Let’s be brutally honest… There’s a thousand and one ways that you COULD be:

Attracting in new leads.

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Selling and signing on new clients.

Building your business to earn you more money.

However, if you’re like most coaches…

You’re confused with which tactics, strategies and methods YOU should be doing.

Or, even worse, you’re frustrated from working so hard and doing so much… But not seeing your business grow.

This is why I want to walk you through 3 simple models that we are using with our clients…

I’ll use some real examples so you can pick and choose what you want…

You could charge $70 a session and do 40 personal training sessions a week = $140,000

(This is the model I started in, but after a while found out that this is the pure definition of the “time-for-money” trap)

You could get 30 online clients and charge $300 a month = $108,000

You can have 250 members in a membership site charging $50 a month = $150,000

Watch the full episode, so I can walk you through the different options… and even how to can combine them to create a ‘hybrid’ model.

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