A Website For Your Business And Its Many Advantages

Website building, over the years, has become as crucial as the business having their own store. Since more and more people across the globe are online, businesses without a website are undoubtedly losing a lot when it comes to garnering sales from their customers. In this article, we will take a look at the top reasons why your business needs a website, what happens when you do not have a website, and why you must avail of website design services from us at iARTidea.

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More People Are On The Internet

According to statistics from website Oberlo, there are 4.66 billion active Internet users as of 2021. This marks a 316 million year-over-year increase compared to the figures in 2020. Considering the global population at 7.83 billion, this figure equates to an Internet penetration rate of approximately 59.5 percent, or almost 60 percent. That means over half of the people worldwide are Internet users.

Having said these, your business will succeed more in terms of gaining the attention of customers, particularly online consumers, when it has a website. Several people around the world visit various websites everyday. However, there still is a lot of work to do when it comes to encouraging businesses to launch their online presence via a website.

Recent data from website Fit Small Business indicate that 71 percent of small businesses already have a website. This information is up from 2018, where only 50 percent of small businesses had their website. This still does not include medium-sized businesses and large businesses like corporations. However, this will help us picture out how the business industry fares when it comes to having their own website.

If you are among the 28 percent that do not have a web presence yet, through a website, it is time that you work on having your own website. Here are the reasons why your business must have a website.

Reasons Businesses Should Build Their Website

No matter what industry your business is in, investing in your online presence offers massive impacts upon your success. In today’s generation, unfortunately, there are still businesses that do not realize many of their customers will see if they have a website. This is to inform them of what you offer. They take a look at your website before making their purchase.

Through a website, you can be able to establish your online presence. Thus, this is a make or break when it comes to garnering more revenue. At the same time, the quality of your website says a lot about your business results. Thus, we tell you the reasons why you must have a website. And, here is the good news. There is a solution that will work best for your business needs.

1. Launch Your Online Presence 24/7

With a website, you can expect your customers to always be able to find you, not just at particular times within the day, but literally anytime and anywhere. Even beyond the business hours, the website will take charge in finding and securing you with new customers.

A website offers your customers convenience since they can access the information that the business provides them in the comfort of their own residences. Of course, this, without the added pressure for them to buy what you sell.

If you choose to still stay offline, there are chances you will be losing customers to your competitors. This is since many companies today have their own website.

2. Facilitate Exchange Of Information

Aside from giving you online presence anytime and anywhere, a website also provides a quicker and easier way to communicate information between buyers and sellers. On your website, you can indicate your opening hours and contact details. You can also include images of your products or location. The website may also have your contact forms to facilitate inquiries from potential customers, and feedback from your existing customers.

A website may also house promotional videos to further exchange your customers. This also sells your business in a very effective and cost-efficient way. Links to your website may also be promoted via social media. In this way, you will be able to build a stronger community with your customers.

3. Showcase Credibility

In today’s modern society, there is an expectation for any reputable business to have its online presence. Since the emergence of the Internet and websites, many businesses have chosen to track of launching of their own website. Because of this, there is this mindset from customers distrusting a business that does not have a website, similar to how they look at businesses without a telephone number, physical address, or email address.

The website is a useful tool to share valuable information about the business with your customers. It also answers the questions they may have. Having a website makes your customers feel more comfortable availing of your services, as they will assume they can get the same incredible experience in all areas of your business.

4. Save Money

A website, as much as it can provide information, also can sell goods and services directly to customers. In many cases, it even removes the need to process transactions in brick-and-mortar stores which usually involve large operating costs.

With a website, you can eliminate these overhead expenditures. This allows you to lower your prices. Thus, it provides businesses with the real competitive edge.

Moreover, a website may also be used internally in the company. This is beneficial when you need to share information with colleagues or give the management access to important news.

5. Expand Your Market

Since your website is accessible to anyone anywhere in the world, it has become even easier to break geographical barriers. Practically anyone from any country can find your company, thus increasing your market reach. With a website, you can gain customers from around the world.


6. Acquire Consumer Insights

By having a website, you change the way you track the success of your business. A website can provide a diverse range of data so you can better understand your online presence. You can even highlight opportunities to change certain aspects of your business, including your store hours, promotions, product catalogs, and so much more.

7. Advertise

A website can offer the business access with a different type of advertising. This form of advertising has more accuracy and reliability than the traditional offline advertising approaches.

For one, search engine optimization or SEO and online advertising are great ways to build brand awareness. Your business can be the first that the customer sees when they search for a product or service you offer.

Your website may also have eCommerce features to make buying products or finding a retail outlet easier than ever before.

8. Gain An Edge In The Business Competition

Without your website, you are missing a lot, especially when it comes to gaining new customers. Having a website provides you with a competitive edge in the industry.

9. Connect With Your Customers Better

Managing the customer support aspect of your business can be daunting. With a website, you can handle this customer service easier.

Your website may feature a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ section to reduce customer service costs, and save you time and money. Likewise, you also provide more information to your customers.

The website may also include a live chat feature so customers can get answers to their inquiries instantly. With these, you encourage positive customer relations in the long run, since you are able to produce happier customers.

10. Get Growth Opportunities

Generally speaking, websites are fantastic ways to provide a place where potential investors can connect with your business. A website shows what your company is about, its achievements, and what else it can achieve in the future.

Now that you have learned the many reasons why your business should build their website, including the advantages that a website can provide for the business, we will take a look at what will happen if your business chooses not to have its own website. Read on.

What Happens When You Do Not Have A Website?

1. Lack Of Competitiveness

The first effect of not having a website upon your business is experiencing lack of competitiveness. Your competitors that have a website are gaining exposure that you do not have. You are also missing out on connecting with customers who are online and on the Internet. Do not let your potential customers choose your competitor only because you do not have this online presence.

2. Damage In Your Reputation

In today’s world where many people are online, a website truly matters. Your potential customers may be there looking for you online, but you cannot provide them with your online presence. In turn, this will lead to reputation damage.

Without a website, you fall behind the competition. You also turn these potential customers into frustrated customers since they may be looking for you online, but you are not there.

3. Miss Out On Social Media Opportunities

Social media, especially when your website is on your social media accounts, provide a lot of opportunities for business success. For one, you can engage differently with your customers when you have this online presence. Second, there are more chances of spreading the word about your business a whole lot better since customers can share about your business on social.

4. Inaccurate And Outdated Information

With a website, your business is more likely to be able to update information from time to time. With details that are updated, you will be able to attract more customers who are always on the lookout for fresh and new information.

Why Avail Of Website Design Services From iARTidea

When you are ready to build your own website, you are lucky since there are several companies in today’s industry that offer website building and design. Just by simply searching over the Internet, you can find tons of providers that offer these services. One of the companies that offer website design services and more is iARTidea.

Why choose iARTidea to build your website? There are several reasons why.


Inevitably, there are costs when you need to build and design a website. You can get access to the most affordable pricing in the industry when you need website design that also does not compromise on the quality.

Creative Design

iARTidea has a team of talented professionals who are willing and more than glad to invest their time, skills, and resources to create a website that suits your business preferences.

Free Consultation

Should you need to consult with our team, whether it is about evaluating your current website or seeking help when launching your new website, we offer this consultation for free. Simply coordinate with our team anytime you require a consultation.

Fast And Responsive

Our team here at iARTidea values your time well. Therefore, we can provide quick responses to your concerns, inquiries, and other things you may need. Ask us anytime.

Optional Maintenance Service

We will never pressure you from getting services you do not want. At the same time, we also offer this optional maintenance service that will result in enhancing the way your website performs.

Free SSL

SSL pertains to Secure Sockets Layer, a computing protocol that ensures the security of data sent via the Internet by using encryption. iARTidea also provides this for free.

No Hidden Charges

Lastly, there are no hidden charges when you avail of our website design. Launch the online presence for the best of your interests starting today.

Since 2011, the iARTidea community has been gathering the most dedicated and talented developers, marketers, and designers to provide the most in-demand online services to a wide range of local business owners.

Today, iARTidea is continuously expanding worldwide, introducing innovative and powerful solutions.

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