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4.0 : How campaigns fit into a wider implementation of the overall strategy

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Dr. Aleksej Heinze, Associate Professor at KEDGE Business School (France), Visiting Lecturer, Salford Business School, UK There are four different strategies, …



Repairing Your WordPress Website With WP Reset: A Buyer’s Guide + Review

WordPress is undisputedly one of the world’s best and most preferred website builders. This website builder lets you build your website, start your eCommerce website, get started blogging, and more.

WP Reset

There are various benefits of choosing WordPress as your website builder. WordPress caters to various needs, whether these are blogging or other purchases. WordPress is ideal for large corporations, personal blogs, and small businesses. You can also be able to launch your eCommerce websites, showcase your portfolio for others to see, or even host social networks via this website builder.

WordPress offers a user-friendly interface that is designed even for beginners to try. While creating their websites, they can be able to access various themes depending on how they need them to be. There are also plugins, like galleries, shopping carts, contact forms, and so much more. It has been said sites managed with WordPress tend to rank higher in Google. This is an advantage especially for websites to be seen by several people. WordPress sites are also responsive, feature a built-in blog, and there is a community that offers support.

This review article is not basically for those who want to get started building their websites on WordPress. On WordPress, there are times when things cannot go your own way. There are situations when the website encounters mishaps, and are not showing the way they should be. In these scenarios, you need platforms that will repair these issues.

There are various reasons why your WordPress site or your WordPress database needs to be repaired or reset. One of these reasons is inaccurate database credentials. Did you know this is also among the most common causes of a WordPress database connection problem? Now that we have come to the issue of a connection problem, this is in itself a reason why your WordPress site needs repair. Why do they happen? One of the causes is availing of hosting platforms that offer hosting in lower quality.

You also need to reset or repair your WordPress sites when they exceed the PHP memory limit. There might also be corrupted database tables or corrupt files. Then, perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to the website, is to encounter it getting hacked. But never worry, there are WordPress plugins that can help you.

One of the tools and plugins you can utilize to repair your WordPress sites is WP Reset. How does WP Reset fare when it comes to offering the repair your website needs? We will tackle this in this WP Reset review.

WP Reset: Overview

WP Reset is considered a development tool that even beginners can use. With WP Reset, you can be able to hasten the development of the site, as well as its testing and recovery, but resetting, restoring, and repairing the WordPress environment in just a simple click.

Those who have previously used WP Reset would say this is a time saving plugin. It is one of the best choices in the industry when your WordPress admin needs resetting or in other words, refreshing. Should you have this in your system? Definitely.

In summary, WP Reset will quickly reset the database of your website to its default installation values, without you worrying about the files getting modified. Furthermore, it also deletes its content and customizations, plus you can also customize the reset by only modifying the parts you choose, such as theme settings. This WP Reset review will cover the features, its pricing, how to use the plugin, and more.


WP Reset Features

Here are the features that WP Reset offers:

  • Getting your own “time machine”
  • Installing your preferred plugins with just one click
  • A personal “WordPress superhero”
  • Cleaning tools
  • “Nuclear reset”
  • Option for whitelabel
  • Automatic snapshots
  • Cloud
  • Centralized management, plus so much more!

You will get to know more about these features later in the discussion.

Get To Know The WP Reset Features

WP Reset has been the industry’s favorite when it comes not only to repairing, resetting, and troubleshooting your WordPress websites, but also it can develop, debug, and maintain several websites. Let us get into the details of its features, as also tackled in the WP Reset official website.

One of the stunning features at WP Reset is this plugin being able to reset WordPress sites in just one click, just one click. This one click option is also used to install your preferred plugins. Moreover, if you need access to the admin at WordPress, you simply need to open the recovery tool at WP Rest.

There are times when repairing your website is all about cleaning it. There are cleaning tools here at WP Reset. If you need to reset everything, use the nuclear tool. Plus, there is a whitelabel option that will let you hide logos, license information, and so much more.

WordPress WP Reset

Do you need a reference to the phases you did during the reset? You can take automatic snapshots of the repair with the tools at WP Reset. There is also a cloud system that will let you store data safety into this system. You can either use the WP Reset-controlled system or choose between pCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Lastly, there is a centralized management. This is where you can control all the licenses, collections, sites, and snapshots in one location. This is easily accessible and customizable.

Now that you learned about the most important features at WP Reset, it is time that you take yourself to the next stage of the buying process, knowing about the price. WP Reset is not the only WordPress resetting plugin and tool you can use. There are actually a lot of other choices and alternatives in the market. They include the Reset Database, the Orbisius Blank Slate, and so much more. How does WP Reset fare when it comes to their pricing?


WP Reset, first and foremost, offers a 100 percent no-risk money back guarantee. This includes the option to refund 100 percent of your money used in the purchase if at one point, you did not like the plugin. No questions asked. There are three pricing tiers at WP Reset: Agency, Team, and Personal.

From its price of $299 yearly, the Agency option is now at only $149 per year. In this tier, you can get 100 sites license, 20 WPR cloud site licenses, more than 25 tools, auto snapshots and snapshots, plugin and themes, the emergency recovery script, the WP reset dashboard, access to all the features, the license manager, and the whitelabel option.

You can choose the lower price range, the Team option that will provide five sites licenses, five WPR cloud site licenses, more than 25 tools, auto snapshots and snapshots, access to plugins and themes, the emergency recovery script, the WP reset dashboard, access to all features, and the license manager. Notice the difference? You got that right. The whitelabel option is not available under this price tier. The lowest price range is the Personal option, ideal if you do not need all of the features, the license manager, and the whitelabel option. It gives one site license, 1 WPR cloud site license, more than 25 tools, the auto snapshots and snapshots features, plugin and themes collections, the emergency recovery script, and the WP reset dashboard. Or, you can take a look at this price comparison detailed according to the free versus pro options.

With several choices you can select from, you can be able to determine the right deal for your needs, according to your budget.

Using WP Reset

As part of our WP Reset, we are giving you the overview of how you can use the WP Reset plugin.

First, you must sign in to your WordPress dashboard. Second, move over to the plugins page. Look for the WP Reset plugin. Then, install and activate this plugin.

After these, head over to Tools and WP Reset. Scroll down to find the portion where you will select your requisites. Then, type, down reset in the text field. Lastly, click the reset button. You will be required to wait for a couple of moments. Once done, you are all set.


There are times that your WordPress website will need repairs, and they are inevitable. Fortunately, you have tools like WP Reset that will help you in the repair process. In this review, you were able to learn about the features of this software or plugin, their pricing tiers, the basics of using WP Rest, and so much more.

So, is WP Reset the right software to use? Based on the review and how it works, this is highly recommended. Not only is it easy to use and navigate around, it also provides the user or the WordPress website manager with amazing results.

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Sitejet Review: Is Sitejet The Best Website Builder For Your Needs?

Choosing a software for your individual needs, say you are a blogger or an influencer who wants to grow their online reach, or for your business needs, is a challenge. It is challenging because of the many choices you can find in the market. If you need software that will enhance your workflows, there are a lot of companies that provide these types of software. Using a software provides a variety of benefits. These advantages generally will boil down to boosting the workflow, as opposed to not using a software at all.

The advantages of using a software include simplifying the decision-making process, improving productivity, offering yourself or the business with reliable data, enhancing data analysis, enhancing the security of data, offering better customer service, and enhancing your sales potential.

Overview On Website Building

Software For Website Creation

One of the most in-demand software in the industry are those that let you create a website, or build a website. Creating or building a website is crucial for any business process. Having a website is way better than not having a website at all. In today’s world, managing a website is a significant contributory factor to business success.

Operating your business or attending to your individual needs is best when you manage a website. With a website, you can have your online presence. This means allowing your customers to find you, anytime and anywhere. The website works even beyond the hours of business, so you can continuously get customers. The website will also provide you with a quicker and easier way to communicate information between your business and your customers. In the website, they can find details including the operating hours, contact details, images of your address on the map, contact forms for signing up, and so much more.

Being able to have a website also enhances the credibility of the business. Nowadays, customers are more likely to avail the products, services, and offers of the business if it has a website. Moreover, with the website, you can cut costs particularly those hefty operating costs that brick-and-mortar stores usually incur. They include, but are not limited to, rental, staff wages, and utilities.

The website will also contribute to the market expansion of the business. It will also provide customers with insights to help them in their purchase of your products and services. The website is also a great avenue for advertisers to run advertisements on the website. Plus, the website is one of the things you need to keep up with business competition.

The website also streamlines customer support, and is a major contributory factor for the growth of your business in the industry.

Website Builders

One of the important tools you will need to get started running a website is a website builder. A website builder pertains to a software

Website builders are helpful even for those who are not knowledgeable enough about HTML and coding. Many website builders work with drag-and-drop features that are perfect for anyone who wants to get started building their own website.

Website builders are platforms or software that let you easily and quickly build your website. Whether it is simple about establishing your online presence or promoting your real estate business, plus many other businesses, website builders are among the easiest ways to build and launch your websites.

Among the popular website builders in the industry, perhaps you may have come across this at one point, is Sitejet. In this Sitejet review, you will get to know what Sitejet is all about, their features, the templates you can utilize, the pricing, its customer support, the pros and cons of this website builder, and so much more that will help you in your purchase. Read on.

What Is Sitejet?

Sitejet is a well-renowned yet relatively new website creating platform that offers a content management system with features for project management and creating a customer portal. Initially, Sitejet was developed for website designers. It is a handy platform that lets customers launch projects, as well as collaborate with others in real-time.

With Sitejet, website developers are able to garner feedback, team up with other specialists in the industry, and correct mistakes with this navigable platform. It has tons of great features and templates you will get to know a little bit later. Generally, it lets you create web projects that are responsive. Sitejet will create your website in no time, perhaps in a few minutes, then you can manage its processes, begin interacting with your customers, and introduce the websites in the industry.


Sitejet Features

It is crucial to know the features of a website builder. Aside from helping you choose the right website creator for you, it will also ensure you will get good results. The list of features is one of the factors to consider when choosing a website builder.

Usually, the following features should be present in your website builder or software. They include being easy to navigate and use, the user-friendliness and the cleanliness of the templates, the availability of a variety of templates, layouts that are pre-formatted for easier building, and the presence of tools that include anywhere from eCommerce solutions, blogging, social networking integration and more.

Sitejet has tons of great features. But generally speaking, Sitejet is about creating your website and seeing the developments in real-time, just like when publishing blogs on WordPress. Everything that the user does in the Sitejet editor will be displayed directly in their browser. In this way, they will be able to see how they have come so far in the website creation, and with this, it is easier to make the changes according to your preferences. Here are the details on the features of Sitejet.

Sitejet Features

Here are the most notable features of Sitejet. We divided the listing of features according to the category of usage.

Website Builder Features

  • Website editor, section presets, and the template pool
  • Full design flexibility
  • Workflow features
  • Integrated extensions
  • Design automation

Content Management Features

  • WYSIWYG on-page editing, image editing, pixel-perfect design features
  • Performance

Project Management Features

  • Website project manager, status management
  • Website stats
  • Time and task management
  • Boost your service features

Customer Collaboration Features

  • Customer portal
  • Messages

Hosting And Security

  • Automated backups
  • Hosting package
  • Export websites
  • Unlimited visits per project
  • DNS manager
  • SSL, CDN and DDoS protection

What is likeable about Sitejet is the all-in-one features that you can get in one website builder. No need to use two website builders to provide your business or your individual needs with a full-fledged website, at the very least. Aside from the actual website builder features, it offers the features for project management, customer engagement, and even hosting.

Sitejet Templates

Templates are used in many industries and workflows. A template is anything that is present, so the user does not have to start literally from scratch when working on a certain task, such as website building.

In website building, templates are utilized in order to provide the user with a preformatted layout so they do not have to create the website manually or go through the complexities of coding. At Sitejet, their templates are pre-made, without restricting the creativity of the user to explore various themes and add their personality while creating the website.

Sitejet Templates

There are several templates to choose from at Sitejet, from Wireframe Sidebar to Boky. Each template falls under the various categories that include art and design, business, blog, education and culture, event, gastronomy, health, IT and media, and more. The rest of the templates include legal and finance, non-profit, performance, services, shop, sports and beauty, trades, travel, and templates of the miscellaneous category.

What is great is that, there are even various layouts to choose from, according to your needs. There are the multi-pager, one pager, and landing page templates.

Choosing the right template from several options available is challenging. Depending on your goals, it can be difficult to decide which template to use. At the end of the day, it will go down to the template that will beautifully represent the layout they want. For instance, if you are creating an online store, you want the template that will provide for easy navigation among your customers.

When you design a website, you will be encouraged to utilize your graphic design skills. That is, if the website builder does not offer a template. That is why with a template, you can at any point, get started building your website with a pre-made design. Look for that website builder wherein you will not have to restrict yourself with just one design, but offers a lot of choices. Next up, we take a look at the pricing at Sitejet.

Is Sitejet’s Pricing Right For You?

Like many other website builders and software, Sitejet is not for free, if you decide to use it on its full scale. However, there are a lot of possibilities that will enable you to get the most out of their pricing tiers. Let us take a glimpse at your options.

They offer the Solo, Team, and Agency plans. For the Solo plan, you can get the hosted website and additions, the Sitejet website editor, the automatic website generator, the customer website feedback tool, the content management system for your customers, and the ticket system for change requests.

For the Team plan, you get every feature in the Solo tier, including website export, and the mailtransfer-tool, as well as the white-label tools. Multi-user permission is up to three users for the Team option. For the Agency plan, all the features in the Team tier is present, plus the collection API, multi-user and permission for up to 1- users, and the white-label tools, that is the branding and domain.

You can also get a custom quote from the Sitejet official website. They also offer a space where you can read frequently asked questions and answers to these queries. What more, anybody can get started with a free 14-day trial. So, is Sitejet’s pricing right for you? Depending on your needs, and looking at the scope of their features, you are just on the right track. Keep going.

Pros And Cons

As we dig down into this Sitejet review, it will be helpful to get to know the pros and cons of this software. This Sitejet review will not be complete without the enumeration of the pros and cons of the builder. In this way, you will be able to find out if this website builder is the right one for you. Match your requirements with what they offer.


  • The WYSIWYG content management system or CMS is easy to use.
  • You get amazing customer support.
  • You get the automatic website generator.
  • You get the backup and restore features.
  • You get to enjoy their project management features.
  • Present is the super-fast hosting with the SSL and CDN.


  • Those who have used the website builder previously noticed there is a lack of widgets and add-ons.
  • There seems to be no app marketplace.
  • There is no free plan, yet a free trial is present.
  • There are less templates, compared with Sitejet’s competitors.

Below are the images of Sitejet’s project management, website builder, and customer portal platforms.

Sitejet review
Sitejet review
Sitejet review

How Far Do Sitejet’s Support Team Work To Address Your Concerns?

Sitejet is above and beyond when it comes to their support for their customers, who may be small business owners, website managers, and so much more. Their support menu does not only offer the Help page, but does this page in such a way that it is a knowledge base of information for the website project manager, website builder or CMS, and customer portal. Users can also enjoy viewing the site tour and tutorials in the form of videos. Plus, there is a frequently asked questions or FAQs page, categorized according to hosting, CMS, the customer relationship management or CRM, customer portal, features, the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, account and billing, security, and working with Sitejet.

The Verdict

Sitejet is a website building and creation platform that is relatively new in the industry. It reimagines the content management systems of other popular website builders like WordPress. Sitejet merges these features for content management systems in its platform. It is ideal for both individuals and businesses. Many of those who have utilized Sitejet find their dashboard cool and easy to use. Aside from website building, it is also a platform for project management and creating a customer portal. It is a recommended platform for website building, and more. Try Sitejet today.

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