It’s The Black Friday Sale On AppSumo! Here Are What’s In Store For You

AppSumo, a daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services, is one of the brands participating in the biggest sale of the year in the United States and worldwide too, Black Friday.

Black Friday 2021 has started. And though this is celebrated yearly, this year’s edition cannot wait to become memorable with the new things offered this year.

Black Friday is the sales weekend following Thanksgiving day and has been associated with post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas shopping. Both brick and mortar stores and online stores are participating in this sale. People receive attractive discounts at stores all over America during this time.

Black Friday pertains to a colloquial term for the Friday following Thanksgiving celebrations. On this day, offline and online stores offer their products at huge discounts to consumers. Oftentimes, stores open literally very early, sometimes as early as midnight or even on Thanksgiving day to start their Black Friday sale.

AppSumo is one of the brands, among the online brands, offering great deals and discounts this Black Friday 2021. In this article, we will take a look at what’s in store for you shoppers at AppSumo, plus the reasons why you should get started shopping on AppSumo today.

AppSumo Black Friday sale
AppSumo Black Friday sale

The Biggest Deals Are In AppSumo On Black Friday!

AppSumo has the goal to provide opportunities to entrepreneurs and everybody. It is the platform millions and more entrepreneurs and consumers visit for everything they need to launch a successful business.

Here at AppSumo, you can discover, buy, and sell the products you need to level up your business skills and create a lifestyle you are passionate about. They believe you do not need an enterprise budget or a huge team to be able to build a business.

With AppSumo, all you need is the drive to make everything happen. It’s all about the possibilities.

Here is how it works at AppSumo.

Basically, AppSumo is your daily deals website that is specifically for digitally-delivered goods and services. It is compared to Groupon, but with an online business-to-business or B2B perspective.

There are two ways to make the most out of AppSumo. First, entrepreneurs can sell digital products and services as they partner with AppSumo. They offer these products at great discounts, thereby attracting more customers. These customers can try their offerings. Potentially, they become recurring customers.

The second way is how entrepreneurs can browse through the various offers available on the website. AppSumo is a platform that offers affordable and sometimes even free products and services to help grow their businesses. There are video editing services, project management systems, social media tools, and so much more.

See What’s In Store For You At AppSumo For Black Friday

There are several types of software you can purchase from AppSumo this Black Friday sale. Also present are tools for your business and the newest arrivals. There are also products to scale your agency and cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, there are also digital goods for starting a sideline and improving your creativity. Plus, there are goods for improving your workplace productivity or your marketing teams. There are also products for content creators and designers. And so much more.

Here are some of the software and products offered on AppSumo this Black Friday 2021 at huge discounts. on AppSumo

This is a video marketing platform that merges a first-rate online editing toolkit, cloud-based video hosting, and a landing page builder in a single platform. It is ideal for making, repurposing, and publishing videos not just on websites, but also on blogs, social media, and emails. This is a game-changer for businesses that aim to increase Return on investment for each state of their marketing funnels using videos. Purchase this software on AppSumo this Black Friday.

PublishDrive on AppSumo


This software is co-founded in 2015 by Forbes-rated entrepreneur Kinga Jentetics as a response to her struggle in publishing her Master’s thesis. The company was assisted by Google Launchpad, an incubator service offering six months of mentoring and funding directly by Google.

It offers services that include book formatting and uploading, marketing, distribution, and payment and sales reports. Order it now on AppSumo.



When it comes to marketing the right way, finding what works, and what does not, things boil down to what your customers are thinking and how to encourage them to buy what you offer.

TruConversion is a simple, easy-to-use tool that can track data about how your visitors interact with your website. You use this date to enhance your marketing efforts.

It provides a wide range of features. Among these are heat maps that showcase which parts of your websites are most viewed. There are also session recordings that let you see how customers interact with your site. Plus, it offers form analytics, among many others, showing how well your forms are working. Head over to AppSumo today to catch the Black Friday deal for TrueConversion.



This is your Google Sheets add-on, enabling you to make it simpler to automatically pull data to spreadsheets in just a few clicks. This software allows users to connect a data source to your spreadsheets, so it auto-populates in Google Sheets.

With this platform, you can link your Google Sheets to more than 21 data sources, including marketing platforms, Application Programming Interfaces or APIs, databases, web scrapers, and so much more. With KPIBess, you will never need to copy and paste into spreadsheets ever again. Make your spreadsheets work for you. Find this software now on AppSumo.

Are you aiming at keeping your customers engaged? pertains to the software utilized to create an online community platform to keep your customers engaged.

This software provides tools to customize your brands according to color, icon, and many more. You can also use this software to engage the community with discussion forums, quests, levels, profile rewards, and other gamified features. It supports various devices. This is perfect for businesses of various scales. Avail of this software now this Black Friday on AppSumo.



It is touted in the industry as one of the leading sales enablement and automation platforms. It has the goal to transform everyday sales and marketing.

The Sales.Rocks Database provides full profiles for over 115 million companies and over 200 million contacts from over 213 countries across the globe.

With the combination of amazing tools and features, Sales.Rocks automates the entire processes via drip campaigns for hyper-personalization and LinkedIn automation. It also offers verification tools and is available as a Chrome extension. These make it your one-stop solution when it comes to your sales and marketing teams’ needs. Get this to be yours this Black Friday 2021 on AppSumo.



On the other hand, Aryel is a Software As a Service or SaaS platform that helps brands and creative agencies easily launch the most engaging Web Augmented Reality or WebAR marketing campaigns. These are done with their drag-and-drop features, enabling users to publish them via a simple custom URL.

With this software, users can also measure goals and conversions. They may also connect the campaign with the most popular marketing tools.

Today, over 500 agencies and brands are using Aryel. Join the many who are getting the advantages of the software. Purchase Aryel on AppSumo today.



This is a software that lets you grow your customer base with mobile-first landing pages, without the need for coding.

It lets you create these landing pages quickly, increasing your profits. Users can edit and manage their campaigns with built-in analytics tools. This platform is best for eCommerce sellers, marketers, and website owners who want to create landing pages that better convert visitors into customers. Own this today by purchasing it this Black Friday on AppSumo.

There are more products in store for you at AppSumo, not just the list above. Should you want to know more about their catalog for Black Friday 2021, visit this link.

Black Friday

Why You Must Purchase Software From AppSumo

There are tons of reasons why you should go out there, open your devices, and purchase products from AppSumo.

The platform offers a free return of their products in 60 days. If there are things you do not like about the products you purchase, you can return them.

Many of the software sold at AppSumo are high-quality ones. If you need tools that will scale up your business, enabling you to attain your endeavors, AppSumo is the place to be.

Save tons of money when you choose to purchase the software you want from AppSumo. There are several products that are offered with a lifetime deal, or a one-time purchase, which means you never have to pay repeatedly so you can continuously use the software.

AppSumo, as what has been discussed earlier, helps developers launch these software for the benefit of their businesses, or many of their goals.

Affiliate marketers may also earn monthly commissions when they choose AppSumo as the platform to promote their products.

There you have it, everything you need to know about the Black Friday sale at App Sumo.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy Black Friday, everyone!

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StoryChief Review: What It Is, The Notable Features, And Benefits

StoryChief is one of the most widely preferred software in today’s market when it comes to producing not just the best, but the most effective copies for your business, attracting people and urging them to purchase your products and services. Here is the software review about StoryChief.

StoryChief official website

Importance Of Effective Copy For Your Business

Effective copy does not happen overnight. This refers to writing that is able to convert new customers into buying customers, should you be utilizing your copy for business purposes. Sure, you can produce the copy within a few hours. But, the process by which it can attract people and urge them to take action, such as purchasing your products, services and offers, usually takes time.

Manually, you will be required to look for leads and where to send or post the copy after writing it. You may commit your time to emailing individuals and businesses who might be willing to publish the copy or the article. There are times when you need to edit and revise the copy for several hours or even several days only to make sure it is not only written well, but also can convert new customers into buying customers. In other words, everything about this aspect is stressful.

However, ensuring you have the greatest and the most effective articles for your business is a must. The copy is like an ingredient you should not miss in your recipe, because you will not be able to get to the final product without it.

Advantages Of Great Copy

Copywriting or good copy is important because this can drive profitability. With good copy, your business earns a favorable Return on investment or ROI. It is able to help achieve your business’ goals through convincing your target customer that your products will provide solutions to what they need, as well as offer them with great value.

Among the advantages of getting your business with a good copy are ensuring it is based on your niche, reinforcing your branding, providing you with value-driven content, and keeping the audience in mind. In these ways, you will be able to reach out to more customers with good copy.

From Point A To Point B: Utilizing Software

Yet, you need to get from point A to point B. It takes time and resources to produce the perfect copy. But that does not mean you have to spend so much time giving your business the best copy it deserves.

Did you know there are platforms that will help you produce good and effective copies? These software will also enable you to save time and money looking for other platforms where you can spread the word out, because you can do it automatically. One of these platforms is StoryChief. In this detailed software review, you will get to know what StoryChief is, its noteworthy features, and why it is the best tool out there for copywriters. Are you excited to know about StoryChief?

StoryChief: Overview

StoryChief is regarded as a complete content marketing solution for your business. It is specifically built for business-to-business or B2B marketing teams and content agencies. StoryChief has the capability to let you focus on expanding your business with the help of content marketing.

Not only these, this platform will also centralize and distribute your articles and social media content. When these happen, you can grow your audience and generate more leads.

StoryChief will usher your business to getting 10 times more leads by working with its multi-channel approach in the most efficient way possible. Through this, you can save an estimated six hours of time on collaboration, approvals, and distribution of your content. Think about hiring a big media company for your content marketing. This is what generally StoryChief does. With these, you can reach 80 percent more engagement and internal motivation for creating high-quality content.

Before we head over to the discussion of the features of StoryChief, let us take a look at the pros and cons of the software. These details should help you decide whether StoryChief is right for your needs.


  • StoryChief is a great platform; Recommended for those looking to create and distribute content online
  • Offers a clean and simple-to-use interface
  • Allows individuals to make their posts search engine optimization- or SEO-friendly
  • Lets users integrate media elements into the post
  • Provides ease of sharing on social media


  • The UX/UI or User Experience Design and User Interface Design is not very easy to deal with
  • Adding links is a little bit confusing

StoryChief Features

Multi-Channel Marketing

One of the most stunning features of StoryChief is multi-channel marketing. With this, you can distribute your content across all channels. Plus, you can make sure your audience engages with your content regardless of where they are. Using this feature, you can save time distributing your content to the appropriate channels. End the necessity of manually preparing your content for publication across various channels. With StoryChief, you can simply select which features you would like your content to get published.

Content Collaboration

You will never want to miss out on hearing the opinion of your team members when producing your content, right? With this StoryChief feature, you can work together on content in one place. Let several people work together in creating the best content for your organization. Access the content collaboration workspace anytime.

Content Calendar

Aside from the multi-channel marketing and content collaboration features, StoryChief also has a content calendar to let you keep track of everything you do. From idea generation to publication, you can get a vivid overview not just of your content, but your social media as well. With this, you can plan your content and social media content well, improve your content workflow, and analyze the success of your campaigns.

SEO Copywriting

With StoryChief, you never have to use another software only to ensure you follow the best practices in search engine optimization for your content. With this feature, StoryChief claims it can increase your Google ranking by 300 percent. Sounds great? The software has a real-time SEO assistant, offers distraction-free writing, and tools that will let you measure and improve your content’s performance.

Analytics And Reporting

Several software offers analytics and reporting features which you will need to keep track of your work. How do they do it at StoryChief? With this feature, you can get actionable insights from your content. With this analytics feature, you can grow your reach, engagement, and sales. What are the other features at StoryChief? Keep on reading!

Social Media Management

StoryChief is beyond merely offering a platform for content creation and SEO. It is also the perfect tool for social media management. Be able to publish your content to all social media channels with just a few clicks. You can also schedule your posts and updates, and analyze the success of your campaigns.

Employee Advocacy

What is this StoryChief feature all about? Well, this feature allows you to share your content with your employees and their network without having a hard time. With this, you can give your employees a simple way to amplify your brand’s reach by sharing curated content across their social networks. You can take your engagement to a whole new level, and align your brand messaging appropriately.

Content Data Management

The days of spending so much time searching for content you remember from the past are over. With the content data management system of StoryChief, you can find the content you are looking for in no time. With this feature, you can also know the impact of your content, keep up with team deadlines, and so much more.


Now this is a very interesting one. Create a beautiful home for your brand that grows demand and interest in your products and services. This feature is also customizable without needing IT support.


Benefits Of Using StoryChief

Here are the benefits of using StoryChief.

1. Be Able To Produce SEO Content

StoryChief is a content creation platform and SEO tool rolled into one. Optimize your posts right from when you start writing. It offers suggestions on the length of text, positioning of keywords, links, images, and more. You can turn off this feature if you prefer to.

2. Manage Your Social Media

To be an effective digital marketer, you should have these tools: SEO, email, and social media. StoryChief allows you to create your post, and choose the channel where you want to publish your post. With emails connected to StoryChief, you can send notifications for your posts to your customers, plus more.

3. Manage Your Content

StoryChief provides you with an organized library of your content. It is easier to search for previous content and edit them. Plus, the software also allows you to track your leads, making your tasks a whole lot easier.

4. Publish Content

With StoryChief, you do not have to use multiple platforms only to publish your content across various channels. Save time. You may also post your content across your personal websites, and so much more.

5. Create Campaigns Successfully

Never have to spend so much time creating successful campaigns. StoryChief offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to begin and manage campaigns. You can also set up your campaign calendar.

6. Bonus: A Free Blogging Platform

Here is a bonus benefit from StoryChief. Get a free blogging platform that offers a wide range of features, including insights about keywords, featured searches, shout-out to authors, blog enhancements, real-time SEO scores, and connecting with leads.

Providing great copy for your business for the benefit of your customers takes a lot of time and resources. However, this does not mean you have to go through this lengthy process only to produce good articles for your business. Let StoryChief take over. StoryChief is your ultimate solution not only for helping you produce quality and effective content. It also is the way for you to save so much time looking for platforms where you can publish your content. Truly, StoryChief is your complete marketing solution.

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5 Ways To Gain Clients For An Insurance Business!

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How do you go about getting clients for your insurance business? There are lots of possibilities in today’s insurance marketplace for building a book of business.



The Amazing Power of Online Storage: Why You Need It, How To Get It And How To Use It!

The Amazing Power Of Online Storage

Online Storage – pCloud Black Friday Deal 2021

Did you know that nearly every American owns a digital camera and almost all of those photos get stored on some type of computer? What happens to all those pictures after we’re done taking them is anyone’s guess… but… it sure would be nice if they remained in a secure online location we could access at any time. Wouldn’t it?

A real-life example of how the power of online storage can help you protect and organize your important papers, photographs, mementos, and other heirlooms.


There are a few basic questions you should ask yourself when you are considering buying an online backup solution. Let’s examine these questions and see if we can’t help you decide what’s the best online backup solution for you.

What are your needs? Do you just need simple, reliable online storage or do you also need an automated backup solution that will let you restore your files instantly to any PC anywhere in the world? Do you need advanced features like file versioning, secure email integration and integrated FTP access? How much are you willing to spend? Are you prepared to pay for a quality solution or are you only interested in the absolute cheapest option? What we are talking about here is a long-term solution, not a “quick fix”. You should expect to pay at least $50 per month for a reliable online backup solution. Is $50/month expensive for you? Keep reading.

There are many good reasons why you should have a back-up of all your important data.

Let’s face it: We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable. There are earthquakes and hurricanes and other natural disasters that cause thousands upon thousands of property damage claims each and every year. There are also man-made disasters such as power outages, computer crashes, theft and even fire. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III), more than half (53%) of all U.S. households experienced some type of property damage during the last five years. What if your building does collapse? Or your house burns down to the ground? Do you have the right to complain if someone else buys your home at a fair market value price, fixes it up and then sells it for a large profit? No. You don’t. So why should it be any different with your data? After all, your data is your life. Without it, you’ll be dead.

Online storage is one of those little-understood but powerful forces in the digital world.

In this article, we will introduce an affordable and keep all your important data securely. If you can't wait to check what we will be introducing, click here for the PCloud Black Friday Deal price in 2021.

What is online storage?

online storage
Photographer: Ian Battaglia | Source: Unsplash

Online storage allows you to easily access your files from anywhere. Most likely, you use online storage for things like photos, music, videos, documents, and spreadsheets. It’s so handy, you can access your files on a computer, tablet, or even smartphone. Plus, since it’s online, you can access your files from any web browser.

There are many websites that offer this type of online storage. Two of the most well-known are Dropbox and Google Drive. You should use these services because they are so reliable and they are easy to use. The only thing you need to remember is that you need an account with each of these companies. You can sign up for a free account with either service, but if you want to upload a lot of data, you will need to pay the monthly fee. Here the pCloud comes in.

pCloud is another well-known online storage company; you can install their apps to your computer and mobile devices to backup automatically and sync any files anywhere easily as if Dropbox and Google drive. pCloud offers a one-time cost to keep all your data in a lifetime. Yes, no recurring payment. We, the iARTidea team, have been using the pCloud since we found the deal at Appsumo in 2017. We still use it and love it.

It’s easy to get started with either service. All you have to do is go to their website and follow the instructions. It won’t take long at all. After that, you’ll be able to access your files from anywhere. That means, even if you don’t have your computer or the files are on another computer, you’ll still be able to access them. You can also share your files with whomever you choose. They will be able to download them and keep them for as long as they want.

Why Online Storage Is So Important To Your Business

Why Online Storage?

“The benefits of online storage are endless. Not only can you use it to store your documents, photos and videos, but you can also use it as a virtual business card, a way to make yourself look more professional, and a place to safely park files that you don't want co-workers or clients to have access to.” – Dan S. Kennedy

Online storage, also known as cloud storage, is the practice of keeping files and other important data in multiple servers across many different geographic locations. This allows you to access your data from any device, anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s a critical tool for anyone who creates and distributes digital content, especially if that content is complex or requires frequent updates. Online storage is especially useful for bloggers, website owners, and small business owners who create a lot of content. It’s also great for business owners who conduct a lot of business via remote communication like email, phone, and video chat. Online storage is a necessary evil for anyone with even half a brain in the digital age. It’s like putting gas in your car—you never think you need it, but when you run out, you’ll be glad you had it. The same thing is true of online storage. You won’t ever think you need it, but when you find yourself drowning in paper clutter, having a few extra gigabytes or terabytes of cloud-based storage space will make all the difference between keeping your head above water and sinking like a stone.

Online storage is a necessity for everyone who uses the internet, even if they don’t realize it. Let’s say you are doing a lot of your work on your computer and you use Microsoft Word to write a report. If you save that file in your local hard drive, you will be able to access that document anytime you are at your computer. However, if you save that same document in your online storage, you will be able to access it from any computer with an internet connection. This means if you are on a plane or in a hotel room and you need to work on that report, you can do it without having to lug around a heavy bag full of stuff that makes up your “real” life. It also works great if you have multiple computers. Say you want to upload a book you have written onto your website. Instead of sending the file to one computer, which is prone to failure, you can send it to all your computers at the same time. Online storage makes a lot of things much easier. You can use it for backups, for sharing files, for storing data, and for just about anything else you can think of. There are several different types of online storage and today, we are going to concentrate on the two most popular types:

Free and After Free?

1. The free type and

2. The paid type. Let’s take a look at each of these in turn. FREE STUFF The first type of online storage is the free stuff. With this type of online storage, you get what you get for free… but… you get a lot less than what you get with the other type of online storage. For example, when you open a Gmail account, you will get a free 15GB of both email and data storage. If you use Google drive to save documents and text files only, 15GB will be more than sufficient for you. Assume you open the dropbox account. Dropbox may provide you with special extra storage for months or years. Dropbox wants you to experience their platform enough and not leave them after expiring their special extra storage. If you need more storage, they will start to charge recurring payments. To save your business budget, backup files, show a quick HTML website draft to your clients, embed images and videos to your websites to load faster, save and store any kinds of documents; we highly recommend pCloud.

Why pCloud is The Best Online Storage For Your Needs?


We decided to write this article because pCloud is now offering the Black Friday deal to save more bucks. Of course, we purchased extra storage yesterday. The price we are talking about is 2TB. $245 one-time payment was the same price we saw in 2017. In 2021, they offer the same price. If you need less storage, you can choose their 500GB deal which will be much cheaper.

Sync with your computer
  • Once you purchase the pCloud, you can sync with your mobile devices and computer, starting to backup all your files.
pCloud browser extension
  • pCloud has an extra feature you can save images, videos, audiobooks, and more with one click of a button.
  • You can drag and drop any files to the pCloud dashboard and start to organize by creating folders.
embed files
  • Not only that, in the public folder, you can use it as a hosting service to embed websites, images, videos, and documents.
Backup Social Media accounts
  • Do you want to backup your social media accounts? Not a problem. You can go to the settings; under the Backups, you will find where you can link your social media accounts.


if you’re not already using online storage, you should be. Not only does it cost less than traditional storage solutions, but you also get the added benefit of having access to your data from anywhere with an Internet connection. Not convinced? Check out these stats: Online storage is now being used by nearly 1/3 of all Internet users and almost half (48%) of all U.S. households with Internet access. Online storage is being used by businesses for just as many reasons as consumers—and for some businesses, even more so. For example, nearly 1/3 (31%) of business users store critical information that is needed to run their business on their online storage service. In fact, a recent study showed that 69% of businesses that use online storage indicate that it provides them with a significant competitive advantage. So, if you are not already using online storage, you should be. Not only will it make sense from an economic standpoint, it will also make sense from a safety and convenience standpoint. You can access your data from anywhere you have Internet access–even if you are offline. This means that even if your computer crashes or you lose your hard drive, you will still have access to all your important data. Plus, you don’t have to worry about protecting your physical storage device from theft, fire, water damage, or other disasters. pCloud Online storage is quick and easy to set up, and you will find tons of benefits using it.

If you want to get in on this “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”, click here now to claim your pCloud Black Friday Special Deal. If you don't see any deals, that means it's expired. You may find some other deals here.

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iARTidea Products: A Comprehensive Guide

iARTidea is gearing up for this year’s Black Friday. What are the products on sale in the catalog? In this comprehensive guide, we will take you to the entire catalog of iARTidea, discussing the product details and the customers who love these products. Many of these products are also great holiday gift ideas. We are just as thrilled as you are, so hop on as we learn about the catalog.

Black Friday

Revel In The Black Friday Event With iARTidea

Black Friday is fast approaching, once again. If you have not yet encountered or have not yet heard about this day, it is not something like a negative one, since it talks about Friday being black. For many who have gone through Black Friday over and over again each day, it is a reason to celebrate. Why? Read on.

This day, Black Friday, refers to the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It is also traditionally a holiday for many employees. But beyond this, Black Friday is typically a day filled with special shopping deals and great discounts. Many companies are doing their best to offer as much as they could, and the reason why they do everything to increase the Black Friday deals being offered. Black Friday is touted as the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

The iARTidea Catalog

One of the many stores participating in the Black Friday sale is iARTidea. The iARTidea community has been gathering the most talented and dedicated developers, marketers, and designers to offer online services to local businesses since 2011. They also offer products designed to enhance the consumers’ daily lives. Today, iARTidea is continuously expanding worldwide, introducing to various businesses the most powerful eCommerce, online, and offline solutions.

“To live in the digital world visually helps gain and deliver unique information faster and easier. We, the iARTidea team, centers on online and offline business owners so each day, they win their goals,” says iARTidea.

From mini desk calendars for 2022 to kabuki brushes for makeup, there are so many products to choose from at iARTidea.

Life can get so unnerving. The hustle and bustle of daily life can be stressful. But you should not let these stresses hinder you from doing what you love and winning each day. This has been one of the goals of iARTidea. Thus, they provide products designed to help you live your life easier and with less stress.

There are mini desk calendars that will keep you on track of your daily schedule, makeup brushes that will unleash your beauty, self-defense alarm keychain kits that will keep you protected wherever you go, home workout ropes that will keep you fit all the time, Korean-style garden hoes for everybody who loves gardening, rainbow unicorn birthday cake toppers, and so much more.

Complete List Of The iARTidea Products

Now, those seemed to have preempted you from what you can get at iARTidea. Let us not stall things. Without further ado, here are the most well-loved products in the iARTidea catalog available on Amazon.

Mini desk calendar

1. Mini Desk Calendar 2022

Never miss out on any important date, and plan your vacations well and perfectly with the iARTidea mini desk calendar 2022. This stand-up flip desk calendar is designed with vibrant colors, and hand-painted with floral designs, plus more. These are perfect on top of your office desks and study tables.

Furthermore, this desk calendar for 2022 features a month per page, and each page has a different hand-painted multi-colored cute dog image.

The details are printed on high-quality glossy paper.

It is a slim and portable flip desk calendar perfect for use in your own residence, on the table in your office, in the industrial warehouse, near your desktop computer, in school, and so much more. It also features easy-to-turn pages and has integrated triangular stands.

Not only these, the backside of the calendar is a white blank space where you can write notes and reminders, making your life incredibly easier.

This mini desk calendar is also the perfect gift for Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day, birthdays, or a gift to the most important people in your life. Show your love and appreciation to your mom, dad, kids, teacher, co-worker, boss, classmates, and colleagues with this beautiful calendar.

Customers love the mini desk calendar, as well as other products at iARTidea. One of them noted how the calendar does not take up so much space while on the desk.

Let us get to iARTidea product number two.

High-end makeup brushes

2. High-End Makeup Brushes

Are you tired of using makeup brushes that only worsen the situation? If you are, you better change your ways. These iARTidea high-end makeup brushes provide excellent coverage and precise application.

It is very affordable, but never compromises on the quality. It is made with high-quality materials and comes from trustworthy suppliers.

This makeup brush set has the brushes you need to apply your makeup beautifully without taking too much time and effort. The brushes are designed with soft, synthetic bristles, carefully-shaped for a precise application and uniform coverage.

It also features a pink brush applicator and a shiny rose gold ergonomic handle that are easy to use. They are perfect for contouring, shading, eyeshadow application, correcting imperfections, and so much more.

Bring this makeup brush set wherever you go. It comes with a travel case. Thus, it is easy to bring whether you are taking on a trip, attending a dinner date, or for many other purposes.

Customer Bea K D loves this product because of its high-quality. On the other hand, Brandon also commended the product because of being easy to use especially for beginners.

Self-defense alarm keychain kit

3. Self-Defense Alarm Keychain Kit

Protect yourself wherever you go with this iARTidea self-defense alarm keychain kit. Toggle or press the button on the product, and it releases a 130 dB loud sound, enough to draw attention from a far distance.

It is also portable and easy to carry. Its lightweight features make it ideal either for short or long travels, night jogging, or outdoor activities at night.

But what, there are more. It comes with the LED flashlight, perfect for illuminating dark spaces, lighting up your path or simply finding lost items in the dark.

This is also ideal as a gift for your loved ones.

One customer gave this iARTidea product as a gift to his sister. His sister loves it. She tells him how she feels much safe now when walking outdoors, carrying this handheld alarm.

What are the other products in the catalog?

Home workout ropes

4. Home Workout Ropes

There are a lot of life-threatening things happening outdoors these times. Those who are keen about always working out have considered doing this at home. Moreover, fortunately, there are several home workout products that you can use, and can provide you with lasting benefits for your health.

The iARTidea home workout ropes are created for building endurance, stamina, and speed. It also improves muscle tone throughout your body. Whether for basic or intense training sessions, these home workout ropes are perfect.

Many of those who purchased this product have used this for boxing, mixed martial arts, cross-training, and so much more.

These portable and easy-to-use home workout ropes will tone and shape your body. It can tone and tighten the waist, legs, and arms, as well as relaxes the shoulder. It also helps in stretching and flexibility training.

Its design includes foam handles for a more comfortable grip. It also features a four-piece elastic tension band for strength.

The materials include environment foam and natural latex, making this product safe and durable.

iARTidea customer on Amazon diane lucchetti says it is a “very nice set.”

Korean-style garden hoe

5. Korean-Style Garden Hoe

Are you into gardening? You better make sure you have this iARTidea Korean-style garden hoe.

Also known as Hommy or Homi-Heavy Duty Korean traditional style Ho Mi, this product is a hand-forged gardening stool. The package also consists of a pair of latex-dipped working glove.

It has sharp features, making it perfect for weeding, planting, moving soil, cutting, digging holes, and more. Plus, it also works as a shovel.

Its design is sturdy yet lightweight.

You may also give this product as gifts for your loved ones.

Many customers are loving this iARTidea product. One of them said how it lets them weed effectively without disturbing the vegetables in their garden.

Another customer, jenguin, said this Korean-style garden hoe helped them garden even when suffering from chronic pain.

We’re stoked to let you see the other products in store for you at iARTidea. Keep on reading.

Rainbow unicorn birthday cake topper

6. Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Cake Topper

iARTidea is also for the whole family. Are you tired of the same old cake topper during your birthdays or the celebrations of your loved ones? With this iARTidea rainbow unicorn birthday cake topper, it is more fun to surprise yourself or your loved ones during the most important occasions in their lives.

This rainbow unicorn birthday cake topper reads “Happy Birthday” in a sparkling gold coat with a design of the unicorn and lollipop. The material is acrylic. Plus, it is also a reusable cake topper you can use over and over again, saving you money.

Have this rainbow unicorn cake topper for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, debuts, glalas, and so much more.

How does this product fare among customers? Well, one customer shared how it perfectly matched their daughter’s unicorn-themed birthday party. They highly recommend this product for others to give this a try.

Kabuki brush

7. Kabuki Brush

Here’s another makeup product at iARTidea that will surely impress you. The iARTidea kabuki brush works with your liquid makeup, and more.

It is made with superior quality and highly-durable material, plus a combination of soft, comfortable synthetic fiber and heavy-duty plastic handle. With these, it is very easy to clean.

It features an extra large brush surface with enhanced covering capacity, and an ergonomic easy grip design for added precision. The brush provides superior compact coverage, saving you time and energy.

Use the makeup brush with your liquid foundation, cream, blush powder, pressed powder, BB cream, and so much more.

It also comes with a protective case for added portability.

Give this product as a present to your friends and loved ones, for many occasions.

Many customers who have bought this product are loving it.

Did you love these products at iARTidea? You will love it even more when you get to know this amazing information.

Bonus Content: New iARTidea Product Coming Soon!

If you think those are all of what you can get from iARTidea, think again. The company continuously expands day by day to enhance the solutions it offers, from its products to its services. Take a look at this new iARTidea product coming soon, the Shark Slipper.

New product coming soon! Shark slipper

This super soft shark slipper is designed and shaped like a mini shark, and wearing this, it is as if your feet have been bitten by the shark. This is the perfect way to keep your feet warm during the winter season. It is also a great gift for your friends and loved ones.

This product will be available on iARTidea in a few days. When it is launched, the discount code will also be available.

iARTidea, here to make your life more meaningful to live. Time to shop now at iARTidea.


Something good about the AI content writing

AI content writing

AI content writing

When I write an article, I think the 300~500 words are easy. But more than 500 words will be a little more adventure. We hired full-time and part-time copywriters to write more than 1500 words per article. Because to write an informative article will need time to research and put lots of effort in it.

We keep testing the AI content writing software. Somehow, we believe this software provides the quickness to pull out the information and ideas. It seems to make us the shortcut and complete the article much faster. It doesn't mean that you will not need research. You will need to add some researched data to the article and expand it by using AI.

We recently wrote so many articles about the AI content writing. If you are interested in our honest opinion, please feel free to visit our blog site.


UPS & USPS problems during the holiday season



Every year in the holiday season, we sellers are getting busy checking the stocks and covering the high volume sales. Our 2020 Christmas was crazy to take care of exploded sales.

We are selling products on our website, Amazon warehouse, and Walmart warehouse. We did not have time to make bundles and ship products to other 3rd party warehouses. We had to rush to deliver from our warehouse directly to our customers.

And, the problem occurred.

  1. USPS and UPS delayed delivery time and lost packages
  2. USPS and UPS increased their delivery rate

We might choose other carriers, but the delivery rate will be much higher.

So, we used the software to follow up each package tracking information to ensure the customer received it on time. If it delays, our team contacts the customer about why it's delaying, and we let them know we keep monitoring them. Of course, we have added a prominent note on our sales listings that each package may slow the delivery time. There is always extra work, but it's better not to lose our customers' trust even though they may ask for a refund. Generally, not many customers requested the money back. They appreciated sending a message and notified.

If you are a new seller, you will find out USPS and UPS will increase their rate, and you will start to worry about why all packages are not delivered on time. It's ok. It's normal. Just make sure to handle nicely with your customers.

Please make sure to visit our blog to read more information.

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Sociamonials Vs. Social Web Suite: The Power Of Social Media

Social media is changing the way businesses introduce and promote their products and services to consumers, taking this to the next level. Before, businesses had to commit to word-of-mouth marketing, and the traditional methods of promotions. These include print, newspapers, radio, and television. They are more challenging when you want to successfully reach out to consumers. Now, there is social media to promote products, services, and offers in a much faster way. Several people are on social media.

According to statistics from Backlinko, there are almost five billion people using social media worldwide in 2021. This is an increase of 13.13 percent year-on-year from 3.69 billion in 2020. In 2015, they said there were only around two billion users. From that year until this year,in six years, the increase is at an estimated and whopping 115 percent.

Before we head over to the software review, let us take a look at the importance of social media marketing.

The Power Of Social Media

The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Considering the insights you learned above, it is extremely important for a business to have a robust way of utilizing social media. This is known as social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing pertains to using social media platforms, as well as websites, in order for you to promote a product or service. This may also be referred to as e-marketing or digital marketing, but the term social media marketing is more popular among practitioners and those who study about this.

What is the importance of social media marketing? Social media allows marketers and entrepreneurs to connect and engage with potential customers where they are at. Among the most popular platforms today are LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Coupled with a social media strategy and the capability to create content that is engaging, marketers can be able to engage their audience. If they want them to buy their products, they will be able to do so with social media.

Social Media
Social Media

Why Businesses Need Various Social Media Accounts

Moreover, individuals and businesses will get better results when they have multi-channels on social media, or different social media accounts. It simply follows the concept of having more for the better. Moreover, Google loves to push the rank that has healthy backlinks continuously updates the new content so that your business websites and social media accounts could be exposed to organic traffics.

Specifically, having multiple social media websites will offer the opportunity for you to keep track of what people say about you. Plus, customers will also get the opportunity to send you direct messages. Yes! Customer service makes a huge difference in your sales volume.

How Does Content Impact The Business And What Are The Best Types Of Content You Can Share On Social Media?

Take note that it is not enough to just post a lot on social media. You need to ensure what your postings are good content.

The content you create has the capability to create the message you are communicating. Thus, the content can educate and emotionally approach your readers, listeners, viewers or audience, and persuade them to take action by purchasing your products and services over your competitors. As a matter of fact, providing content that is of high quality is among the most important things you can do to attract clients and let them generate interest in your business.

Here are the best contents you can share on social media:

  • Written posts, blogs, articles, and guides
  • eBooks
  • Images
  • Videos, video stories, and live videos
  • Infographics
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Announcements
  • Contests
  • Holidays
  • And limitless

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

It is important for businesses to ensure they do the best social media marketing practices, since these are beneficial for the business’ success.

With social media marketing, your business can increase brand awareness among its team and its customers, get more inbound traffic, improve your rankings on search engines like Google, and get higher conversion rates. The advantages also include being able to achieve better customer satisfaction, enhance loyalty to your brand, garner more brand authority, and gain marketplace insights. You also get thought leadership with social media marketing, and it is more cost-effective.

Posting on social media without the right tools is far different from posting on these platforms when you have the right tools. Are you tired of continuously and daily posting your content on social media without getting results or conversations? Fortunately, there are tools to help you out.

In this article, we will take a look at two of the most widely preferred platforms that will make you ace your social media management. This is whether for your individual use or for your business. Meet Socialmonials and Social Web Suite. Read on.

Sociamonials website
Sociamonials website

What Is Sociamonials?

Socialmonials considers themselves as the most complete social media marketing platform around. Users can schedule posts, and run referral and engagement campaigns with this tool. They can post on various platforms, like Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The software also lets you auto-repost.

Plus, you can launch mobile-optimized campaigns like photo and video contests, as well as viral referral sweepstakes are proven to build your email list and engage your followers. It provides you with a dashboard to track every step of your campaign and social media post-performance.

Now that you have learned the overview of what the first software is, let us take a look at the second in this software review.

Social Web Suite website
Social Web Suite website

What Is Social Web Suite?

Meanwhile, Social Web Suite has the capability for the user to integrate everything in a social media platform, as easy as using WordPress. It allows individuals and businesses to auto-post on various social media platforms, plus, offers a shared messaging feature designed to look great on the social media accounts.

Perfect for business owners, content creators, and social media managers, Social Web Suite can promote your products well. It is also easy to configure as you will only need to connect the store with Social Web Suite through the WordPress plugin.

What are the other things you can do with this software? It also allows users to set schedules, post on various social media platforms, and in turn, also post the content on WordPress without any hassle.

Having said these, what are the features of Socialmonials and Social Web Suite?

Social Web Suite
Social Web Suite

Features For Social Media Management And Marketing

Sociamonials: Features

Sociamonials is a built-in customer relationship management that offers full activity profiles of each member, including their social connections, advocacy ranking, purchases, and so much more.

This platform also enables users to design white label viral sweepstakes, video contests, photo contests, essay contests, video testimonials, and more without any knowledge on coding.

Its streamlined moderation features let users approve user-generated content or UGC via their mobile phones to protect their brand and thus, avoid any embarrassments.

Users of Sociamonials also have the option to approve user posts prior to publishing, even while they are away from their browsers, via their mobile devices.

It also lets users create custom submission forms with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature, allowing them to capture any necessary or desired information, including thank you and approval emails.

Now that you have gotten the overview of the features of Sociamonials, let us compare it with the features of Social Web Suite.


Social Web Suite: Features

Social Web Suite allows you to streamline social media management and social media marketing by letting you manage your social content from one platform, similar to Sociamonials.

Manage the social media content of your clients with various workspaces and calendars for each client and individual team members assigned to the unique workspaces.

It also populates your calendar with optimal times to post according to the best practices in the industry. In this way, you can launch your social media campaign within five minutes.

Use Social Web Suite to post on various social media platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn.

During the onboarding, the user has the option to create intelligent content categories or import content from your WordPress website. You may also assign each post to a content category, as the platform automatically shares your content from these categories based on what you have set.

Plus, you may likewise add content to categories from various sources, like WordPress website posts, posts from YouTube, and more.

Social Web Suite allows you to connect your WordPress site, so it is easier for you to share your content from WordPress on the connected social channels.

You can schedule the posts, and let Social Web Suite post your content based on this schedule.

The WordPress plugin also lets you sync posts, pages, categories, and tags, as well as manipulate categories and tags.

Team Collaboration

If you want to collaborate with your team to share ideas on how to further improve processes, Social Web Suite also lets you do so.

Other impressive features include automatically shortening URLs and allowing you to check your Google Analytics so you can better measure the success of your campaigns.

Think you are ready to choose one of them, or use both? Not until you know about their pricing. This shall influence your decision a lot.

Social Web Suite


Sociamonials: Pricing + Lifetime Deal

Sociamonials is available with a lifetime deal or a one-time purchase. Via AppSumo, you can choose among the Single price tier at $69 from $1,788; the Double price tier at $138 from $3,576; and the Multiple price tier at $207 from $5,364. Sounds like a great deal? They are. What about Social Web Suite?

Social Web Suite: Pricing + Lifetime Deal

Similarly, Social Web Suite is offered with a lifetime deal. There is the first tier at $49 from $390, the second tier at $99 from $1,290, and the third tier at $199 from $2,890. All these are accessible from the AppSumo website.

Final Thoughts

Time and time again, at least in recent years, social media have proven themselves to be a helpful tool for businesses to succeed. Gone were the days when businesses had to promote their products and services in the most difficult ways. Through social media, it is easier and much faster to reach out to loyal customers, new customers, and potential customers.

Especially with the use of social media for promoting and selling products and services, there are a lot of wonderful opportunities. Be sure to take a look at Sociamonials and Social Web Suite to further improve the way you market on social media. We wish you the best of luck in your business endeavors.


How To Decorate Birthday Cake… Even If You Don’t Have A Scrap Of Creative Talent!

You'll be amazed at the end results… even if you only use a couple of simple ideas. (It really is easy – once you know how very simple it is.)

Decorate Birthday Cake

Dear Friend & Subscriber, Imagine you're going to a birthday party for your 4-year-old daughter. She loves to help with the decorations. You say, "Honey, would you decorate the cake for me?" She replies, "Sure Mommy!" And she gets to work. After a short time, she proudly presents her masterpiece to you. It is, to say the least, peculiar. The cake has these little pink flowers all over it, the frosting is a bright yellow, and her favorite unicorn cake topper is on the top of anything. "What did you use for the yellow frosting?" you ask your daughter. "I just put some food coloring in the water, Mommy," she answers. "Oh, that's right. You're very talented, honey. Thank you so much." Then you walk away, trying not to laugh.

No matter how hard you try nothing seems to work. You hire the world’s best cake decorator, and spend thousands on the most expensive cake you can find in the entire galaxy. It will still look like crap without your daughter's happiness. You can play to decorate the cake with your daughter and use the unicorn cake topper to finish it. This is a sure-fire way to make your daughter happy… and… guarantee yourself a spot on the “Hall Of Fame Cake” for life!

The truth is you don’t need to be a genius to know how to decorate a cake. You don’t even need to be a decent artist. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any talent whatsoever. Your daughter enjoyed decorating her own cake with a unicorn cake topper, and that's everything you need, happy and smile.