iARTidea Products: A Comprehensive Guide

iARTidea is gearing up for this year’s Black Friday. What are the products on sale in the catalog? In this comprehensive guide, we will take you to the entire catalog of iARTidea, discussing the product details and the customers who love these products. Many of these products are also great holiday gift ideas. We are just as thrilled as you are, so hop on as we learn about the catalog.

Black Friday

Revel In The Black Friday Event With iARTidea

Black Friday is fast approaching, once again. If you have not yet encountered or have not yet heard about this day, it is not something like a negative one, since it talks about Friday being black. For many who have gone through Black Friday over and over again each day, it is a reason to celebrate. Why? Read on.

This day, Black Friday, refers to the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It is also traditionally a holiday for many employees. But beyond this, Black Friday is typically a day filled with special shopping deals and great discounts. Many companies are doing their best to offer as much as they could, and the reason why they do everything to increase the Black Friday deals being offered. Black Friday is touted as the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

The iARTidea Catalog

One of the many stores participating in the Black Friday sale is iARTidea. The iARTidea community has been gathering the most talented and dedicated developers, marketers, and designers to offer online services to local businesses since 2011. They also offer products designed to enhance the consumers’ daily lives. Today, iARTidea is continuously expanding worldwide, introducing to various businesses the most powerful eCommerce, online, and offline solutions.

“To live in the digital world visually helps gain and deliver unique information faster and easier. We, the iARTidea team, centers on online and offline business owners so each day, they win their goals,” says iARTidea.

From mini desk calendars for 2022 to kabuki brushes for makeup, there are so many products to choose from at iARTidea.

Life can get so unnerving. The hustle and bustle of daily life can be stressful. But you should not let these stresses hinder you from doing what you love and winning each day. This has been one of the goals of iARTidea. Thus, they provide products designed to help you live your life easier and with less stress.

There are mini desk calendars that will keep you on track of your daily schedule, makeup brushes that will unleash your beauty, self-defense alarm keychain kits that will keep you protected wherever you go, home workout ropes that will keep you fit all the time, Korean-style garden hoes for everybody who loves gardening, rainbow unicorn birthday cake toppers, and so much more.

Complete List Of The iARTidea Products

Now, those seemed to have preempted you from what you can get at iARTidea. Let us not stall things. Without further ado, here are the most well-loved products in the iARTidea catalog available on Amazon.

Mini desk calendar

1. Mini Desk Calendar 2022

Never miss out on any important date, and plan your vacations well and perfectly with the iARTidea mini desk calendar 2022. This stand-up flip desk calendar is designed with vibrant colors, and hand-painted with floral designs, plus more. These are perfect on top of your office desks and study tables.

Furthermore, this desk calendar for 2022 features a month per page, and each page has a different hand-painted multi-colored cute dog image.

The details are printed on high-quality glossy paper.

It is a slim and portable flip desk calendar perfect for use in your own residence, on the table in your office, in the industrial warehouse, near your desktop computer, in school, and so much more. It also features easy-to-turn pages and has integrated triangular stands.

Not only these, the backside of the calendar is a white blank space where you can write notes and reminders, making your life incredibly easier.

This mini desk calendar is also the perfect gift for Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day, birthdays, or a gift to the most important people in your life. Show your love and appreciation to your mom, dad, kids, teacher, co-worker, boss, classmates, and colleagues with this beautiful calendar.

Customers love the mini desk calendar, as well as other products at iARTidea. One of them noted how the calendar does not take up so much space while on the desk.

Let us get to iARTidea product number two.

High-end makeup brushes

2. High-End Makeup Brushes

Are you tired of using makeup brushes that only worsen the situation? If you are, you better change your ways. These iARTidea high-end makeup brushes provide excellent coverage and precise application.

It is very affordable, but never compromises on the quality. It is made with high-quality materials and comes from trustworthy suppliers.

This makeup brush set has the brushes you need to apply your makeup beautifully without taking too much time and effort. The brushes are designed with soft, synthetic bristles, carefully-shaped for a precise application and uniform coverage.

It also features a pink brush applicator and a shiny rose gold ergonomic handle that are easy to use. They are perfect for contouring, shading, eyeshadow application, correcting imperfections, and so much more.

Bring this makeup brush set wherever you go. It comes with a travel case. Thus, it is easy to bring whether you are taking on a trip, attending a dinner date, or for many other purposes.

Customer Bea K D loves this product because of its high-quality. On the other hand, Brandon also commended the product because of being easy to use especially for beginners.

Self-defense alarm keychain kit

3. Self-Defense Alarm Keychain Kit

Protect yourself wherever you go with this iARTidea self-defense alarm keychain kit. Toggle or press the button on the product, and it releases a 130 dB loud sound, enough to draw attention from a far distance.

It is also portable and easy to carry. Its lightweight features make it ideal either for short or long travels, night jogging, or outdoor activities at night.

But what, there are more. It comes with the LED flashlight, perfect for illuminating dark spaces, lighting up your path or simply finding lost items in the dark.

This is also ideal as a gift for your loved ones.

One customer gave this iARTidea product as a gift to his sister. His sister loves it. She tells him how she feels much safe now when walking outdoors, carrying this handheld alarm.

What are the other products in the catalog?

Home workout ropes

4. Home Workout Ropes

There are a lot of life-threatening things happening outdoors these times. Those who are keen about always working out have considered doing this at home. Moreover, fortunately, there are several home workout products that you can use, and can provide you with lasting benefits for your health.

The iARTidea home workout ropes are created for building endurance, stamina, and speed. It also improves muscle tone throughout your body. Whether for basic or intense training sessions, these home workout ropes are perfect.

Many of those who purchased this product have used this for boxing, mixed martial arts, cross-training, and so much more.

These portable and easy-to-use home workout ropes will tone and shape your body. It can tone and tighten the waist, legs, and arms, as well as relaxes the shoulder. It also helps in stretching and flexibility training.

Its design includes foam handles for a more comfortable grip. It also features a four-piece elastic tension band for strength.

The materials include environment foam and natural latex, making this product safe and durable.

iARTidea customer on Amazon diane lucchetti says it is a “very nice set.”

Korean-style garden hoe

5. Korean-Style Garden Hoe

Are you into gardening? You better make sure you have this iARTidea Korean-style garden hoe.

Also known as Hommy or Homi-Heavy Duty Korean traditional style Ho Mi, this product is a hand-forged gardening stool. The package also consists of a pair of latex-dipped working glove.

It has sharp features, making it perfect for weeding, planting, moving soil, cutting, digging holes, and more. Plus, it also works as a shovel.

Its design is sturdy yet lightweight.

You may also give this product as gifts for your loved ones.

Many customers are loving this iARTidea product. One of them said how it lets them weed effectively without disturbing the vegetables in their garden.

Another customer, jenguin, said this Korean-style garden hoe helped them garden even when suffering from chronic pain.

We’re stoked to let you see the other products in store for you at iARTidea. Keep on reading.

Rainbow unicorn birthday cake topper

6. Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Cake Topper

iARTidea is also for the whole family. Are you tired of the same old cake topper during your birthdays or the celebrations of your loved ones? With this iARTidea rainbow unicorn birthday cake topper, it is more fun to surprise yourself or your loved ones during the most important occasions in their lives.

This rainbow unicorn birthday cake topper reads “Happy Birthday” in a sparkling gold coat with a design of the unicorn and lollipop. The material is acrylic. Plus, it is also a reusable cake topper you can use over and over again, saving you money.

Have this rainbow unicorn cake topper for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, debuts, glalas, and so much more.

How does this product fare among customers? Well, one customer shared how it perfectly matched their daughter’s unicorn-themed birthday party. They highly recommend this product for others to give this a try.

Kabuki brush

7. Kabuki Brush

Here’s another makeup product at iARTidea that will surely impress you. The iARTidea kabuki brush works with your liquid makeup, and more.

It is made with superior quality and highly-durable material, plus a combination of soft, comfortable synthetic fiber and heavy-duty plastic handle. With these, it is very easy to clean.

It features an extra large brush surface with enhanced covering capacity, and an ergonomic easy grip design for added precision. The brush provides superior compact coverage, saving you time and energy.

Use the makeup brush with your liquid foundation, cream, blush powder, pressed powder, BB cream, and so much more.

It also comes with a protective case for added portability.

Give this product as a present to your friends and loved ones, for many occasions.

Many customers who have bought this product are loving it.

Did you love these products at iARTidea? You will love it even more when you get to know this amazing information.

Bonus Content: New iARTidea Product Coming Soon!

If you think those are all of what you can get from iARTidea, think again. The company continuously expands day by day to enhance the solutions it offers, from its products to its services. Take a look at this new iARTidea product coming soon, the Shark Slipper.

New product coming soon! Shark slipper

This super soft shark slipper is designed and shaped like a mini shark, and wearing this, it is as if your feet have been bitten by the shark. This is the perfect way to keep your feet warm during the winter season. It is also a great gift for your friends and loved ones.

This product will be available on iARTidea in a few days. When it is launched, the discount code will also be available.

iARTidea, here to make your life more meaningful to live. Time to shop now at iARTidea.