundreds and countless students worldwide register somewhere regarding page for an exclusive webinar that I undergo this week keeping room is restricted and I anticipate seeing you on this webinar the most difficult thing we individuals should talk about just take an opportunity on your belly John kisame he got totally beat successful self John definitely among the best instructor gerar I should do stuff people won’t show you I think you offer value of end of the day he’s a guy that you can get across see the man that discover dilemmas and I just saw immediately that John is the battle and you organized yesteryear so just

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How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich | Tom Ferry

How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich | Tom Ferry

So how many of you what number of of you were raised might be like me where to your household? So what number of of you what number of of you had been raised maybe like me the place in your family? Might be there was once some split how many of you were raised probably like me the place for your family? Possibly there used to be some break up mentalities around cash what number of of what i’m speakme about? You already know like possibly mom had a targeted way of thinking and pa had a distinct way of thinking So what number of of you guys comprehend who my dad is? My parents received married once they had been like 22 years ancient, my dad flunked out of tuition proper as a speech and verbal exchange important which is beautiful great because he’s like one of the most finest motivational and real property coaching speakers ever right and His attitude considering that his mentor that is what his mentor mentioned to him you want to make a lot of money go purchase a rolls-royce Go get a big fancy watch and go get a fairly pricey automobile and an actual highly-priced house And you will be stimulated like crazy And you will go do some thing it takes to be successful and wager what my dad did He went up a big fancy car large watch.

You know rolls-royce the entire nine yards and day-to-day He used to be like this. Holy shit. I gotta generate profits My mom then again Grew up in an atmosphere with just a few more youngsters my grandfather. My mom’s mom passed away when she was once very younger and he or she instantly had to go to work at like 14 years ancient by the point. She used to be 16 She used to be working at Disneyland as a Mouseketeer you know Orange County, California, and she or he’s doing fine but all of her money went back into the family So she would work best to truly don’t have any for herself benefit from it so in her mind every cookie in the cookie jar mattered you must be very mindful with each single greenback think developing up in that condo This one is find it irresistible’s not how much money You just have got to make certain there is as a minimum one cookie within the cookie jar we might divide it up six ways and my dad’s like we will have to start a cookie factory and finance the whole thing well, no shock that relationship did not last lengthy correct my dad clearly ended up marrying a person who was ridiculously financially savvy and that i feel she’s someplace throughout the room who are you within the realm? My my different mother somewhere within her might be you’re walking across the room The bottom line used to be this I grew up with a thoroughly messed up psychology when it came to cash And it wasn’t unless in my mid-20s after I met certainly one of my mentors who he showed me some thing which i am gonna exhibit you, the bottom line is this guy’s cash is a tool nothing extra nothing less say that out loud cash is a tool nothing more nothing much less, hear if you are a jerk cash makes you extra of a jerk if you’re mom Teresa money makes you extra mom Teresa it is only a device, but this is what i know how many of you realize any person that doesn’t have sufficient money, I don’t know about you guys.

I do not need to be that person and not that I believe dangerous for them or less them all I consider to myself is That person used to be not ever taught what i am about to instruct you They on no account understood that your money is a tool and similar to an app on a telephone when you don’t use it and play the sport correct and comply with the steps. You do not get the results. It can be no longer what quantity of money you earn it is what you do with the money that concerns, you guys with me on this So i would like you to write down on your notes the next there may be been a lot of study on this and you may have probably visible some thing like this earlier than exceptionally in case you’ve ever met with a financial planner, or you already know you might have watched CNN monetary. They all say the identical factor write down 5, 15 and eighty. 5, 15 and 80. 5 percentage 15 percentage and 80 percent 5 percent 15 percentage and eighty percentage and as all of the experiences show it Says five percentage of the planet are basically generational wealth they’ve created generational wealth it can be now not the highest one percent guys anyone who is valued at 5 million bucks Who has paid off their home and after they move on they transfer all that wealth over.

That is generational wealth you with me on this some of them are valued at millions a few of them ten some of them are 1000’s a few of them at the moment are billions however that’s the 5% the 15% write this in your notes. You equipped. They’re the core class They acquired a condominium They obtained a little bit savings. They go on a few holidays, and so they’re at ease and there’s nothing fallacious with that 15% however the place do you consider the eighty% sets? Darcy the 80% 80% 80% seem around the room possibly eighty percent of this room i do not consider so, however probably with the numbers eighty percent of this room when they are older either A must work to become profitable or B are based upon the government or their loved ones to subsidize their culture 80% eighty% eighty% a few of your think to yourself my children better be effective 5% generational wealth and it starts at five million bucks and above fifteen percent comfy my in-legal guidelines are 93 and ninety years old they have got 1,000,000 buck net worth there in that 15 percent, condominium is paid for that they bought for $11 300 years in the past proper in Anaheim, California on Bruce street Paid that sucker off at any time when I talked to my father law you see my Ford inventory correct he is no longer he began purchasing Ford inventory like in 1948 You with me like I had a greenback that I had two shares then three shares, but over time bet what he’s in that 15% how many of you know any one correct now though? That headquartered upon their money behaviors, and their cash psychology they’re obviously going to become in the eighty% don’t point out him if they may be in this room and don’t like you already know make them wrong, however i might such as you to take into account maybe they simply certainly not heard what i’m about to share with you So i am gonna exhibit you guys a business method to your money you guys have for that a trade procedure i’m now not gonna let you know what to put money into that’s no longer my role i will show you ideas of what the very quality individuals do, i am gonna put it up on the massive screen which means the workforce’s gonna maintain it here the entire time? And you are gonna take exact copious notes, so here’s the very first thing.

I want to exhibit you that is what 80% of actual property experts do eighty% of actual property professionals They get a commission determine and that determine goes into their personal account their private account eighty% they get a assess and it goes into their private account they go house And maybe they say right here honey, or right here on by myself, and that i put it in my account however this individual account isn’t an LLC an S. Corp a confined light you realize restricted partnership. It is not a manufacturer. It can be a individual factor now. I am not gonna Ask you to raise your arms if that is you however i’m gonna say this to you I want to thanks for paying tons in taxes thank you very a lot.

I particularly recognize you overpaying what you should be paying maintain up the great work So what’s rule number one? Will have to i have a corporation sure, or sure? Sure, or yes? So determine this out guys in the event you answered this, do not feel bad i will teach these things at conferences and i am blown away by using ten folks in the room 10,000 persons in the room the quantity of individuals that go Yeah, I notion about doing that however like I have no idea like which one do I select i’m no proficient here’s what you do you call your Accountant and say I feel I have to get integrated, which you suggest based on the place I are living What nation what state and so on? But rule number one is no one leaves this convention in 30 days if you are no longer incorporated And you don’t own your corporation and now your assessments come to blankety-blank LLC now not you in my view Cuz now you get the entire tax benefits sure or no guys however I bought to tell you, this is what the 80% does and that is evidently bad.

Let me exhibit you What the 15% do. I need you to draw this out i want you to imagine a world, the place and incidentally? Did you guys realize the sophisticated little change? This one says assess this one says checks because people that get assessments realise the following, I get the investigate it goes straight into my industry account correct I get it wired in from escrow. I do not get physical checks anymore the money just will get transferred over, you with me Oh my a escrow corporation my title developing is not going to do it nice get the bodily investigate but it surely goes into a business account, which means now as one can find i’m gonna have 4 exceptional debts at my financial institution 4 special accounts at my bank. I’m get out my business account i’m gonna have my tax account to me three accounts Tax account industry account and my dwelling account my private account this is the fact my neighbors if I if i will be able to encourage and encourage you know every single one among you to just try this after which follow the guideline you in a position write this to your notes above the tax account i need you to jot down down let’s let’s do an imaginary check and i would like you to exhibit you what quantity of money goes where so at the prime, shall we say, that’s a $10,000 examine, just for handy numbers $10,000 investigate so out of the blue $10,000 hits my industry account and the very first thing that happens is straight away three,300 of the 10,000 goes instantly into my tax account 3300 mechanically into my tax account due to the fact a few of you consider whilst you get a assess for 10 grand that you absolutely have 10 grand how many of you are within the state of California or new york or within the nation of Canada You get a verify for 10 grand, and you are lucky in the event you get 4,500 that is the true deal now you are an entrepreneur you possess your possess trade you’re gonna begin taking higher write-offs you’re gonna pay extra concentration to your accountant you’re most of the time gonna have your uncle Larry who’s performed your taxes eternally discontinue and clearly rent a CPA who’s gonna pay concentration? But three,300 bucks robotically goes there then 3,300 or much less goes into your enterprise account and that is where I run my trade a check is available in I’ve obtained advertising a verify comes in I’ve received bills a verify is available in I’ve acquired my MLS dues everything that I have to run my industry each determine three,300 3,300, and then what goes over right here three,400 bucks to my residence Now it sounds like you might desire a dwelling funds.

What do you guys feel? Due to the fact that oftentimes what can we do we get a examine and we just begin spending the money? By the way for those who appear at this the very first one. This is the the cardinal sin this is what bad men and women do they get a verify and they just begin spending Who knows any person like that say I? Subject of truth the better the assess the more they start spending they usually never consider about Debt discount seeing that they may do that later given that I’ve labored so hard and this used to be this kind of difficult transaction And that’s why i will overindulge and over and spend on myself, and we know the monetary rollercoaster.

You’re virtually placing yourself through this my buddies is What the individuals do that care for their money they recognize Uncle Sam or revenue, Canada or Mexico? They are taking their money. It doesn’t matter what so when I commit that examine is available in i do not say to myself I get all of it it robotically goes there I depart a bit right here, and the steadiness goes right here is sensible so inform your pal. Are you gonna do that yes or no? Yes or no Now this is what i know seem up here guys The quantity of customers which have performed this and then I see them a year later and so they go i’ve $15,000 and my savings variety of not ever had that however more importantly I paid all my taxes Like i am on time and i’ve money inside my business account and it can be the end of the year and my accountant said I must take a Dividend so i’m getting a colossal chunk of change at the end of the 12 months. This is amazing Now I don’t know about you guys, however i like is someone like first-class matters you recognize family trips vacations recollections, vacation trips, you understand might be a new outfit The task is should you hold that psychology with out requiring or putting in the discipline you recognize what you turn out to be with a bunch of satisfactory things and a shit ton of debt So do me a favor tell your friend.

Are you aware someone in my opinion that has an excessive amount of debt? Anyone’s anyone inside of this room Now pay attention there’s sensible Debt. There’s unhealthy, debt, and i’m not gonna go too intensive with you on this however you already know the difference you know credit card, debt at nineteen percent is dumb Debt buying a condo and getting a loan with three-and-a-1/2 percentage is quite good debt So we all know the difference, and that i just need you to bear in mind i need you to handle your money, but now did you guys get a snapshot of this? Did you seize it are you certain? Are you promising to try this? Okay, do you want to know what the wealthy retailers do? This is what the rich retailers. Do it can be a bit of more intricate it can be a bit of more complicated i would get it up on the massive screen over there guys and take a snapshot of it, but more importantly i would like you to draw the whole factor out in your notes Draw the entire factor out for your notes, that is what the wealthy do that is the stuff that no one taught me so all except bill Mitchell Pulled me aside and stated what do you do with your cash? And i’m like I don’t know I just get the investigate and that i throw it inside my account and that i spend it like crazy and that i in no way have any money, and i’m at all times in trouble Draw this out So play a sport with me you get a $10,000 assess The $10,000 check goes to what account? To what account and 33% of it goes mechanically where To my tax account in view that i don’t rather have 10,000.

I quite have like you know 6,000 and alter that is the actual deal so 3300 automatically here then I take one more 3300 over here or less in view that I don’t know your small business expenditures but by the way guys right here advertising and marketing charges should be no more than 10% of your anticipated gross sales Your marketing fee should be not more than 10% of your expected gross income So a percentage that 3300 is gonna go on your junk mail and your advertising and your e-mail and your Zillow leads and your fb ads and the prints and the brochures and everything else however no more than 10% no more than 10% bought it? In view that you are incorporated now your automobile and a bit of your house and all forms of different matters get written off into or from this account so we like that however you might even have inside there competent guys a virtual assistant an assistant well, where is that man or woman gonna be paid from you obtained a verify for 10 grand You failed to actually get 10 grand you acquired 6730 3300 goes inside right here now i will be able to pay my assistant it begins to work like clockwork you with me, but you’ll discover this is where it gets interesting Some persons name this other account your funding account.

I like to believe of it as my economic hub it is where the cash comes in after which it will get divided once more Now i’m not a financial planner nor do. I you recognize even would even attempt to be, but i’m providing you with simply an instance Of what that additional thirty four hundred bucks would go closer to So maybe you need due to the fact you do two offers a month you’re like i need four grand a month to come into the dwelling bills So i’m gonna take you understand two grand of my thirty 300 or the thirty four hundred.

Where does the relaxation go? Do you might have a retirement account? Do you place money in the stock market or in bonds or something you think in 401 k Do you could have an account the place you simply put cash? To purchase actual estate Why no longer on each examine take 5 percentage of every determine put into an account known as cash for actual estate and you simply watch that sucker develop like loopy over time I’n two years, and likewise you’re like I obtained 185 thousand bucks in cash sitting inside of that account I must go buy a duplex. I should go purchase a 4-plex. I now have the money to go do these deals retirement account actual estate cash account i exploit this given that I did it you realize with my youngsters a 529 B account which is a institution fund money account in view that we did real property money.

What can we call this the fun account? The fun account the i am gonna go spend this money on stupid stuff and Throw it away later and no longer care or i am gonna take this money, and i’m gonna use it for vacations and vacations What action are you going to absorb the following 30 days around this conversation? There is no extra understanding. That is it? Tell your friend What movements are you gonna take within the subsequent 30 days do it correct now? Okay thanks a lot for staring at now we have a quantity of routine developing and we would like to have you there visit tom ferry dot com ahead diminish activities and reserve your spot in these days .

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