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2020 Real Estate Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Agents

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2020 Real Estate Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Agents This is how I built my real estate business over the last 17 years and it is even more relevant in …


38 replies on “2020 Real Estate Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Agents”

This info is dead on target!!! I think we all hate calling but with that simple script you provided, it seems like pretty good odds you will get their info by end of call. Great!

I can't thank you enough. Leaving my stable job in the legal industry has been terrifying, but your content really helps me develop my real estate plan. Thank you so much!

Hey Ricky, I stumbled onto your page after I saw your videos w/ Ryan Serhant. Love your content so far and can't wait to get started on you 90 day action plan. At the beginning of this year I started calling around my just listed/just solds. I now know you call this "circle prospecting". Since Ive started dialing Ive already doubled what I sold in 2018. Lets get it!!!!!!!

love it I have great FB group I would love to see the custom audience email group in FB being done….thanks Ricky

Ricky thanks for helping me change my mindset and giving me direction. I no longer have a fear of loss mindset but one of abundance.

Hey Ricky love your videos, it would be awesome if you would just upload the sound as podcasts. I like to listen to you when i walk my dogs and drive. Thanks again for everything!!!

Hey Ricky, it would be great if you can do an episode on Realtors that put a fee on the commission rate for the buyer's agent to pay the listing agent. I just moved to a different market and these Realtors are adding -395 on top of their 2% commission????????

Hey Ricky. You say in the video that you don’t want us to buy leads. However, isn’t part of the 90 day action plan involving calling fsbo’s and expireds?

Your right, I do need to hear it over and over, thanks again for the great reminder. Simplicity and CONSISTENCY!!

You're the best real estate agent coach and I don't even need to hear any of the other guys or gals…

Every Wednesday since July of 2019! Lol

Great stuff my man! I’m on days 2 of the 90 day plan. Love it!

I started looking up those I’ve had good conversations with through circle prospecting on Facebook. If I can find them, I send a request. 2-3 days later, I’ll send a business page invite. What do you think??

Hi Ricky, I just started seeing your videos a few days ago. I very appreciate you take the time to give us these bits of advice. I'm going to start 90 days of coaching. I really need it because at this point I'm struggling so much with real estate.

This is absolutely one of the most action packed , straight forward, to the point videos that you’ve done Ricky! It’s all your philosophies rolled into one video.
I’m sharing this with as many agents as possible! You’re consistency is off the charts!

This is great stuff Ricky! This is definitely the game plan for the rest of 2019 and beyond. I just sent my first weekly email to my Database!

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