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Apps for you and your business

Apps for your business, nowadays, are just as vital as having your own websites or putting up a store. The traditional brick-and-mortar store can be the foundation of your business. It is since there will still be a lot of people who prefer to purchase products from stores beyond the Internet, despite the popularity of online entrepreneurship. Then, your websites are important when reaching out to more customers.

Not every business as of the present time is introduced to apps, or are utilizing apps when selling their products and services. According to recent statistics, only a total of 42 percent of small businesses as of 2018 had a mobile app. Many businesses have realized how apps can turn individuals into buying customers, and therefore can bring more success to the business. However, not yet a lot of businesses have transformed the way they work with apps. There is a need for continuous campaigns in order to encourage entrepreneurs to build their own apps for the business.

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Apps Are Very Crucial To The Success Of Your Business

What are apps? Apps, which is a short term for “applications,” are software that can be installed and run on computers, tablets, smartphones, and many other electronic devices. Apps usually refer to mobile applications or pieces of software installed and utilized on a computer. Many apps have specific and narrow functions.

Among the most popular apps today are social networking apps TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram; instant messaging apps WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram; virtual conferencing platforms Zoom and Google Meet; and streaming platform Netflix.

In order for your business to run on apps, the business owner has to find a way to create them. There are various ways to build apps. For one, apps are created through coding. However, not every business out there will be knowledgeable about coding. So, they turn to coding experts to build the apps for them. Yet, outsourcing this work can be expensive. Entrepreneurs may also participate in coding classes and camps, but not every entrepreneur may have the time to do so.

What is there is a software that lets you create apps for your business and individual needs without having to code or implement any technical know-how?

Meet Andromo.

create apps with andromo
Creating apps with Andromo

Apps With Andromo

What is Andromo? Well, Andromo provides businesses with a tool to create native and web Android apps without requiring that the person creating the app implement coding skills. Users of Andromo will be able to preview the apps they create via the intuitive user interface of this software.

This app builder offers various features that are incorporated in the app, including a wide range of dashboard options, menus, background themes,and layout options. These also include videos, images, sound effects, RSS feeds, and content sites. Other features include application rating requests and push notifications. The software also provides chat and in-app support.

Moreover, subscribed users at Andromo can likewise utilize the monetization option to run advertisements from leading ad networks in the apps they create. They include ads from Google’s AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, and StartApp. This platform can also operate as your ad network with various advertisers who purchase advertising space from the owners of Andromo.

Now that you have learned the overview of Andromo, let us move over to its remarkable features.

How You Can Build Apps With Andromo: The Features

Andromo is truly the place-to-be when you need to create apps for your business or your individual needs without having to code. Here are its stunning features.

Quickly Develop Apps In Three Easy Steps

There are three easy steps when it comes to developing the apps via Andromo. First, sign up to create the Andromo App Project. Sign up with Andromo to get started creating your mobile apps. There is no need to implement any coding know-how, as the software can work perfectly well with your ideas. Enter a few details and you will be ready to start creating your apps.

Second, add the features and styles you want in your app. There are various types of content to choose from (which you will learn more about in a while), and these include videos, audio, maps, and money-generating features. These monetization features may constitute polls and ads.

Third, complete the project. Once complete, you can share your app to your customers. With a click of a button, your app will be ready. You will get a copy of the app you created via your email, all set to be uploaded on the Google Play Store.

There are more than 30 native mobile app features to choose from so you translate your ideas to reality. Here are the most important features at Andromo that you need to know.


Include various content in the app you are building, so you can enhance the experience of your users. Among the types of content you may build with the app are photo galleries, audio players, YouTube players, PDFs, WordPress feeds, RSS feeds, eBooks, and content from Pixabay Photo Stock.


Aside from content, you will also be able to add links Into the overall layout of your app with Andromo. These links include web links, location links, and call links. Make your apps even more interesting with e-mail links, action links, and dashboard links.


If you need to add maps or QR code scanners, these are also possible with Andromo. They offer extensions from where you can choose from. These include WhatsApp stickers, custom HTML pages, WebView, and web archives. The rest of the extensions are QR code creator, QR code scanner, contact details, and maps.


You can also choose what the layout of your app would be. There are several options to choose from. Layout options at Andromo are multiple dashboards, list items, carousel items, spacers, and dashboard card. The dashboard card option lets you customize the design and layout of your app.

Monetization And Ads

Looking at earning profits from your app? There are various monetization features at Andromo. You have the static banner, and the interstitial ads or ads shown as a transition in between activities in the app. There are also native and paid access with the latter allowing you to sell exclusive content in your app.


Andromo is also known for the Firebase features. These include the photo gallery database, audio player database, and PDF database. Other options are the eBook database, and the Firebase authentication module for your app.

Get Started Building Apps With Andromo Today: Know The Pricing

Now we have come to learn about the pricing. How much do you have to pay to be able to utilize Andromo? What is great about this software is that you can get started creating your app with the free trial.

However, to continue using the platform and take advantage of many other features, there are various pricing tiers available.

There is the Hobbyist pricing tier at $8 per month. However, this option does not include the monetization features. If you want to enjoy the monetization features, you will have to choose the Pro pricing tier at $21 per month. If you want to take everything further with advanced monetization, the Ultra pricing tier is perfect for you. It is at $36 per month.

But, for today, we discovered a one-time cost to keep the app maker software with a huge discount. You can find out more information here.

Benefits Of Having Apps For Your Business

As a bonus content in our discussion, you will also get to know the advantages of having apps for your business. Trust us when we say that you will be able to increase your profits and revenue when customers are able to access your offers via your app.

1. Communicate And Engage With Your Customers Directly

One reason why your business should be present in an app is to improve direct communication with the customers of the business. Mobile apps have opened opportunities for businesses to enhance their communication and engagement with their customers.

2. Enhance Engagement With Your Clients

Aside from introducing direct communication with your customers and clients, apps are making it possible for the business owner to engage better with their clients. Whether these are about answering their questions or discussing your products, the app will do its job well.

3. Improve Brand Awareness Among Your Customers

Mobile apps are also regarded as extensions of your brand. When your business has an app, you are provided with more opportunities to reach new audiences. Thus, you increase brand awareness along the way.

4. Create A Useful Marketing Channel

An app also lets information be shared with customers instantly. If your customers find these details useful and relevant to what they are looking for, — for one, information on discounts — you can acquire loyal customers who are using your apps.

5. Form An Effective Loyalty Program

Many apps today are known to host loyalty programs where customers can register to. With a loyalty program that rewards customers whenever they purchase, they are more likely to come back and do business with you again.

Create Apps Without The Hassle With Andromo

Not every time that you will have the technical skill, that is, coding, in order to create apps for your business. However, it is also true that you are missing out on a lot when your business still does not run on apps. Whether these are apps to let customers purchase your products or apps to offer them a way to interact, there are platforms such as Andromo that will let you create apps in the easiest ways possible. Get ahead of your competition. Discover Andromo now at one time cost today.

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