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7 Cloud Kitchen Marketing Channels To Master or Perish | Ghost Kitchen Marketing

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If you want to build a successful ghost kitchen, then you need to make sure you you master these 7 cloud kitchen marketing channels or you’ll perish… Sign Up …


16 replies on “7 Cloud Kitchen Marketing Channels To Master or Perish | Ghost Kitchen Marketing”

Hi Wilson. Really enjoy your channel! I'm looking for info on setting up multiple virtual brands and locations fulfilled through 1 central location on UberEats. I see that it is already being done in my area, but I'm thinking it requires a 3rd party application? Any thoughts on this?

Appreciate You!

should we make a instagram page before we even open the business? like for example a headline that says in the making

I agree with all of these, except tiktok. If you blow up on tiktok there are just a whole lot of people that don't live anywhere near you that know you exist. That doesn't help you at all.

No wonder most restaurants fail. Such great content and only under 3k views? With lol. This is gold! Thank you, Wilson!

Hey Wilson. I have a question about the kitchen space for creating cloud restaurants. Do i need to be at a certified commercial type kitchen? can i do it from my home? anything helps. Thanks

Just started a bakery and butter sauce business from a shared (ghost) kitchen and am (until now) frozen with not knowing how to get my name out there and market my unique business. Thanks WIlson! Great video! I will be checking out your other videos to get more fine tuned in these marketing concepts.

8:49am here, haven't slept yet. On a marathon of watching your wonderful, well thought out videos. Will start my own cloud kitchen pretty soon. Thanks for all the help 🙂 Wish me luck!

Can you do something about Italian ice? Can't find anything for commercial use and summer's already here.

Good afternoon Mr. Wilson the problem with an apps like Instagram is the geographical limitations
So what do you suggest to solve this problem
like an example if my restaurant is in a city or an area of a city, is it practical to pay for an advertisement on Instagram will cover areas I am not interested

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