Pirate Ship finally added UPS! Pirate Ship VS. Shipstation

Christmas is coming, and many sellers are preparing their stocks and delaying shipping duration. Last year was a disaster to deliver the product. We used USPS 3 days shipping. However, it was delivered after two weeks. UPS was not the perfect solution yet, but it was not worse. After our shipping team figured out that all our products were delayed arrival time, we decided to use the UPS or FedEx even though it was a much higher rate. If you are a new seller and do not have a sale many sales a day, we highly recommend using the Pirate Ship website to purchase a shipping label.

Pirate Ship


Purchase label, there is no wait

The best part of purchasing labels not inside of the USPS office, you can save time and money.

Pirate Ship Website (Service) is free

It's free to register and ready to use right away.

Huge discounted shipping label price

If you purchase labels straight from the Amazon or eBay platform, the price will be about the same or lesser. If you sell products that the platform doesn't offer a label discount, you can try Pirate Ship.

Recently added UPS shipping option

During the Christmas season, you will be suffered and be stressed by complaints from customers because of delaying arrival time. It really happened to sellers who use only USPS. So, adding UPS to the Pirate Ship gives a huge plus to the sellers.

Comparison between ShipStation and Pirate Ship

We used the Pirate Ship a few years ago when we didn't have sufficient orders a day. Our team was working on adding customers' shipping information manually to purchase USPS shipping labels. But, we had to switch to the Shipstation since we expanded more platforms to sell and received orders a lot more. We were no longer had the time to input information manually.

Shipstation integrates with so many other platforms. When we get orders, we get notifications. We choose the shipping option and one-click to print the labels. Everything works automatically.

But, we recommend Pirate Ship?

Yes, a certain time only. If you receive a lot more sales a day, you will be tired and make some mistakes. Instead of spending too much of your time printing labels, we recommend using software such as Shipstation that does all the hard work for you thoroughly.

If you are a beginner seller, of course, Pirate Ship will be your best friend.

Why not use the ShipStation from the beginning?

Of course, you can use the Shipstation. But save your money even a little for you; we recommend the Pirate Ship. Shipstation needs to register and pay monthly for their service; Pirate ship is free.

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WordHero Vs. Rytr: Better Copywriting For Your Business is important to propel your business to success. It is very crucial for any business to have a great copy. Without the copy or the written material, the business is more likely to fail. This is because the copy, which is done via copywriting, often is responsible for introducing the products or the services that the business offers to the customers.


The copy usually entertains the readers, resonates with them, and also encourages them to take action. As what has been discussed earlier, a good copy provides the opportunity for the business to promote their products in a very effective manner to the audience who are ready to listen to what you have to say.

Among the reasons why good copy is a powerful tool for the business include being able to sell to your customers, create a lasting relationship with the audience, transform the business’ products into must-haves, distinguish the business from its competitors, provide measurable results, make the business unique, and give your business the opportunity to embrace your trademark.

There are several benefits of copywriting for the business. These advantages include building the image of the business, forming an emotional bond with the audience through brand story, and bringing out the personality of the brand. It also offers other benefits including edging out the competitors, helping the business rank higher on Google, and presenting information in a highly persuasive manner. Aside from these, other advantages of copywriting are urging the readers to take action, maximizing the Return on investment, and protecting the business from the consequences of bad copywriting.

AI copywritign

The Emergence Of Copywriting Platforms Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, great copy is not just done manually by the writers. There are several businesses that are now invested in software run by artificial intelligence or AI when creating copy for their products and services.

Writing software are software tools that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in order to speed up and support the process of high-quality content. These platforms play a significant role in the industry that is, content marketing.

With the use of AI writing software, a business can create blog articles faster, write better emails, and polish the text better to capture the attention of the readers. AI-based copywriting tools help the business with almost everything, from grammar and synonyms to context, sentence style and structure.

Among the most popular AI writing software in the industry today are Jarvis, Grammarly, Wordtune, ProWritingAid, Sapling, AI Writer, Articoolo, Text Blaze, WordHero, and Rytr, among many others.

In this article, you will get to know two of the most promising AI writing software that are used by several businesses worldwide, WordHero and Ryter.


In this section, you will get to know the overview of what the two copywriting software can do.


WordHero: Overview

WordHero pertains to the simulation of the human intelligence process via a programmed machine, particularly computers. This writing software provides unlimited ideas. The writer or the business does not have to worry about running out of words.

This software also has powerful tools for branding and labeling, offering a clever guide for crafting your lines. Plus, it offers a complete suite of over 40 writing tools with new tools added each week to help the business create top-notch blogs, social media captions, emails, advertisements, sales copies, product summers, and a whole lot more.

WordHero is simple and intelligent to use. You can get a new draft filled with information and ideas to write about. You can also specify the topic you want to write about. It gives you content-rich research and an information-dense report.


Rytr: Overview

On the other hand, Rytr, also an AI copywriting tool, can generate content for marketing-based networking sites, content creations, blog posts, and so much more. Created to provide highly engaging, relevant, and great quality content in a matter of a few seconds, Rytr offers a free-to-use option.

Using Rytr, businesses can get high-quality content in just a few seconds, while they provide the topics and suggestions. With the guidelines that the user provides, the software will do the work that usually takes hours to complete.

Rytr also has built-in layouts and outlines for the desired content, so the business can choose for all the variants according to your liking, and select one based on your preferences.


Now that you have learned about the overview of WordHero and Rytr, we will proceed to the discussion of its features. What can the software do? This section also includes an enumeration of the pros and cons of WordHero and Rytr.

WordHero: Pros And Cons


  • Has an easy-to-use working space
  • The software updates its features every now and then
  • Speed up time for the writing for your content marketing
  • Generates articles rapidly at any scale
  • Be able to generate an unlimited amount of content each month


  • There are users who noticed content quality needs to improve in particular areas
  • Lacking particular functions
  • Too premature to take over human copywriting

WordHero: Features

The first of the many features of WordHero is for the business’ blog content. In just a few clicks, you can generate blog ideas, outlines, introductions, and so much more for your blog content.

The software also provides unlimited suggestions for marketing ideas, social media captions, headlines, Facebook ad descriptions, Google ads, and email.

If you are eyeing creating sales copies, WordHero will generate offer ideas for your funnels and product descriptions. Plus, it has amazing features that will let you turn ideas into sales copies.

Aside from writing for you, this AI software also produces unlimited suggestions for your business, marketing, offers, brand names, and so much more.

If you are a creative writer or music composer, WordHero also helps in writing unlimited poetry, song lyrics, fictional story ideas, book titles, and a wide range of descriptions. Plus, the software updates and adds more features every now and then.

Rytr: Pros And Cons


  • Has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Available as a Chrome extension
  • Provides over 18 tones and more than 30 languages
  • GPT-3 + fine-tuned model
  • Available for a free trial
  • Features a team management system
  • Application Programming Interface is present
  • Soon launching image generation and SEO features


  • Users noticed limitations caused by the API

Rytr: Features

One of the amazing features of Rytr is its clean user interface and UI that is also easy to navigate. Their UI is also responsive, wherein, users can easily curate their content while on their devices. A pop-up and full-screen mode are available as options to let you customize the way you want to use the software.

Because of this user interface, it is easy to use, and any person can get started with the software. There is no need to have technical skills and know-how to be able to generate content from Rytr.

Moreover, there are several languages and tones the user can toggle while they are generating content. With this feature, they can create the content in the language they want the content to be, and at any available tone of writing.

With the software, users can also select how many variants they want for the text. However, this feature requires the user to avail of credits if they are using the free plan. This is why it is recommended for them to upgrade to the premium plan to make the best out of the platform. You will get to know more of these a little later on.

Many users are looking for features in the software that will let them collaborate with their teams. This AI copywriting software has this. It features a way wherein, the team can add their inputs and collaborate on the content you create.

Rytr also features a history where all the content you create is saved. Users never have to worry about the possibility that their content may have been lost. Fetch your content from the history feature. There is also the option to remove a specific item from the history.


Pricing is a very important consideration when you are ready to purchase a product, such as this software. What should be your budget when purchasing writing software like WordHero and Rytr? Here are the details.

WordHero: Pricing

On the official website of WordHero, you can choose whether to pay annually or pay monthly. If you want to pay annually, the price is $29 per month billed annually. This is known as the Pro Unlimited pricing tier.

If you want to pay monthly, the price of this Pro Unlimited monthly payment option is $49 per month. Both options will give you unlimited copy, access to all the writing tools, 24/7 priority support, and more. You can cancel anytime.

NEW UPDATE: SPECIAL DEAL PRICE, LIFETIME. If you don’t find the lifetime deal, it’s expired.

Rytr: Pricing

For Rytr, they either have the option of paying $29 per month or $290 per year. When you choose to pay using the second option, you can get your two months for free.

NEW UPDATE: SPECIAL DEAL PRICE, LIFETIME. If you don’t find the lifetime deal, it’s expired.

Both options already provide you with the capability to generate unlimited characters, access over 30 use cases, write in over 30 languages, and access over 20 tones. This also provides you with a dedicated account manager, priority email and chat support, and access to the premium community.

Copywriting is indeed, very important for the business. Without great copy, your business is missing a lot compared to what its competitors have. Today, there are several innovations in technology that will help the business create high-quality copy while saving up on time and resources. Consider having these two impressive software in your business.