10 Reasons Why You Should Read eBooks

eBooks are swiftly becoming popular nowadays, especially among people who love to read. What are the reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon? Keep on reading.

It is interesting to note that with the rising popularity of electronic readers like Amazon Kindle and mobile eReady apps, many readers still prefer to read physical print books. Though several individuals prefer the tactile feel of the traditional print media, eBooks can actually provide a lot of benefits and versatility that print cannot. Well, print books are likewise here to stay like the eBooks, but there are many situations in which eBooks offer an advantage over paper media.

Before we head over to tackle these reasons, we will give you an overview of what eBooks are.


What Are eBooks?

In the dictionary, eBooks are defined as books composed in or converted to digital format for display on a computer screen or handheld device.

eBooks are non-editable, reflowable books that are converted to a digital format to be read on any digital device, such as computer screens or mobile devices.

Historical Overview Of eBooks

The concept of eBooks or electronic books has been said to have been first devised in 1930, around the same time that paperback books first appeared on the shelves. A writer named Bob Brown first wrote of his idea of an eReader that would allow readers to read books on a screen after viewing his first “talkie” or a movie that includes sound.

eBooks: Characteristics

For beginners, eBooks are files you can read with the use of a digital device, such as tablets, smartphones, computers, and the like. Yet again, considering there are other files you can read on digital devices, eBooks have particular characteristics that differentiate them.

For one, eBooks are not editable. An eBook must always be converted into a format that ensures it is uneditable. With several people having access to these materials on digital devices, anyone can potentially change the content without the permission from the author. So, in order for a material to qualify as an eBook, it should not be editable like the paperback book.

Second, eBooks are reflowable with an exception. What does this mean? It means that regardless of the size of the screen you are viewing the eBook on, it will always fit the screen, text will remain formatted with line breaks, and chapters and images will resize to fit the proportions of the device you are using the eBook with.

Here is the exception. PDFs are not eBooks. While they are uneditable, they are not reflowable. However, PDFs have become “unofficial eBooks” and are still widely used as eBook formats.

Now that you have a good foundation about eBooks, let us take a look at the reasons why you should be reading eBooks right now, especially if you are into reading.

Reasons Why You Should Read eBooks

Without further ado, here are the reasons why you should begin reading eBooks.

1. eBooks Are Instant

Everybody can access these eBooks anytime and anywhere, provided you have the device that hosts it. You will not need to leave the house to purchase new titles or borrow them from the library. You can purchase them directly from a digital bookstore and have them downloaded to your device.

Did you know many libraries today are also offering digital eBook lending? In this way, you can get to read these eBooks without having to spend money on them.

You can obtain an entire library of these books on your eReader while wearing your pajamas or sitting on the couch.

2. eBooks Are More Portable Than Print

While you can still bring print materials or hardbound editions anywhere you go, printed books can be very heavy. The modern eReaders and devices or today are very lightweight, so it is much easier to carry an eReader containing an entire library of titles than carrying physical books.

Plus, if you are done reading an eBook perhaps during your trip, it is simpler and cheaper to download a new eBook than finding one in a bookstore which you may perhaps not see when you are traveling to remote destinations. If you have your collection synced to a cloud device, you can seamlessly switch to reading via your phone if you do not want to read from your tablet or laptop.

Moreover, when you buy electronic textbooks for academic purposes, it will be easier to carry them home and back to the classroom. Considering your phone has ample memory, you can load all your books in this device that you can carry wherever you go. This lets you keep your entire library of electronic books in your pocket, so these textbooks will be available to you no matter where you are. These scenarios allow you to study anytime you want, such as while waiting in line at a coffee shop, and more.

3. There Are Usually No Late Fees For Library eBooks

Typically and traditionally, if you borrow a physical book from the library and forget to return it on the day it is supposed to be returned, you will be charged a late fee. Not with eBooks.

Many libraries have started to go with the trend. They are now offering eBook loans in addition to their print book offerings. You do not have to travel back to the library only to return the material on the due date, since their licenses will automatically expire on your device on the due date of the return. There will never be late fees for these digital loans. Thus, these eReaders are making accessing library materials easier and more convenient than ever.

4. eReaders Have Built-In Dictionaries

It is normal to come across a word you do not know the meaning of when you are reading print books. But the process thereafter is what makes it stressful. You either pull up your phone to look it up, or find a physical dictionary. Most of the time, you just will not bother but you will be left wondering.

These do not happen when you choose to read eBooks. Why? Many modern eReaders have dictionaries built-in them, allowing you to look for the meanings of the words simply by tapping on the words unfamiliar to you. The definition from the dictionary will immediately appear right on your screen without even needing to leave the app. Isn’t this marvelous?

5. eBooks Occupy Much Less Space

If you are an avid reader who has a collection of physical books, you know they take up too much space at home. If there are more books you collect, your space will even feel cluttered.

With eBooks, since they are stored in your devices, you only need to provide a space where you will store the device. Wonderful, right? It is much easier to manage a large digital library of eBooks than bookshelves filled with several physical books that you will not even reread.

Here are more reasons to switch to eBooks.

6. At Times, eBooks Will Let You Customize The Font Sizes And Styles

People have varied tastes and preferences. One other great thing about eBooks is that, you can customize the font sizes and font styles according to how you want them, unlike the traditional books. You may also adjust the eBook so it is readable to you. With physical books, you mostly get what you are given, without the chance to change them.

7. There Are Several Choices With eBooks

Who doesn’t like to be given so many choices? Since eBooks are also even more accessible to authors, in such a way that it is easier for them to publish their writings, there are several independent, self-published authors who have their works available in digital formats. Many of these titles are novels and short stories that may take a long time to get published in print. Owning eBooks, thus, provides you access to writing that you may not be able to read on print.

8. eReaders Are More Sustainable Than Print Books

What does this mean? It means eReaders are more environmentally-friendly than print books. This is because eReaders take fewer resources to create than a large array of print books. It has been said that manufacturing one Kindle produces as much carbon footprint as producing 30 print books. Paper can be recycled, right? Well, they can, but the paper recycling process also causes environmental pollution because of the sludge produced during the de-inking process.

9. You Can Read eBooks In The Dark

eReaders are backlit, so like reading your texts or browsing your social media news feed, you do not need to have an external light source to read these eBooks. As long as your eReaders are charged, you can read these electronic materials in bed, at camp, or during when there are power outages.

10. Newly-Released eBooks Are More Affordable

Comparing the prices of newly-released titles in the print formats and eBook formats, the latter is cheaper. Thus, you can save money by choosing to acquire these readings digitally.

eBooks Must Be Part Of Your Daily Reading Habit

There are many reasons why readers should give eBooks a try. We know how difficult it is to change a habit that you have been used to, but eBooks provide more versatility than print and offer several advantages that make the reading experience easier and more fun.

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