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0:53 – why the title is NOT clickbait
3:27 – meet the people who brought amazon fba to the world
4:21 – how did I learn fba?
5:15 – I got very lucky
8:48 – what now? how can I learn more?
11:06 – here’s your chance

Amazon wants to be the a-to-z store, to have any and every product, and they need your help to do so. The reward for helping them can be seriously life-changing from a financial perspective.

You see, Amazon has 57% of US households who are Prime members, who can buy products on Amazon, with one click, and get the items to their house in less than 48 hours.

Amazon is great at fulfilling products – they just need you to provide those products and make those product easier for the customer to find. It just so happens, we’ve cracked the code for making this happen. If you’ve truly been looking for that thing to finally unlock financial independence for you, or at the very least add an addition stream of passive income in your life, you’ve found it.

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Since 2013, Jason Fladlien has mastered the process, perfected strategies, and cultivated the best resources and information available for Amazon sellers. Not only has he built million-dollar Amazon businesses selling products himself, he’s also taught and coached thousands of students to do the same, using the formula he will share with you during this training.

Due to his unrelenting passion for achievement, Jason has risen to the top of several industries, including affiliate marketing, digital information products, software, coaching, and selling physical products on Amazon.

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